Marbella 4DaysWalking

In October the weather in Marbella, the south of Spain is still perfect, not too hot and not too cold, a great time for walking. We invite you, together with walkers from all over the world, to discover the unknown sides of Marbella.

Plaza del Mar at the Paseo Maritimo in Marbella is the starting point for the 10, 20 and 30 km routes which will lead you through the city, nature and along the beach. You can participate on all four days but it is also possible to choose the days that suit you most. In short: a perfect opportunity for a holiday!

Marbella, Andalucía, Spain
From October 5 to
October 8, 2023
4 days
/ 4 routes
mainly Adult (40-60)
Difficult Levels: Moderate, Easy
Landscape: Urban Surroundings
Lodging: No Lodging
Organizer type: Local Company
Asociación Marbella 4Days Walking
Plaza del Mar, C. Camilo José Cela, 17. Marbella


Marbella 4DaysWalking


October 6, 2022
10-30 Km

On the first day, you will get a taste of what walking in Marbella is. There are ever-changing surroundings, stunning views, and you will see part of the Marbella famous beaches. From the Plaza del Mar, you walk through the north-western part of the city and return on the Paseo Maritimo from Puerto Banús.

Day 1 is not too challenging yet, but an excellent way to warm up your muscles and get used to the mild (and often even warm) autumn climate.


October 7, 2022
10-30 Km

From the higher parts of Marbella you have beautiful views towards Africa, sometimes even from the beach you can see the mountains of Morocco. To make sure you will enjoy at least one of these views, we’ve set out a route that will lead you to the ‘Altos de Marbella’ and then on to the beach.

The views are definitely worth it, but your legs might protest a bit along the way.


October 8, 2022
10-30 Km

Marbella is famous for its big villa’s, and you will get a glimpse of some of them on this route. The neighbourhoods are spacious and green. In contrast, you will see some ‘wilder’ nature on other parts of the route. You can recover your strength in the recreational area with the Indian cabins and livestock after some steep climbs.

You will return through the city centre to the Plaza del Mar, with just enough adrenaline in your body for the fourth walking day.


October 9, 2022
10-30 Km

While a huge part of Marbella is still sleeping on this Sunday, you will walk through their neighbourhoods towards the Via Verde (the green way). Some heavy climbing on dirt tracks will be rewarded with breath-taking views on the lake of Istán and the village on the foot of the hills. From there you slowly go down again to residential areas but not before you have a rest at the Lago de las Tortugas (Turtle Lake). From Puerto Banús you will then return to the finish accompanied by a fresh breeze from the sea.

Before reaching the finish you will pass through the arch of the Via Gladiolo, the gladiolus being the Roman symbol for victory: you made it!

Marbella, Andalucía, Spain


Marbella 4DaysWalking

Marbella 4 Days Walking 2022,  from 6th – 9th of October 2022, will be our 11th edition.

Government restrictions forced us to only allow a maximum of 2.000 participants in 2021. This might be the same for 2022. Secure your spot asap, to avoid disappointment.


  • online registration for all 4 days walking €75
  • online registration for 1 or more days walking €22 per day

* valid till the 5th of October 2022.


Marbella 4DaysWalking


In October, the Plaza del Mar, our M4DW team of volunteers and local businesses, will transform the square into the Walking Village, the basecamp for the walkers and a great place to be for friends, family, and people who pass by.

You will find all kinds of services you might need; medical care, a general support team, great souvenirs and of course food and drinks to get your strength back. There will be live music so you can celebrate your walking accomplishments of the day.


Start your day with a nice cup of coffee at the Walking Village. Alongside the route, you will find bars and restaurants that serve all kinds of foods and drinks. We know our walkers well, so in the places where you most need to refresh your energy, you will find a food station with snacks, coffee and other refreshments.


Our volunteers will scan your chip at the different checkpoints you will pass. In this way, we more or less know where you are and know that you've walked the route altogether. You can use the restrooms at these checkpoints, and there will be refreshments.


You will never walk alone. Our safety cars will be on the route at all times to help out if needed and coordinate with the police and ambulances, who are present along the way. And in case of an emergency during the event, you can always call us on our emergency number. (given at registration).


Marbella 4DaysWalking