Fulda Marsch

The Fulda March is a three-day folk hike that begins annually in September/October in the German city of Fulda . Organizers are the "Volkssportfreunde Fulda 1986 eV".

The march was first performed in 1986. The number of participants reached a record in 1997 with 4800 participants. Since then, the number of participants has been between 3400 and 4500 participants.

Fulda, Germany
From September 30 to
October 1, 2023
2 days
Volkssportfreunde Fulda 1986 e.V.
+49 661 9338878


Fulda Marsch

The event is held in several categories. To receive an award, the daily stage with a length of at least 11 km must be successfully completed on two consecutive days, regardless of age and status (civilian or military), without a time limit. However, it is also possible to complete 1 × 42 km or 2 × 21 km.

All stages start and end at the same place every day (at the German-American Sports Center, at Washingtonallee 14). The routes go around the city. Numerous spectators follow the spectacle. Logistically, the event is supported by numerous clubs. The march has been part of the International Marching League (IML) marching events since 1996 .

Fulda, Germany


Fulda Marsch

A medal , a certificate of participation and a patch are awarded after successfully completing the Fulda March .

Bundeswehr soldiers , law enforcement officers of the Federal Police (Germany) and helpers of the Federal Agency for Technical Relief are not allowed to wear the medal as a ribbon buckle or large badge on their uniform, since it is not a badge of honor donated by a sovereign.