Gran Canaria Walking Festival

Gran Canaria holds many mysteries that may only be discovered on foot. You can now feel the connection with the purest nature of the island thanks to the routes and paths that the Gran Canaria Walking Festival has selected for you. Explore the wildest and lesser-known side of Gran Canaria and let yourself be captivated by the beauty of its impressive landscapes. Discover the special charm that only those who go deep into the island’s most remote places get to know.
That is why every year we invite hiking lovers all over the world to take part in this festival with the purpose of showing the world not only the island’s most natural and emblematic places, but also its culture, its accommodation establishments surrounded by the history and the flavours of the local cuisine.
Gran Canaria, Canary Islands
From October 27 to
October 30, 2022
4 days
mainly Adult (40-60), Young (20-40)
Difficult Levels: Hard, Moderate, Easy
Landscape: Coast, Mountain
Complementary: Gastronomy
Gifts & Awards: Festival Kit
Lodging: Lodging Arranged
Organizer type: Tourism Board
Gran Canaria Natural & Active
C/ Constantino 3, 1-1 Las Palmas de Gran Canaria
+34 928367508


Gran Canaria Walking Festival

Exploring the diverse landscapes of the island by walking through 4 guided stages, enjoying the flavours of the local cuisine and discovering charming places are some of the experiences waiting for you in the tenth edition of the Gran Canaria Walking Festival, which will be held on the island from 27 to 30 October.
Here are some of the reasons why we would like to invite you to live this adventure, an experience that will awaken your 5 senses:
  • You will get to know the most natural and unknown side of Gran Canaria.
  • You will visit magical corners, authentic landscape jewels.
  • You will be guided by bilingual professionals who are experts in the area.
  • You will feel and experience the traditions and joy of our people.
  • You will explore an island full of contrasts.
  • You will savour our gastronomy thanks to a delicious picnic and a snack lunch or tasting at the end of each route.
  • You will get magnificent prizes.
  • You will share great moments with other hiking lovers.



  • Liability insurance
  • Accident insurance
  • Picnic
  • Guided route and interpreter of the natural, ethnographic and cultural values ​​of the island
  • Round trip transportation to the beginning and end of the route (From Las Palmas G.C. or Playa del Inglés)
  • Specialized trail guides in several languages
  • Tasting of Canarian products


October 27, 2022
13 Km
5 hours

Both the most recent and the oldest geological features of our island will guide us on our first day as we atop the Montañon Negro, border and walk into the Caldera de Tejeda.

The first route begins in one of the greenest areas of our island, Fontanales, behind the north face of Gran Canaria. This area was once a dense forest, and now showcases rich pasture land, making it one of the areas with the greatest cheese-making tradition. Starting from our beloved endemic forest known as Monteverde, we will then turn to the dampest side of the ravine of El Pinar. After only 5 km of walk we will reach one of the youngest geological features of Gran Canaria, the Montañon Negro. From the peak of this volcano, you will be able to take in some stunning views at an altitude of 1669 m.

5 % tramo urbano - urban section - STADTGEBIET
30 % pista forestal - forest track -FORSTWEGE
65 % sendero - path - WANDERWEGE

To go down to the heart of the Caldera de Tejeda, we will first walk along the northwest side of the contour of the crater, a wondrous path with swoon-worthy views into the depths of the volcano. After a 9 km hike, we will arrive at Cruz de Tejeda, the classic meeting point for hikers and nerve centre of the volcanic highlands. To finish this first day, we will walk down to one of the most beautiful villages in Spain, Tejeda, a magical and historical place protected by two majestic rock formations, the Roque Bentayga and the Roque Nublo.


It is important to bear in mind that on this route we will start at an altitude of 600 m, on a path that is reasonably easy underfoot and with few technical obstacles. It is a medium-level route, so it will be demanding but accessible to all.

We will reach the peak of Montañon Negro, which involves going up and down a mountain path, made of lapilli, which raises the technical difficulty scale by one point.

After a trail of 9 km, we will be able to take a break at Cruz de Tejeda, where you can buy drinks, food and typical products of Gran Canaria.

Finally, as on all the routes, you must bring water, at least 2 litres, sun protection, a hat, and be aware of the weather forecast, in order to have waterproof clothing if necessary.

Accompanied minors from 16 years of age can participate. It is nevertheless important to consider the duration of the routes.

Montañon Negro, Caldera de Tejeda, Cruz de Tejeda


October 28, 2022
8.5 Km
4 hours

Preserved throughout history, under the protection of La Fortaleza, we will embark on a journey through time in the Caldera de Tirajana, to finish in one of the most picturesque villages in the interior of Gran Canaria.
We begin this second day of hiking in one of the most important archaeological sites on our island, La Fortaleza, in the southeast interior of Gran Canaria. This site has proved to be one of the areas with the longest and most extensive indigenous history on the island.

For a time, this area was named Ansite, the place where the leader Bentejuí surrendered to the Castilian troops on 29 April 1483. Nowadays, research has located it in Los Sitios (San Bartolomé de Tirajana). We will go on a route to learn not only about the last episode of the conquest but also about how the aborigines of the Canary Islands used to live.

After a visit to the interior of La Fortaleza, which witnessed the surrender of the ancient Canary Islanders, we will set off on our way to the opposite side of the ravine.

10 % tramo urbano - urban section - STADTGEBIET
60 % pista forestal - forest track -FORSTWEGE
40 % sendero - path - WANDERWEGE

This route will allow us to learn about the different ways of life on our island, from the nomadic and pastoral life using caves as temporary settlements, to the sedentary lifestyle established in the hamlets of El Sitio de Arriba and El Sitio de Abajo. After a 6 km walk, we will come across the Palmeral del Ingenio de Santa Lucía, an oasis of palm trees that provides shelter from the intense sun refracted by the red stone of the Cuenca de Tirajana. On this day, we will dive into culture and history, on a full journey through the bowels of one of the most arid ravines of Gran Canaria.

Only 1 km from the village of Santa Lucía de Tirajana, we will stop at a small farmhouse dating back to 1865, where we will have a tasting and continue on our way to the village, cradle of Oil and Honey, symbols of the traditional agriculture of the area.


This route is easy, but it is still important to highlight certain aspects such as the high level of sun exposure during the day, as this area of the island offers scarce vegetation and very little shelter in the shade. What’s more, we would like to point out that some of the downhill sections have an extra point of difficulty due to technical aspects of the terrain.

After the tasting on the outskirts of the town of Santa Lucía, we will follow a 1 km path to the transport pick-up area.

Finally, as on all the routes, you must bring water, at least 2 litres for this itinerary, sun protection and a hat, and be aware of the weather forecast, in order to have waterproof clothing if necessary.

Accompanied minors from 16 years of age can participate. It is nevertheless important to consider the duration of the routes.


La Fortaleza, el Mirador Presa Sorrueda (viewpoint), El Sitio de Arriba, el Palmeral de Ingenio, Santa Lucía de Tirajana.


October 29, 2022
15.5 Km
7 hours

Water, a drop of water, the ravines are dry! Something similar would be sung by the first settlers of these islands when they discovered the flow of Barranco Hondo as we see it on this route. The path of water will lead us to the fertile Valle de Agaete.
This route starts in Juncalillo, on the heights of Barranco Hondo, and we will begin our descent through one of the greenest areas of our island, where agriculture, tradition and landscapes eroded by water merge into a unique experience. Our route then takes us to the Los Lugarejos and Los Pérez reservoirs, where the yearning for water is clearly depicted. Indeed, the existence of these reservoirs shows how crucial it is to preserve our ecosystems, especially the pine forest. In this first section of the itinerary, we will be able to observe the location of the caves of Risco Caído, which allow researchers to understand in more detail the cosmovision of the first settlers of the islands.

25 % tramo urbano - urban section - STADTGEBIET
10 % pista forestal - forest track -FORSTWEGE
65 % sendero - path - WANDERWEGE

After a 5.5 km trail, we will begin our descent into the area of El Hornillo and on the sidewalks we will be able to see the caves that gave shelter to the ancient inhabitants of the area. We will continue our route downhill for 5 km through El Sao, while enjoying the views of the valley of Agaete at our feet. Then we will finish the descent along a paved path until we reach a gorgeous colonial mansion that has been transformed into a country house hotel which has become an icon of this municipal district and which no visitor to Gran Canaria should miss.


It is important to point out that this route requires a certain amount of hiking experience, as it is of medium-high difficulty, due to physical aspects. This route features a steep descent that is physically demanding and requires a certain amount of hiking experience as the terrain is rocky underfoot although there aren’t many loose stones

Finally, as on all the routes, you must bring water - 3 litres minimum for this one - sun protection and a hat, and be aware of the weather forecast, in order to have waterproof clothing if necessary.

Accompanied minors from 16 years of age can participate. It is nevertheless important to consider the duration of the routes.


Barranco Hondo, Risco Caído, the reservoirs (Los Lugarejos and Los Perez), El Sao, Valle de Agaete.


October 30, 2022
15.2 Km
8 hours

Sheltered by cliffs and ravines, what is now the refuge of tabaibas and cardones (different species of spurges) was once the refuge of the pre-colonial population known as the Canarii. Protected by the Guguy massif, this route is a hike in the "Far West" of Gran Canaria, full of history, legends and majestic landscapes. Get ready to enjoy this magical place on a hard but full day of hiking.
In this last journey along the trails, we will start in the village of Tasartico, where we will meet one of the defenders of these ravines, Tasarte, who together with Bentejuí took part in the famous battle of Ajódar, not far from these immense western ravines. Although history, legends and myths have blended into our reality, this route is vital for the conservation of our culture, flora and fauna.

After a first ascent of about 2.5 km with a considerable slope, we will enter the Guguy massif, which will give us the first impressive views of the Guguy Grande ravine. We will then descend for about 3 km on a steep path down to Guguy Beach, one of the most beautiful spots on our coastline and a unique place on Gran Canaria.

There, we will have the opportunity to go for a quick swim in the refreshing ocean, weather and time permitting. After a 30-minute break at this beautiful beach, we will make our way back along the same trail we used on our way in.

1 % tramo urbano - urban section - STADTGEBIET
2 % pista forestal - forest track -FORSTWEGE
97 % sendero - path - WANDERWEGE

Although this route is very difficult due to the steep slopes up and down, the technical aspects of the terrain and the exposure to the sun, walking through these lands is a singular experience for several reasons. This area is of vital importance for the conservation of the Tabaibal-Cardonal (mixed plant formation located in the lowland and coastal area of the Canaries), and other numerous endemic species of flora and fauna that add to the beauty of the landscape of this region. For these reasons, the Government of the Canary Islands has proposed that the area become part of our National Parks Network, as it is a unique geological and archaeological area in the Canary Islands.

Walking this route is undoubtedly an experience full of magic, an adventure where we will conquer mountains to get to the coast.


This is a route with a high level of difficulty. You will be directly exposed to the sun, as the vegetation of the area does not provide any shade. The terrain has some technical aspects that also make the itinerary quite challenging, the ground is stony and there are steep slopes both uphill and downhill. It is also the longest route of this edition.

There are no alternative paths for this route, we therefore offer the possibility to go back in the first 3 and 6 km of the route, with support staff to return to the starting point.

It will be a long and hard day of hiking, but of breath-taking beauty, as well as the environmental and cultural value of the area are simply unique. Although your safety will be guaranteed at all times, we recommend that beginners to hiking refrain from signing up for this route.

Finally, as on all the routes, you must bring water - 3 litres minimum for this one -, as well as water purification tablets if you don't want to bring an additional 2 litres. You should also bring sun protection and a hat, and be aware of the weather forecast, in order to have waterproof clothing if necessary.

During this route, we’ll have the opportunity to swim in the ocean, weather and time permitting, so we recommend bringing a swimsuit and towel, and a dry change of clothes for after the swim.

Accompanied minors from 16 years of age can participate. It is nevertheless important to consider the duration of the routes.


the Guguy ravines, Playa de Guguy, La Aldea.
Gran Canaria, Canary Islands


Gran Canaria Walking Festival

40€ / Stage
Of the 4 routes we offer, you can choose the ones you would like to do. The price of each route includes: transport, picnic, guides, insurance, snack lunch or tastings and gifts

140 €
Choose the full “Pack of 4 Stages” which includes: 4 routes, transport, picnic, guides, insurance and gifts

Make your reservation with peace of mind. If you cannot come, we will refund the full amount you have paid, provided you inform the organisation of your cancellation before Friday, 14 October 2022. See the terms and conditions that apply to our cancellation policy.


Gran Canaria Walking Festival


For each route, it is necessary to have at least 50 registered participants in order to carry out the activity. If the pre-registration period ends or if Gran Canaria Natural considers that the minimum quota will not be reached, the route shall be cancelled. In this case, the organising entity shall only refund the full registration fees to the participants, and shall not be responsible for any additional costs such as the cost of plane tickets, accommodation, etc.
If participants notify their decision to cancel their participation, the full registration fees shall be refunded, provided the organising entity is notified before Friday 14 October 2022.
After the afore-mentioned date (14 October 2022), the fees paid shall not be refunded, except only in exceptional circumstances such as hospital admission, which must be accredited by the health institution.
Nevertheless, the organisation allows changing the name of the registration to another person through the registration system.


Given the characteristics of this event, the following groups of individuals need to be accompanied at all times by a responsible person:

  • Minors under 16 years of age.
  • People with any kind of vulnerability or difficulty to practice trekking.

If you have any questions about this section, please contact the organisation.
A minimum age to participate shall be established for each hiking route, depending on the conditions and characteristics of the trail. Please consult the information for each route to find out the minimum age to participate.


Although the staff and entity organising the Gran Canaria Walking Festival love dogs and all kinds of pets, we are obliged to restrict the participation of dogs in consideration to all participants.


Due to the current situation caused by the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus, we at Gran Canaria Natural & Active, the association responsible for organising the 'Gran Canaria Walking Festival', have taken all the necessary measures and established the corresponding protocols in order to guarantee the safety of the participants and members of the staff, so that we can offer the best possible experience with all the required safety standards.
These protocols are aimed at preventing the spread of the virus and shall be updated accordingly in line with any new developments reported by the relevant authorities.
The documents provided by the Institute for Spanish Tourism Quality (ICTE) have been taken into account to establish the corresponding measures.


An insurance policy is included when you register in any of the activities (pack of 4 routes or individual hiking trails) offered by the Gran Canaria Walking Festival. In the event that you wish to take out an additional insurance policy, please contact the official insurance provider.


This event takes place outdoors; therefore, it is subject to weather conditions, the environment, transportation, or even accidents that may occur, among other circumstances. The organisation has the full right to make changes or modifications to the planned event programme or even cancel the event due to any causes or events of force majeure.
The organising entity reserves its right to modify the hiking routes or the programme at any time, if necessary due to these circumstances.


Although in general the weather in Gran Canaria is quite mild, you should take into account the location of the trails and the temperatures of the days before, in order to wear the right clothes. Adverse weather conditions may be one of the reasons why a programmed hiking route may be altered or even finished earlier than planned.
Please make sure you chose the appropriate clothes for the walks.
Bad weather could be one of the reasons to change the walk itinerary or program and also to finish it before programmed.


Gran Canaria Walking Festival