Walking Festivals in Germany

Walking Festivals in Germany

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Deutscher Wandertag

From September 19
to September 22, 2024
For 120 years, the German Hiking Association, together with a member association and regional partners, has been inviting people to the German Hiking Day, our "pleasure in the park" will also take place here with a packed cultural and music program on Guntram-Palm-Platz next to the Schwabenlandhalle. And as early as July 30th, an exciting supporting program with numerous cultural and gastronomic events and festivals will start in the municipalities. It's the largest hiking festival in the world. Hike! This is nature. Movement. Enjoyment. peace of mind. Happiness. family time. At the German Hiking Day, people of all ages meet who want to experience all these things together and have great hiking experiences.

Walking Festivals in Germany

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Wiesbadener Wandertage

From April 27
to April 27, 2022
The Sports Office organizes the "Wiesbadener Wandertage" in cooperation with the sports clubs. During the events, routes in Wiesbaden can be "hiked" on Sundays and public holidays.

Neanderland Wanderwoche

From May 7
to May 15, 2022
 Over 9 days, hiking enthusiasts of all ages could explore the most beautiful stretches of the neanderland STEIG, the discovery loops and many other hiking trails on more than 35 guided tours.

Naturparkwanderfest: Sternwanderung Nach Bad Belzig

From May 15
to May 15, 2022
Welcome to the thermal brine spa Bad Belzig! The traditional nature park hiking festival will take place and the aim of all hiking groups will be the ice cream parlor "Zur Postmeile". The majestic Eisenhardt Castle, a lovingly renovated historic old town, orchid blossoms in the castle meadows, wellness & health in the SteinTherme - Bad Belzig has a lot to offer. Go on a journey of discovery in the center of the Hoher Fläming Nature Park with the hiking guides of the Hoher Fläming Nature Park and Berlin hiking friends. In the courtyard of the Burgbräuhaus, the Eggenstein family awaits hiking guests with food and drink. The ice cream, beer and whiskey specialties from our own production are definitely recommended. The hiking guides of the Hohen Fläming have prepared exciting tours and...

Bergbauhistorische Wandertage

From May 21
to July 3, 2022
Together with the Interest Group of Mining History Hiking Guides and with the support of other associations, the Freiberg Tourist Association is organizing the Mining History Hiking Days in the Freiberg Revier for the seventh time this year, to which those interested in mining and hikers from the region are cordially invited.

Klingenthaler Wanderung

From June 10
to June 11, 2022
This hike has been organized by the Klingenthal hiking club since 1982. Several thousand hikers from near and far have already taken part in this event. We hope for numerous hikers from near and far. Interesting and beautiful hiking tours are waiting for you again. Until then, stay optimistic and healthy!

Neumarkter Wandertage

From August 12
to August 12, 2022
The city of Neumarkt and the German Alpine Association (DAV) - Section Neumarkt invite you to the Neumarkter Wandertage.

Globetrotter Wandertage

From September 16
to September 18, 2022
The starting point and focal point of the Globetrotter hiking event is the market square in Bad Schandau in the heart of the Saxon Switzerland national park region. From there, 39 hikes start this year and bring you closer to the fascination of Saxon Switzerland on 520 kilometers of hiking trails. In addition to many popular hiking classics, there are some new tours with the wild herb hike, the via ferrata tour to the Schäferwand via the Elbe Cycle Path and the return to the Bohemian hiking trail network. With the trail running tours and test tours of the Deuter, Leki, Primus & Scarpa brands, we want to keep our finger on the pulse of the times.

Bürener Wanderwoche

From October 3
to October 7, 2022
Until well into the 20th century, Büren was also known as the "town of mills". In addition to the Niedermühle, today the address in Büren for culture and cabaret, the more than 750-year-old Mittelmühle is the oldest secular building in Büren. It was built by the noble lords of Büren as one of three grain mills on the Alme. Since 1928 it was used as a mineral mill. Not only was grain ground in it, but also calcite and other types of rock were processed into stone flour. This was among other things

Wandertage Lindewitt

From October 3
to October 3, 2022
Wanderfreunde Lindewitt eV organized their international popular hike. Routes between 5 and 15 km were offered, starting from the school in the forest in Lindewitt.

Loreley Trail

From October 29
to October 29, 2022
Loreley Trail - the challenge of the year! hiking at the highest level, adventure hiking, Are you ready?

Rothenburger Wanderwochen

From March 23
to April 2, 2023
During the Hiking Weeks, Rothenburg is set off for excursions to the surrounding area; the meeting place with the guides is usually the old town and participation in the excursions is free (unless otherwise specified in the program). From the mini-pilgrimage on the paths leading to St. James around Rothenburg (together with the parish priest Gußmann) through the forest walk with the forest ranger and outings in the taverns to the classic hikes on the many trails in around Rothenburg, the possibilities for hiking are numerous. In Rothenburger Wanderwochen you can take at least one excursion every day!

Fjällraven Classic Germany

From May 24
to May 26, 2023
Fjällräven Classic Germany stretches through beautiful Allgäu, in the Allgäu Prealps. The route is 57 km long and winds through scenic landscapes where Bavarian culture meets the outdoors.

Br Wanderwoche

From May 30
to June 10, 2022
We're going hiking again!  And you can be there. This year we are on the road for several days in the Fichtelgebirge with its mountains and rock towers. We explore the untouched Egertal in the border area to the Czech Republic, find our way through rock labyrinths and get to know the mysterious legends, history and regional cuisine in the Fichtelgebirge.

Wandertage Truppenübungsplatz Wildflecken

From July 29
to July 30, 2023
Take the opportunity to enjoy and personally experience the unique natural beauty and countless types of habitat at the Wildflecken military training area.

Rhöner Wandertag

From September 2
to September 2, 2023
The Rhön Hiking Day took place in Münnerstadt for the first time in 2010 across state and district borders. Since then it has established itself as a hiking event in the region, in which several thousand hikers from all over Germany take part every year.

Berchtesgadener Land Wander-festival

From September 22
to September 24, 2023
Berchtesgaden will be the meeting place for all long-term hiking fans for the twelfth time. Not only the mighty Watzmann massif and the Königssee embedded by steep mountain slopes provide an impressive natural backdrop in Berchtesgaden. The Berchtesgaden Alps are also home to a rare flora and fauna that find an excellent habitat in Germany's only alpine national park . The beauty of nature can be explored and admired on three hikes at 12 and 24 hours.

Fulda Marsch

From September 30
to October 1, 2023
The Fulda March is a three-day folk hike that begins annually in September/October in the German city of Fulda . Organizers are the "Volkssportfreunde Fulda 1986 eV". The march was first performed in 1986. The number of participants reached a record in 1997 with 4800 participants. Since then, the number of participants has been between 3400 and 4500 participants.

Oberlausitzer Hunderter

From October 6
to October 7, 2023
The Oberlausitzer Hunderter (OLH) is a traditional hiking event organized by the Wilthen local group of friends of nature. From year to year other routes are selected and offered to hikers who are interested. The spectrum ranges from beginner tours of 10-15km to long distances of around 100km. This route is traditionally completed in 2 stages, always starting with the 50km night route, followed by the 50km day tour. The middle routes between 17 and 35 km in length are particularly popular with families. Here you often meet large groups of hikers who discover Upper Lusatia around Wilthen and the surrounding area together.