Festival Camina El Berguedà

The ancient paths are threads of memory. They talk about the work of living - or surviving - whole generations, they talk about wars and sorrows, but also about lovers and joys. In Berguedà, old paths are being recovered to give voice to this valuable heritage and so that it can be traveled - and listened to - on foot in a leisurely and calm way.

El Bergadá, Catalunya, Spain
From May 14 to
May 15, 2022
2 days
/ 2 routes
mainly Adult (40-60)
Difficult Levels: Hard, Moderate, Easy
Special Interest: Geology, History
Complementary: Outdoor Activities, Gastronomy, Workshops
Organizer type: Tourism Board
Turisme del Berguedà
Carretera C-16, sortida 95. Berga
+34 654125696


Festival Camina El Berguedà

On the 14th and 15th of May you will be able to discover some of these paths accompanied by guides that will enrich your experience.

Some of the walks end with a tasting or a visit to a tourist facility.

Saturday 14 May

Mining route and kayak trip to Lake Tumí

The discovery of Berguedà must be accompanied by adventure and history. In this occasion we invite you to relive the past of mining in the Alt Berguedà.
A simple route where we can enjoy exceptional panoramic views of the park natural of Cadí Moixeró, see the old wagons that were used to extract the coal and the way these workers lived.
Undoubtedly part of our cultural heritage so important and that has marked so much the character of this area.
We will also end with a fun kayak, paddle surf or canoe trip on Lake Tumí, one lake that arose precisely from this mining operation

Meeting time: 10.00h
Meeting place: Vallcebre mining train car park
Distance: 3 Km
Elevation gain: 115 m.
Duration approx. of the activity: 3 h + 1h (Lake Tumí)
Difficulty: Low

Minimum age: 6 years
Guide: Pendulum guides
Registration: www.pendolguies.com
Phone: 622 766 152
Adult price: € 18
Child price: 10 € (up to 15 years)

Saturday 14 May

Cim la Tosa d’Alp and tasting of Berguedà products with sunset in the Shelter Pantry

Ascent to La Tosa d’Alp, the emblematic peak of Cadí-Moixeró, where we can enjoy some privileged views of the Pyrenees and Pre-Pyrenees. On the way back we will stop at the refuge of Pantry, where we will enjoy the hand of Ana, her guardian, a tasting of Berguedà products,  contemplating a unique sunset.

Meeting time: 12.00h
Meeting place: Refugi de Rebost
Distance: 13 Km
Elevation gain: 890 m.
Duration approx. of the activity: 7 hours
Difficulty: Very demanding

Minimum age: 12 years
Guide: Root Guides
Registration: guiesdarrel@gmail.com
Phone: 654 960 553
Adult price: € 25
Child price: 20 € (up to 15 years)
Observations: Inclusive activity, activity
aimed at people accustomed to walking

Discovery of a mountain river

Small family excursion around the river where we will do a small workshop for that to observe water quality and reflect on the effect of humans and tourism on this ecosystem.

Meeting time: 4.30pm
Meeting place: Empedrats / Cal
Cerdanyola (Gisclareny)
Distance: 4 Km
Elevation gain: 200 m.
Duration approx. of the activity: 3 hours
Difficulty: Low

Minimum age: 7 years
Guide: To the Pyrenees
Registration: www.rumbpirineus.com
Phone: 625 900 743
Adult price: € 18
Child price: 14 € (up to 15 years)
Observations: It is recommended to wear clothes
spare parts

Sunday, May 15th

Vineyards and mountains

Circular route through Sant Julià de Cerdanyola to get to know the surroundings of this town, finished with a visit to the vineyards of the Bauma de les Deveses and wine tasting to complete the route and the visit.

Meeting time: 9.00 am
Meeting place: St. Julià de Cerdanyola
Distance: 5.32 Km
Elevation gain: 167 m.
Duration approx. of the activity: 4-5 hours
Difficulty: Low
Minimum age: 10 years
Guide: Pedratour
Registration: www.pedratour.com
Phone: 938 215 111
Adult price: € 20
Child price: 10 € (up to 15 years)

The generous Pre-Pyrenees in Km0. Sierra de Queralt with sensory tasting

Interpretive hiking on the different environments and products of the pre-Pyrenees, al around the Sierra de Queralt with extraordinary views and we will end with a tasting-workshop sensory discovering local products in the Sanctuary of Queralt.

Meeting time: 9.00 am
Meeting point: Church of the Sanctuary of Queralt
Distance: 5.9 Km
Elevation gain: 270 m.
Duration approx. of the activity: 4’5 hours
Difficulty: Moderate
Minimum age: 6 years
Guide: Iprojecta / Sara Vallhonrat / Ferran Sayes
Registration: Iprojecta.com / somale@iprojecta.com
Phone: 684 037 642
Adult price: € 18
Child price: 12 € (up to 15 years)

Sunday, May 15th

La Pirolusita i Barita als Cims del Cadí Moixeró. Route to the High Mines, the Bofia and the Tosa d’Álp.

Hiking route through the Alta Muntanya to discover the ancient manganese and iron mines, the highest in Berguedà. We will enjoy the spectacular average aerial view Catalonia along the ridge between La Cerdanya and Berguedà. The Sierra del Cadi and Pedraforca dominate the view nearby

Meeting time: 9.00 am
Meeting point: Parking at the start of the route
Trencapinyes. Ctra. from Bagà to Coll de Pal.
Distance: 9’5 Km
Elevation gain: 750 m.
Duration approx. of the activity: 5’5 hours
Difficulty: Demanding

Minimum age: 12 years
Guide: Vivaks guides
Registration: 609 31 16 91 (whattsApp)
or info@vivaksguies.com
Phone: 609 31 16 91
Adult price: € 15

Every day

Discovery orientation

The aim of this activity is to introduce participants to the world of free guidance major complications, only with a map and explanations. This allows participants to discover the activity in a relaxed and affordable way for everyone. The activity can be done with children.

Meeting time:
Saturday, 10 a.m. and 3 p.m.
Sunday, 10 a.m.
Meeting place: Indomitable center
of adventure, Olvan
Distance: 2 Km
Elevation gain: 50 m.
Duration approx. of the activity: 2 hours
Difficulty: Low

Minimum age: There is no minimum age if you leave accompanied by an adult
Guidance: Indomitable
Observations: You must show up ½ time
before the start of the activity
Promotional code “Hiking Festival 2022”
Phone: 639 980 153
Price: 5 € per map (to be used for a maximum of 4 people)


El Bergadá, Catalunya, Spain


Festival Camina El Berguedà

This initiative is part of the Pyrenees Hiking Festivals promoted by IDAPA, an entity of which Berguedà does not is part but has been invited to participate.

The organization reserves the right to cancel or modify activities in case there is one justified reason for doing so. If this happens, the registrants will be informed in advance.

For each activity there are 20 places available. A guide will be provided for every 10 participants.