Deutscher Wandertag

For 120 years, the German Hiking Association, together with a member association and regional partners, has been inviting people to the German Hiking Day, our "pleasure in the park" will also take place here with a packed cultural and music program on Guntram-Palm-Platz next to the Schwabenlandhalle. And as early as July 30th, an exciting supporting program with numerous cultural and gastronomic events and festivals will start in the municipalities. It's the largest hiking festival in the world.
Hike! This is nature. Movement. Enjoyment. peace of mind. Happiness. family time. At the German Hiking Day, people of all ages meet who want to experience all these things together and have great hiking experiences.
From September 19 to
September 22, 2024
5 days
Difficult Levels: Hard, Moderate, Easy
Organizer type: Association
Deutsche Wanderverband
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Deutscher Wandertag

At the 121st German Hiking Day 2022 we offer you more than 200 hikes, tours and city tours. We have divided the events into categories so that you can put together a suitable hiking program.

A binding registration is required for all offers; please note the relevant registration deadlines. If the number of participants is limited, the order of registration is decisive. After booking via the program selection, you will receive a confirmation and all necessary information. Information on data protection can be found on our website.

Please remember to wear a hat, sun protection and enough drinks. Refreshment stops are listed in the hiking descriptions, the starting points of the hikes can usually be reached by public transport.

Participation in the tours and events is at your own risk.

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nature & culture

Experience nature, enjoy the landscape - in the Remstal you can do it right from the front door. Vineyards stretch up the slopes, while wooded hills and meadow orchards characterize the landscape. Experience the diversity of nature on our hikes, learn more about geology and ecology, for example on the geological path in Grunbach and Winnenden or while walking on the bee route. Learn about the history of the giant sequoias and immerse yourself in the exciting world of water, or how about a trip into the eventful history of the Remstal and a hike in the footsteps of the Romans and Staufer?

152 events

Concerts & Festivals

An open-air cinema on the Neckar beach in Remseck, the "105 Grad Oex-Sunset-Lounge" with cool music in the vineyards, the brilliant "Shining Vineyard" with fire artistry, which is known far beyond the borders, or a sparkling wine tasting with live events -Music in Waiblingen's old town ... if you're sociable and like to party, you're in good hands at the 121st German Hiking Day in the Remstal! There is also a nice after-work party in the evening at Gleisdorfer Platz in Winterbach, and for those interested in culture, the museum garden of the Winterbach local history museum and the radio and telecommunications museum in Fellbach are open to those interested in culture, along with many other museums.

Great opening concert

Great music plays an important role in our "Enjoyment in the Park". And we think the concert with "Foaie Verde" is the perfect start: the musicians bring a mixture of Romanian folklore, fast-paced Balkan sound and Bulgarian, Yugoslav and Turkish melodies to the stage. Experience unbridled energy and joie de vivre!

45 events

Culinary delights

Hiking and enjoyment - these two things are inseparable at the 121st German Hiking Day 2022 in the Remstal! Because the Remstal is a valley for connoisseurs: the vines for fine wines grow on its slopes, fruit and vegetable cultivation has a long tradition, and people enjoy Swabian cuisine and hospitality. We want to bring all this closer to you on our pleasure tours. Get to know the red and white wines of the area on wine tours, or hike to the bakery, where the tour ends with fresh bread and a quarter.

48 events

Body Soul

Hiking gets the circulation going, strengthens joints and muscles and is balm for mind and soul. Join our health hikes through the forest and vineyards - our certified health hiking guides will guide you through exercises for strengthening, coordination, mobilization and relaxation. Take part in forest bathing and outdoor yoga sessions, enjoy quiet moments for the soul on pilgrimage tours and paths of reflection. And for everyone who prefers hiking to relax and meditate, we offer leisurely tours with breathing and mindfulness exercises. Come with us into nature and enjoy the revitalizing effect of hiking!

36 events

Sports & action

Have you ever hiked 30 kilometers or more? Your calves will burn and the sparkling final drink will fizz all the more! Our long-distance hikes take you over hill and dale, through vineyards, forests and meadows. If you keep up, you can complete the 215 km long Remstal-Weg in six stages! You can also gain a fair amount of altitude on Stäffelestouren in Stuttgart, and for anyone who likes to combine hiking and cycling, our “Bike&Hike” program is just the right thing: by bike, it’s between 25 and 40 kilometers to the starting points of the circular hiking tours (5th up to 8 kilometers in length) - you need your own roadworthy bike and a helmet for this.

All of the start and end points of the RemstalWeg are easily accessible by public transport, so you can start right from the front door or hotel door without luggage.

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Deutscher Wandertag