Val d’Aran Walking & Summit Festival

The Val d'Aran encloses unprecedented natural places that can only be discovered on foot. The Val d'Aran Walking Festival is the hiking event where lovers of hiking and nature meet to meet, share and enjoy the beauty of the natural environment, gastronomy, culture and heritage of the place contributing to the conservation and enhancement in order to promote the Val d'Aran as a mountain and hiking destination.

Explore its wildest and most unknown side, letting yourself be captivated by the beauty of its imposing landscapes. You will be able to enjoy that special charm that only those who delve into its most remote places know.

Val d'Arán, Catalunya, Spain
From July 25 to
July 31, 2022
7 days
/ 29 routes
125 people
mainly Adult (40-60)
Difficult Levels: Hard, Moderate, Easy
Landscape: Mountain
Special Interest: Nature, Heritage
Complementary: Gastronomy, Music
Gifts & Awards: Festival Kit, Festival Gear
Lodging: Lodging Included, No Lodging
Organizer type: Local Company
Camins Agencia de Montaña
Avda. Pas d’Arrò, 5. Vielha
+34 973642444


Val d’Aran Walking & Summit Festival

Discover and marvel at the things that nature offers us through the routes and trails that the Val d'Aran Walking & Summit Festival has prepared for you.

Balconies of Aran

July 26, 2022
09:00 h
12.1 Km
3:55 hours
+420, -428 M

The best view of Vielha and Montcorbison from the towns of Marcatosa. Circular

Artiga of Lin. Uelhs deth Joeu

July 26, 2022
16:30 h
3.2 Km
1:39 hours


Crossing from Hospice de France to Aran Park

July 26, 2022
08:30 h
8.8 Km
4:05 hours
+441 / -712

ANETO VIEWPOINT in Còth de Baretja. Crossing

Own car to Aran Park.
Transportation to the Hospice de France.

Invitations: Visit to the Fauna Park and aperitif.

Lakes of Muntanho and Pudo. Tuc de la Cigalera (2476m)

July 26, 2022
09:30 h
7.7 Km
3:30 hours
+508, -495

From the Puerto de la Bonaigua, lakes and ascent with views of the
Valley. Circular.

Crossing from the Red River Valley to the Toran Valley - Liat Lake - Tuc d'Hermer, 2,433m.

14.5 Km
6:30 hours

. Through the mines and the Liat Lake to the Honeria refuge by the GR-211. Crossing.

Includes transportation.
Invitation in Refuge.

Invitacion en Refugio.

Balconies of Aran

July 27, 2022
09:00 h
10.2 Km
3:05 hours

Old path that passes through the villages of Naut Aran, some of which are cataloged as the most beautiful in Spain. Crossing

Own car to Arties. Transportation to Pla de Beret.

Invitations: Cheese tasting at Bagergue and Hot Springs at


July 27, 2022
17:00 h

Own car to Bassa d'Oles in the Vielha area.

Crossing the lakes from Montcasau to Colomers

July 27, 2022
09:00 h
7 Km
3:25 hours

Along the GR11, with views of Montardo and the Colomers Lake Cirque. Tavesia.

The Redon Lake and the Port of Vielha. Tuc deth Port of Vielha (2,605m)

July 27, 2022
08:30 h
11.3 Km
5:40 hours

The deepest lake in the Pyrenees and a historic port like that of Vielha, which linked the Barraves Valley with the Val 'Aran. Circular.

Own car to the South Mouth of the Vielha tunnel.

From the Còth de Baretja to the Artiga de Lin.

July 27, 2022
08:00 h
14.8 Km
7:05 hours

Route through the peaks of Aubas, Arres, Campsaure, to the Pico de la Entecada, and down to the Hermitage of Artiga de Lin. Crossing.

Includes transportation.

Camino de Santiago

July 28, 2022
09:00 h
8.6 Km
2:50 hours


Enclave of cultures, where the Vía Aran Pirineos begins.

After the visit, walking route of the section between the towns of Boutx and Fos on the French border with the Val d'Aran. Crossing.

Includes transportation and visit to the cathedral.

Balconies of Aran

July 28, 2022
09:30 h
8.5 Km
4:20 hours


Route through the GR-211 and the mining territory and the Bassa de Arres.


Pic de Cagire (1.912m)

July 28, 2022
08:30 h
10.2 Km
5:05 hours

The Comminges lookout, views of the heart of the Pyrenees. Circular.

Does not include transportation. Own car to Coll de Mente (France).

Montardo d’Aran (2.833m)

July 28, 2022
08:00 h
11.8 Km
6:20 hours

The most emblematic summit of the Val d'Aran. Linear.

Astronomical observation

July 28, 2022
22:00 h

With telescope and laser pointer.

Does not include transportation.

The Clot der Os lakes

July 29, 2022
09:45 h
4.1 Km
1:40 hours

In the Beret area of ​​the ski resort, a circus of hidden lakes, in a magnificent setting. Circular.


July 28, 2022
17:00 h

Own car to Bassa d'Oles in the Vielha area.

The Beret Mountains

July 29, 2022
09:15 h
7.6 Km
3:20 hours

Ascent to Tuc de Beret, 2,589m and Cap del Dossau, 2,516m, with views of the lakes of the Natural Park and the mountains of
France. Circular.

Does not include transportation.

Invitation in Beret and access chairlift.

No incluye transporte.

Invitación en Beret y telesilla de acceso.

Crossing from Lake St. Maurici to the lakes of Colomers

July 29, 2022
08:30 h
13.2 Km
5:45 hours

The heart of the Park by the GR11, waterfall and lakes by the Port of Ratera, which joins the San Nicolau Valley with the Val d'Aran. Crossing.

Includes transportation.

Tuc de Ballibierna (3.056m)

July 29, 2022
08:00 h
12.2 Km
5:55 hours

From the lake of Llauset, and the lakes of Botornas to the summit. Linear.

Does not include transportation. Invitation in Refuge.

Naut Aran Villages Corilha Viewpoint

July 30, 2022
09:30 h
4.1 Km
3:00 hours

Does not include transportation.

Invitation in Unha.

Balconies of Aran

July 30, 2022
09:00 h
11.2 Km
04:35 hours

The Toran Valley. From San Juan de Toran to Les. By the GR-211, with views of the entire Valley. Crossing.

Lakes of Restanca and Mar

July 30, 2022
09:00 h
8 Km
4:00 hours

Lake Mar, the largest lake in the Val d'Aran. Linear.

Own car to Arties.
With transportation from Arties.
Refuge invitation.

Tuc der Ome (2.703m)

July 30, 2022
08:00 h
12.7 Km
6:00 hours

In the Lake Montoliu area, bordering France.

With transport from Salardu.

Tuc de Molieres (3.010m)

July 30, 2022
07:30 h
13.5 Km

The roof of the Val d'Aran. From the southern mouth of the Vielha Tunnel, through the Molieres lakes to the summit.

Fantastic viewpoint of the Aneto-Maladeta massif.


With your own car to the south mouth of the tunnel.

Closing Dinner

July 30, 2022
20:30 h

Does not include transportation.

Marcha Naut Aran

July 31, 2022
09:00 h
8.7 Km
3:30 hours

From the Port of Bonaigua to Tredós and Salardú.

Historic path that linked Pallars with Val d'Aran.


With your own car to Salardu.
Transportation from Salardu to the Port.

Camino del Agua

July 31, 2022
09:30 h
5.4 Km
3 hours

In the town of Aneto, with views of the Barraves Valley. Circular.

Does not include transportation. Invitation.

Montcorbison (2.173m)

July 31, 2022
09:00 h
5.5 Km
2:50 hours

The mountain above Vielha, with views of the entire Valley. Circular.

Val d'Arán, Catalunya, Spain


Val d’Aran Walking & Summit Festival

La inscripción y las actividades incluye:

  • Pack de bienvenida.
  • La participación en todas las rutas / actividades programadas que desee.
  • Asistencia de los Guías de Montaña y del Parque Nacional.
  • El transporte en aquellas actividades en las que se incluye.
  • Los jeeps de acceso y salida del Parque Nacional en las actividades que se incluye.
  • Entradas a los servicios que incluye el Programa: Termas, Parque de Fauna, Visitas culturales y Baqueira Beret.
  • Degustaciones e invitaciones del Programa.
  • Cena pica-pica de clausura.
  • Seguro de Accidente y RC para los no federados.
  • No incluye: el transporte a aquellas rutas/actividades que no esté programado y que se realiza en vehículo propio.

El Pack todo incluido incluye:

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    AD | Alojamiento y desayuno. MP | Alojamiento, cena y desayuno.
  • La Tasa turística.
  • No incluye: bebidas, extras y otros servicios no incluidos en el paquete como parking cerrado y/u otros.

En los alojamientos no se aceptan animales de compañía y se deberá de seguir las normas de seguridad establecidas por el COVID19 si las hubiera en el momento de la realización del festival.


Val d’Aran Walking & Summit Festival