Hærvejsmarchen is Northern Europe's largest IML (International Marching League) Walking Association march, and is held this year for the 52nd time with start and finish at Paradepladsen, Tingvej 17, Viborg.

Hærvejsmarchen is for everyone who loves to hike, get out into nature, get many kilometers "in the legs" - and not least experience the very special hiking community.

The march runs over two days and it is possible to hike either Saturday, Sunday or both days. With distances from 1 x 10 km to the extreme route of 2 x 45 km, Hærvejsmarchen offers walking routes for every taste - and shape.

Viborg, Denmark
From June 23 to
June 25, 2023
3 days
/ 11 routes
Difficult Levels: Hard, Moderate, Easy
Labels: IML
Organizer type: Association
Tingvej 17, DK-8800 Viborg
+45 24849098




BLUE route 45 km: Start time from kl. 06.00 - 08.00, end time no later than 18.00
RED route 40 km: Start time from kl. 06.00 - 08.00, end time no later than 18.00
YELLOW route 30 km: Start time from kl. 06.00 - 08.00, closing time no later than 18.00
GREEN route 20 km: Start time from kl. 06.00 - 09.00, end time no later than 18.00 Also used on Saturday for the CARNIVAL MARCH, and on Sunday also for the PILGRIMSVANDRINGEN
ORANGE route 10 km: Start time from kl. 06.00 - 11.00, end time no later than 18.00 Also used on Sunday for PILGRIMSVANDRINGEN
Everyone can get an IVV stamp in the Barracks Hall after every day walking on the routes


BLACK route 5 km: Children with parents / grandparents, joint heating 10.00 and joint start 11.00 Children
's lunch at 12.30 - 14.30
All 2-day hikes entitle you to a HÆRVEJSMARCHEN medal, which is included in the price for a 2-day start card.

2-day hikes on the 20, 30, 40 and 45 km routes also give the right to an IML stamp and the purchase of an IML medal. (For participants over the age of 70, this also applies to 2-day hikes on the 10 km routes.)


All routes are thoroughly marked with the color of the distance. Just follow the HÆRVEJSMARCHEN signs all the way around.

Start and finish are for all routes on Paradepladsen. In Kasernehallen, Tingvej 17, Viborg, pre-ordered start cards and dining and accommodation tickets are handed out.

Everyone is given a keyhanger for start cards and route cards. All participants must finish no later than 6 pm on Saturday and Sunday, where the medal and diploma will be handed out in the Barracks Hall until 18.30.

You can register individually or together as a team. Participants on the same team can hike different routes.


Carnival March 20 km Saturday: Buy one-day start ticket for Saturday
Pilgrimage 10/20 km Sunday: Buy a one-day start ticket for Sunday
2-day routes from 10-45 km entitle to HÆRVEJSMARHCEN medal, which is handed out in the Barracks Hall
One-day start cards generally apply to all routes and do not entitle to a medal
You can hike the Carnival March on Saturday and another route on Sunday - and get a medal
You can hike the Pilgrimage on Sunday and another route on Saturday and get a

Viborg, Denmark



One of HÆRVEJSMARCHEN's traditions is that there is a fine international and popular atmosphere at Paradepladsen in the finish area both Friday evening and Saturday and Sunday afternoon.

Many thousands of hikers and guests enjoy themselves with enjoyable company, massage, stalls and tents, entertainment, medal presentation and refreshment of memories from the many times some of the participants have met each other .

Throughout the weekend, there are experiences, cosiness and catering for both children and adults. Large dining and living tent on the site, where food and drinks can be purchased. Exhibition tents and stalls with a real marketplace atmosphere. There are activity and wellness tents where you can buy sports massage and soothing ointments, sportswear and shoes etc.

Both Saturday and Sunday, the music corps will lead the march participants the last kilometers to the finish. See music program


Friday night

There is a departure from Paradepladsen at 18.00, where everyone with music and flags as well as all national flags in the lead march down through the streets of Viborg and to Nytorv, where President Ulrik Wilbek opens the march at. 18.30. There is music and entertainment on stage as well as stalls with food and drink on the square.

Ordered food for Friday evening is available in the dining tent at Paradepladsen from kl. 17.00 - 20.00.
The dining tent is open until 22.00, where you can meet for a cozy get-together.


There is music, stalls and tents on the site as well as a play area for children.
Ordered food for Saturday night is available in our own section of the dining tent on the square.
at 18.00 - 21.00, where there is cozy music and togetherness.
About 5,000 cyclists from Hærvejsløbet finish at the square.


There is music, tents and stalls on the square as on Saturday.
There is a pilgrimage with a joint start at. 08.00.
There is a Children's March with a joint start at 11.00 - entertainment from kl. 10.00.
Medals and diploma for children from kl. 13.30 in a tent at Paradepladsen.

Closing ceremony at 15.30 on stage with JOINT medal presentation for anniversaries. Everyone gathers at 15.15 v. The barracks hall and goes in joint march with orchestra in front.

Jubilees are hikers who have completed the HÆRVEJSMARCHEN 20, 25, 30, 35, 40, 45, 50,51 and 52 times.



All registrations for all routes must be made online in the registration module no later than 19 June at 24. Alternatively, you can show up at the Barracks Hall on the day, where there is help with online registration, and where the start card is printed on the spot.

2-DAY ROUTES: Adults: DKK 250 / Up to 20 years: DKK 175.
Price for 2-day card includes HVM medal.
Discount of DKK 50 when registering no later than 30 April.

1-DAY ROUTES: All (adults and children): DKK 100.



HÆRVEJSMARCHEN is the original two-day hike, which was carried out for the first time in 1969. The march is part of the IML Walking Association, and in fact Hærvejsmarchen is Northern Europe's largest IML march. As part of the march culture, everyone who completes a two-day march will be presented with a medal.

PLEASE NOTE: It is expected that all walkers show consideration for other participants, private landowners, and help to protect nature on and along the HÆRVEJSMARCHEN routes.

After completing a 2-day march of at least 2 x 10 km, HÆRVEJSMARCHEN will receive a medal, watch bird or numbers. See picture of all the medals handed out from March 1st - 50th

IML medal and stamp
Everyone who has completed 2 x 20, 2 x 30, 2 x 40, or 2 x 45 km, as well as hikers over the age of 70 who have completed 2 x 10 km, have the right to receive the IML stamp in their international hiking pass.

For 1, 12, 21, 30, 75, 150 etc. IML stamps, one can buy an IML medal according to the rules. One can here be appointed European Walker, International Master Walker or Global Walker.

IVV stamp
HÆRVEJSMARCHEN has been approved by the Danish Exercise Association as a special event, which means that all hikers who have completed one of the routes can get an IVV stamp in the Barracks Hall as proof.

After completing the march, a diploma with a personal name and completed distance can be purchased in the Barracks Hall for DKK 25. The diploma can also be pre-ordered upon registration.

Diploma, medals and stamp are handed out in the Barracks Hall. Saturday until 18, Sunday until 18.30.

All participants with a start card have the right to use the march's rest areas on the routes.

On all the march routes, there are rest areas for each approx. 10 km., Where food and drink can be bought at reasonable prices. In most places, payment can be made with mobilepay, but there may be exceptions. The rest areas are staffed by volunteers from local associations.

The start card gives access to toilets, first aid and the various facilities of the rest areas on the route. The start card also allows for any drive home to the starting point in the event of injuries, malaise and similar cases.

Make sure you carry your starter card visibly throughout the march. The start card is personal and may not be handed over.

Music is planned at several of the rest areas both on Saturday and Sunday.