Walking Festivals in Spain

The climate of Spain is optimal for the celebration of festivals throughout the year. From the already consolidated festivals that are held in various regions of the Pyrenees or the Canary Islands, other initiatives are emerging in Andalucía, Galicia and Euskadi with great force.

Walking Festivals in Spain

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Walking Festivals in Spain

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Walking Festival La Palma

From May 13
to May 15, 2022
La Palma, the island of walkers. The Footpath Network of La Palma interconnects the entire island territory by using the traditional paths trodden over the centuries by the island’s inhabitants. Hikers will discover a huge variety of climates, relief and both natural and cultural landscapes on La Palma: from the warm coastal strip abounding in Euphorbia bushes, to the soaring peaks well over 2,000m in height where broom thrives – with traditional farmland, majestic pine forests and lush laurel woods in between. This spectacular natural scenery, in which agriculture, grazing and forestry has become perfectly integrated, can be enjoyed from the island’s Footpath Network

Festival Camina El Berguedà

From May 14
to May 15, 2022
The ancient paths are threads of memory. They talk about the work of living - or surviving - whole generations, they talk about wars and sorrows, but also about lovers and joys. In Berguedà, old paths are being recovered to give voice to this valuable heritage and so that it can be traveled - and listened to - on foot in a leisurely and calm way.

Festival de Senderisme de la Conca Dellà

From May 20
to May 22, 2022
La Conca Dellà, al Pallars Jussà, is a pre-Pyrenees territory that stands out for its natural wealth -recognized by UNESCO in the figure of the Geoparc Orígens- and for its thousand-year-old history. The Conca Dellà Hiking Festival discovers this fascinating territory through its paths and a set of more varied activities: a route through mythical and legendary attractions with the writer Pep Coll, the visit to the depopulated i to the balmes de Montodó, observation of the nocturnal sky, a tour of an area of bunkers from the Civil War, an activity to learn to recognize the traces of the fauna that surrounds it...

Tenerife Walking Festival

From May 21
to May 25, 2022
Nature in its purest state and trails to enjoy it to the fullest, that is Tenerife's proposal with this festival that is especially attractive for hiking enthusiasts. 15 routes are organized along different trails on the island. You can travel itineraries along the coast, paths through volcanic landscapes and paths surrounded by green. In addition, you will get to know the Teide National Park, declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO, and you will be able to participate in multiple activities in nature. For example, cycling, diving in a colorful seabed, learning kitesurfing... And all with the eternal spring weather of the Canary Islands.

Garrotxa Volcanic Walking

From June 3
to June 6, 2022
La Garrotxa is a land of volcanoes and lava flows, postcard villages, enchanting forests, rural landscapes and exquisite cuisine. Garrotxa Volcanic Walking offers walks through the Natural Park of the Volcanic Zone are combined with more demanding routes through the rugged terrain of Alta Garrotxa. The most avant-garde architecture is combined with night itineraries, ascents to emblematic peaks, routes through caves and gorges, and more leisurely and relaxing activities. All tours include tastings of local produce.

Cerdanya Happy Walking

From June 9
to June 12, 2022
In La Cerdanya, in addition to a unique territory, you will find spectacular paths and landscapes, as well as a pleasant climate for walking. You can also count on the help of professional guide companies throughout the year, which will make your trip unforgettable!

Festival Camina Pirineus Alt Urgell

From June 17
to June 19, 2022
The Segre River performs a suggestive and relaxing massage on the spine of a region that will fascinate you thanks to the majestic landscapes that form the Alt Pirineu and Cadí-Moixeró natural parks. This festival offers a good combination of nature and culture, with routes through large forests beauty, amazing places of geological interest, and walks through dolmens, through churches that hide the first written in Catalan and by the medieval nucleus of the county capital.

Val d’Aran Walking & Summit Festival

From July 25
to July 31, 2022
The Val d'Aran encloses unprecedented natural places that can only be discovered on foot. The Val d'Aran Walking Festival is the hiking event where lovers of hiking and nature meet to meet, share and enjoy the beauty of the natural environment, gastronomy, culture and heritage of the place contributing to the conservation and enhancement in order to promote the Val d'Aran as a mountain and hiking destination. Explore its wildest and most unknown side, letting yourself be captivated by the beauty of its imposing landscapes. You will be able to enjoy that special charm that only those who delve into its most remote places know.

Festival de Senderisme del Solsonès

From September 17
to September 18, 2022
El Solsonès is a rural territory of centuries-old farmhouses, fields, leafy forests and abrupt reliefs such as the Busa plain, the Canalda rock or the Vilamala clot. An exuberant nature that is combined with a first class cultural, historical, religious and gastronomic heritage. This festival coincides with the beginning of the deer bellowing and combines routes of geological interest (Canalda, Quebradís bridge) with cultural walks through the Miracle Sanctuary and the streets of Solsona. At the end of the routes, product tastings with the “la Cuineta d’Aquí” program.

Alt Empordà Sea Walking

From September 23
to September 25, 2022
The Empordà is the first place where the Pyrenees see the sun when it rises and where we can find magnificent places for hiking, for the scenic beauty of its landscapes, for an extensive network of paths and for the possibility of being guided by people. who know these places better than anyone.

Ripollès Discovery Walking

From September 30
to October 2, 2022
El Ripollès is a region where you can discover the footprint of ancient culture, with monasteries, Romanesque churches or shepherds' huts. In the Ribes and Camprodon valleys, the Capçaleres del Ter and Freser Natural Park protects natural places of great value.  

Walking Festival Valle de Benasque

From October 1
to October 2, 2022
An event in which you will be able to connect with nature through different guided routes in very small groups, also enjoying the culture, the flavors of the local gastronomy and the history of the Benasque Valley. Come and enjoy the ocher and reddish colors and the aromas of autumn in this beautiful Pyrenean valley.

Vall de Boí Trek Festival

From October 7
to October 9, 2022
Boí is one of the Pyrenean valleys with the longest history, with the Romanesque churches, a World Heritage Site, as a distinctive feature. Furthermore, the valley is one of the main entrances to the Aigüestortes i Estany de Sant Maurici National Park. The days of the festival are at the beginning of autumn, so a route will be made through the National Park to enjoy the colors of this season. At night, an astronomical observation activity will discover why these skies have been declared a Starlight destination by UNESCO.

Festival De Senderismo De Debagoiena Puntaikpunta

From October 14
to October 16, 2022
Located in the region of Debagoiena, different types of hiking routes are organized; family routes, interpretive routes, etc. Arrasate-Mondragón  constitutes the central nucleus and headquarters of the hiking fair that is organized within the festival, which is complemented with cultural and musical activities.

Mallorca Walking Event

From October 20
to October 23, 2022
The routes take participants along trails that will enchant all nature lovers and allow them to discover a different side of Mallorca: charming villages, beautiful beaches on the Majorcan coast and the surroundings of the Serra Tramuntana. Four days enjoying an active holiday in good company. Without a doubt, fun is guaranteed.

Senderi – Festival de Senderismo de La Sort, La Vall d’Assua i El Batlliu

From October 21
to October 23, 2022
Senderi is a proposal to discover the Terme de Sort at a different pace and with other ulls, with the help of professional guides who will try to discover their landscapes, people, biodiversity, traditions, in the way they have been traditionally displace the inhabitants of our mountains: a peu!

Gran Canaria Walking Festival

From October 27
to October 30, 2022
Gran Canaria holds many mysteries that may only be discovered on foot. You can now feel the connection with the purest nature of the island thanks to the routes and paths that the Gran Canaria Walking Festival has selected for you. Explore the wildest and lesser-known side of Gran Canaria and let yourself be captivated by the beauty of its impressive landscapes. Discover the special charm that only those who go deep into the island’s most remote places get to know. That is why every year we invite hiking lovers all over the world to take part in this festival with the purpose of showing the world not only the island’s most natural and emblematic places, but also its culture, its accommodation establishments surrounded by the history and the flavours of the local cuisine.

Galicia Walking Festival

From May 6
to June 3, 2023
Galicia Walking Festival is the hiker’s celebration that will be held from May 6th to Jun 3rd, 2023 in Galicia (Spain). Guided by a team of local people, we have created 4 hiking programs for a full week in 4 different destinations, to which we add complementary activities so you can enjoy this wonderful land like never before. Walking trails, gastronomy, handicraft, cultural visits, local festivals, regional music … Each program focused on a region to savor Galicia in a comfortable way, without haste and as authentic as possible. It is always a good time to walk through Galicia but… this May will be MAGICAL

Los 10.000 del Soplao

From June 17
to June 17, 2023
The international sports event “Los 10.000 del Soplao”, also called “El Infierno Cántabro”, is the most large and prestigious event in Cantabria and one of the major career events in Spain, which gathers in Cabezón de la Sal the most 10,000 participants. It is celebrated every year, at the end of May or the beginning of June.

Festival de Senderisme Vall Fosca – Pirineus

From July 2
to July 4, 2023
The Vall Fosca, north of the Pallars Jussà, illuminates us with its thirty lakes and imposing peaks of almost 3,000 meters. It is also one of the gateways to the Aigüestortes and Estany de Sant Maurici National Park, which is easily accessible by cable car. Participants will get in touch with the locals and offer a variety of activities for families. To the traditional dinner under the stars and the subsequent night walk is added a historic meeting with a very special engineer and a vermouth-closing of brotherhood.

Competa Walking Festival

From September 28
to October 1, 2023
Enjoy the four day Competa Walking Festival around the stunning mountain scenery above Competa and Canillas de Albaida. The mountains and tracks are stunning and a must for hikers. The organisation was excellent under the guidance of Joost Schepel his sons, and his support team. The hikes are graded to suit all levels of walkers and with a fast and slower group in each walk.

Marbella 4DaysWalking

From October 5
to October 8, 2023
In October the weather in Marbella, the south of Spain is still perfect, not too hot and not too cold, a great time for walking. We invite you, together with walkers from all over the world, to discover the unknown sides of Marbella. Plaza del Mar at the Paseo Maritimo in Marbella is the starting point for the 10, 20 and 30 km routes which will lead you through the city, nature and along the beach. You can participate on all four days but it is also possible to choose the days that suit you most. In short: a perfect opportunity for a holiday!