Walking Festivals in Denmark

Walking Festivals in Denmark

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Walking Festivals in Denmark

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Vandrefestival i Slettestrand og Thorupstrand

From June 23
to June 26, 2022
Midsummer hikes are a new hiking festival in Slettestrand and Thorupstrand by Jammerbugten. The area's 8 different hiking guides have tied the most beautiful wreath of hiking tours that present, each in their own way, this beautiful corner of Denmark in the finest way.

Vandrefestival Vordingborg Kommune

From August 19
to September 11, 2022
Vandrefestivalen takes place in Region Sjælland every year in the last two weeks of August and the first week of September. It is an obvious opportunity to experience the region's nature and culture on foot and in pleasant company with others. It is wonderful for both body and soul. It is the municipalities in Region that, together with associations and the like, organize the walking and hiking tours in the Walking Festival.

Nordsjællands Vandrefestival

From August 25
to August 28, 2022
Nordsjælland's Walking Festival will inspire people of all ages to get out for a walk: to experience new paths and landscapes around Esrum Kloster & Møllegård and feel the connectedness. Walking and hiking is a means that can take us to many different goals. We want to gather everyone who hikes, whether the goal is physical and mental well-being or nature and cultural experiences – whether the target group is young people, the elderly, tourists, associations or workplaces. The starting points for using walking and hiking in our leisure and working life can be completely different. At Nordsjælland's Walking Festival, you will therefore be able to experience new communities for sharing experiences, knowledge and experiences. New inspiration can arise here that you didn't expect to get...


From May 22
to May 22, 2023
Ladywalk is Denmark's largest one-day exercise event for women. Ladywalk's goal is for women to experience the joy of going out - and backing up organizations that support research and information about women's diseases in Denmark. There is a Ladywalk in 14 cities in Denmark. Here you can go out on beautiful routes of either 7 or 12 km at your very own pace. It is not about coming first, but about having a wonderful experience.


From June 23
to June 25, 2023
Hærvejsmarchen is Northern Europe's largest IML (International Marching League) Walking Association march, and is held this year for the 52nd time with start and finish at Paradepladsen, Tingvej 17, Viborg. Hærvejsmarchen is for everyone who loves to hike, get out into nature, get many kilometers "in the legs" - and not least experience the very special hiking community. The march runs over two days and it is possible to hike either Saturday, Sunday or both days. With distances from 1 x 10 km to the extreme route of 2 x 45 km, Hærvejsmarchen offers walking routes for every taste - and shape.

Fjällraven Classic Denmark

From July 5
to July 8, 2023
Passing castles, manors, mills and churches that time seems to have forgotten; through forests filled with life; over undulating farmland and with the coastline never far away, this 75km-trail is a mixture of nature’s and people’s best creations. In 2014 the inaugural event had just a few hundred participants, mainly Danes. In 2019 this number was 1000 and counted trekkers from 37 different countries. The trek follows part of Denmark’s South Funen Archipelago Trail, from Faldsled harbour to Bjørnemose (in 2022: Skårupøre). We take care of the logistics – food, transfers, checkpoints, support and even a few little treats along the way – but you’ll carry everything you need on your back. You’ll move at a pace that suits you, soak up plenty of ‘me time’ and even make new friends along the ...

Vandrefestival Sjaelland

From August 18
to September 10, 2023
The hiking festival takes place in Region Zealand every year during the last two weeks of August and the first week of September. It is an obvious opportunity to experience the region's nature and culture on foot and in cozy company with others. It is wonderful for both body and soul. It is the municipalities in Region Zealand that, together with associations and the like, arrange the walks and hikes in the Hiking Festival.