Festival de Senderisme del Solsonès

El Solsonès is a rural territory of centuries-old farmhouses, fields, leafy forests and abrupt reliefs such as the Busa plain, the Canalda rock or the Vilamala clot. An exuberant nature that is combined with a first class cultural, historical, religious and gastronomic heritage.

This festival coincides with the beginning of the deer bellowing and combines routes of geological interest (Canalda, Quebradís bridge) with cultural walks through the Miracle Sanctuary and the streets of Solsona. At the end of the routes, product tastings with the “la Cuineta d’Aquí” program.

El Solsonés, Catalunya, Spain
From September 17 to
September 18, 2022
3 days
mainly Adult (40-60)
Special Interest: Geology, Natural, Heritage
Complementary: Gastronomy
Organizer type: Tourism Board
Ajuntament del Solsonès
Ctra. de Bassella, 1. Solsona
+34 973482310


Festival de Senderisme del Solsonès

El Solsonés, Catalunya, Spain