Wandertage Lindewitt

Wanderfreunde Lindewitt eV organized their international popular hike. Routes between 5 and 15 km were offered, starting from the school in the forest in Lindewitt.

Lindewitt, Germany
From October 3 to
October 3, 2022
1 days
Difficult Levels: Moderate, Easy
Organizer type: Association
Wanderfreunde Lindewitt


Wandertage Lindewitt

We managed to hold a normal hiking event again. The volunteers and 242 hikers, who hiked the 5, 10 or 20 km routes or mastered the 30 km bike route in consistently good weather, were happy about this.

Although we wished for more participants, we could be satisfied in these difficult times. Thanks to all hikers, to all helpers and to all cake donors.

As part of the festival week marking the 50th anniversary of the trading and trade association in Grossenwiehe-Lindewitt, our Unicef ​​hike took place from the tennis court in Grossenwiehe.

118 hikers from near and far tackled the 6 or 10 km route and were full of praise for the route through Grossenwiehe and the surrounding nature.

The control and stamping point was set up at the new fire brigade community center where the fire brigade had invited to the open day. So there was still a lot to see there.

Everything is prepared; now the wanderers can come. As always, we were allowed to use the beautiful auditorium in the school at the forest in Lindewitt. The first event after Corona under largely “normal” conditions. We only wanted to keep the mask requirement; the hikers have complied without protest. We were very grateful for that.

We had to wait a long time before the first hikers decided to come despite the rain and sleet. The sun rewarded them and we were able to welcome 75 hikers on Saturday and 95 on Sunday. Many were happy that an event was finally being offered again. We thank our loyal hikers. Very special thanks to our cake bakers, who spontaneously decided to bring some cakes over. You can eat a piece of cake with a coffee. We didn't dare to order a soup yet and had therefore suggested backpack catering.

Management and helpers at the final meeting
Everyone was satisfied with how the event went and are now looking forward to the next one, hopefully under normal circumstances. A big thank you also to the helpers at the two control points, which unfortunately cannot be seen in the photo. The Sillerup checkpoint with Inga in the kitchen was particularly comfortable.

Lindewitt, Germany