Bürener Wanderwoche

Until well into the 20th century, Büren was also known as the "town of mills". In addition to the Niedermühle, today the address in Büren for culture and cabaret, the more than 750-year-old Mittelmühle is the oldest secular building in Büren. It was built by the noble lords of Büren as one of three grain mills on the Alme. Since 1928 it was used as a mineral mill. Not only was grain ground in it, but also calcite and other types of rock were processed into stone flour. This was among other things

Büren, Germany
From October 3 to
October 7, 2022
5 days
Difficult Levels: Hard, Moderate
Frau K. Salerno
02951 970-204


Bürener Wanderwoche

Event schedule:

Two guided hikes (10-12 km and 20-22 km) are offered daily. The start and end of the hikes are restaurants. After the hike, the catering establishments invite you to reward your activity with lunch (self-pay). All hikes are circular tours and are accompanied by local hiking guides.

IVV note:

All IVV hikers also have the opportunity in Büren to hike the permanent hiking trail "Jesuiten-Path" (7km, 19km and 27km) as well as the circular and long-distance hiking trail "Sintfeld-Höhenweg" (144 km) for the IVV evaluation.

Büren, Germany


Bürener Wanderwoche

Participation fee:

40€ per person/participant
Included in the entry fee: certificate, insurance


Please register in writing (post, e-mail, fax) stating the names (of all participants!) and complete addresses as well as contact details to the Touristik-Gemeinschaft Bürener Land eV We will then send you confirmation of your registration with further information. You will receive the bank details for transferring the participation fee with the registration confirmation from the organizer. The number of participants is limited and takes place in the order in which registrations are received.

The entry fee includes:

  • 5 x IVV stamps (kilometres and participation)
  • Insurance coverage (see "Liability")
  • Guided hike
  • certificate
  • Free drinks during each rest stop


Bürener Wanderwoche


The event is insured against liability claims via the DVV. However, the insurance cover only extends to the start and finish area and to the hiking route specified by the organizer.

Individual accident insurance:

The DVV has accident insurance for every participant with a valid starting ticket. The start card must therefore contain the full address of the participant at the start.


All hikes start and end in a restaurant. During the five day hikes, each participant must take care of their own food (backpack food). On every hike, there is a drink break about halfway along the route, where you will be served drinks free of charge. At the end of the hike you have the opportunity to stop off at the starting point. A cultural program is offered on three evenings/afternoon.


Each participant starts at their own risk and cannot assert any liability claims against the organizer.


We are looking forward to your visit!