Walking Festivals in Portugal

Walking Festivals in Portugal

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Walking Festivals in Portugal

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Portugal Walking Festival

From May 6
to May 15, 2022
The Alto Alentejo is a territory of contrasts, with the extensive plains to the south, the great lakes to the west, the São Mamede mountains to the northeast and the strong influence of the landscapes of the low bank to the north, where the Alentejo crosses the Tagus River. Territory par excellence for the enjoyment of Nature Tourism, it offers a wide range of walking trails throughout its fifteen municipalities. Occupied since prehistoric times, it keeps cultural vestiges of various civilizations and cultural traits full of modernity. Inspired by the Alpalhão Statuary Art Gallery with original pieces of great beauty, carved in gray granite from the region, in 2018 and 2019, two editions of an Arts and Hiking Festival were organized, materialized in a complete success. Now it's time to ...

Alcanena Walking Festival

From May 20
to May 22, 2022
The Alcanena Walking Festival is an event whose program, vast and diverse, brings together walks, workshops on local economic activities, showcookings and a Folk Ball with a dance workshop - activities that play a prominent role among many others.

Walking Week-end

From May 27
to May 29, 2022
Conviviality, eagerness for discovery, meeting new people and sharing the passion for nature in its purest state. This is all you will find at Walking Weekend, the Hiking Festival of Pampilhosa da Serra, combining the best of hiking with the potential of the territory. In addition to several themed walks, all of them guided along routes that can go from 4 to 18 kilometers, participants can also enjoy initiatives such as “a dinner under the stars”, canoe trips, traditional music concerts, a climb hot air balloon ride (depending on weather conditions) or, of course, the famous water walks.

Walk & Art Fest

From November 4
to November 6, 2022
The village of Barão de São João, in the municipality of Lagos, will once again receive the festival that unites walks with art.

Arrabida Walking Festival

From March 24
to March 26, 2023
More than forty activities, including hiking, workshops, botany classes and gastronomic and wine tourism experiences, take place at the end of March at the Arrábida Walking Festival, in the Arrábida Natural Park, in the Setúbal area. The list of walks includes 18 proposals that explore different aspects and places of the Serra da Arrábida, both during the day and at night and with degrees of intensity that vary between low, medium and high, and the list of suggestions becomes more extensive as you go. proposals are included. for children, complementary routes, visits to wineries, gastronomy and photography workshops and visits designed specifically for people with visual disabilities.

Ameixial Walking Festival

From April 28
to April 30, 2023
The object of the Ameixial Walking Festival is to reveal the natural and cultural wealth of this territory, contribute to the dynamism of the local economy, raise awareness of its sustainable development, in this case through ecotourism and cultural tourism. Its basic principles are: gather friends in a certain territory to go hiking, make known the values ​​of the region, support the local economy, and raise awareness of communities and entities for the safeguarding of heritage and for the development of environmentally sustainable and valuing practices for the territory. The specific singularity of writing from the Southwest, something very localized in this Serra territory, was the consensual choice for the festival's identity.