Whitchurch Shropshire Walking Festival

Whitchurch, Shropshire, England
From May 12 to
May 14, 2023
3 days
/ 24 routes
Difficult Levels: Hard, Moderate, Easy
07746 687242


Whitchurch Shropshire Walking Festival


All walks must be booked in advance by Wednesday 11th May.
Please book online by clicking here
Registration for the start of walks is at The Archibald Worthington Club except where otherwise indicated.
The times shown are departure times. You should register in the 10-15 minutes before that.
If you are not sure where a start point is click here for a map.
Morning, but not day walks, can be combined with afternoon walks.

Day walks - packed lunch and a drink required unless a pub lunch is included

Friday 13th May

09.00 Malpas & back with pub lunch

Peter Stockbridge
7m 6h £3 + fare + lunch
Bus 41 to Malpas [09.20]. Unfortunately this is too early on a Friday for bus passes to be valid.

Walk back via Tushingham visting Old St Chads; lunch at Willeymoor Lock Tavern [order & pay on day]

Register from 08.30, ie before the launch!

No dogs

09.20 Whitchurch Wheel

Nigel Hart
16m 7h £3
The walk circumnavigates Whitchurch passing through farmland, lanes and paths, with lovely countryside and views. It heads off clockwise taking in Grindley Brook, Fairy Glen, Wirswall, Brick Kiln, Broughall and a lunchtime drinks stop at The White Lion Ash. It then continues through Brown Moss, Dearnford and Alkington.

This walk is described in full in our book "10 varied walks around Whitchurch Shropshire plus the Whitchurch Wheel". It is available from BookShrop and Whitchurch Museum price £6.

09.30 Tushingham & Old St Chads John & Jenny Wilson

6-7m 3.5h £2 + lunch

Walking via the Bishop Bennet Way, Wirswall, Old St Chads "alone in the fields" and possibly the Land of Canaan and canal; optional prebooked lunch at The Horse & Jockey at end of walk [order & pay on the day]

Register at The Horse and Jockey, Grindley Brook. If parking at the pub, please park in the field beyond the main car park. Tushingham Old St Chads

Morning walks - can be combined with afternoon walks - bring a drink [& snack]

09.10 Redbrook Round

Nigel Stephens
5.5m 3h £2 A walk into Wales via Danson's Bridge, Redbrook and Blackoe Cottages..

Blackoe footbridge

09.30 Combermere Woods

Paul Sears
5m 3h £2
Register at The Swan, Marbury A walk across undulating countryside leaving from the Swan at Marbury (please car park at the back of the car park). The walk goes up the road out of Marbury and then crosses the fields to the Combermere Woods, where there is likely to be wild garlic with the odd bluebell still remaining. The bird song in the woods at this time of year can be lovely with the sound of Greater Spotted Woodpeckers being fairly common. From here, we head across the fields and up to Lodge Farm on Black park Road. We then walk down the long side of Oss Mere, to follow the fields and road back to Marbury.
This makes a varied walk of Woods, Lakes and Landscapes. Bring boots as it is likely to be slightly wet even at this time of year.

Afternoon walks - can be combined with morning walks - bring a drink

13.45 Oss Mere

Mick Hobson
6m 3h £2
A gentle stroll through the local countryside, with some lovely views, on a mixture of lanes and farmland. Ossmere is a tranquil place, with an abundance of birds and other wildlife. A number of stiles and a railway crossing.
Oss Mere

14.00 Fields & Fairways Baz Fewster

4m 2.5h £2
A local walk based on Walk 1 in the walks book including Fairy Glen and the golf course. No dogs.

Evening Entertainment

19.30 Ceilidh with Jigsmith at The Brownlow Centre

£9 [£5 u18s]

A fun evening with local ceilidh band Jigsmith, food [included in price], bar and prize draw.

Saturday 14th May

09.00 Dee Valley from Churton

John & Judith Gallagher
10.5m 7h £4
The iron bridge at Aldford that crosses the Dee was designed by Thomas Telford and built by William Hazledine for the 1st Marquis of Westminster and was completed in 1824. It is built in cast iron and has yellow sandstone abutments forming a single arch measuring 50 metres.
The total journey time from i.e. departing Whitchurch to Churton and the journey time return to Whitchurch including the total walking time should be approximately seven hours. The walk itself will take approximately 5 and a half hours on a route that is 10.5 miles. This festival walk includes a stoppage along the route for walkers to enjoy their picnic. It also has planned visits to the gothic revival church of St Mary’s Eccleston. A visit to a replica of a Cruc Barn, and a visit to the family graveyard of the Westminster’s.
The river is serenely beautiful to walk along on this section of the Dee.
Minibus to & from Churton Village Hall.
Aldford Bridge

09.30 Whixall & Prees by Bus, Boat, Boots & Train

Malcolm Monie
4m 5.5h £7/5 + train + lunch
Minibus to Bettisfield; Shropshire Lady canal boat to Whixall Marina; walk along the Prees Branch Canal towards the Bull and Dog at Coton [pub lunch - order & pay on day]; walk to Prees; train back . Prees Branch Canal
2 places

09.50 Prees Heath to Whixall Marina Jean White & Dot Bishop

9m 6.5hh £4 + bus
Service bus 511 [10.07] [passes valid] to Prees Heath with its flowers and butterflies; from there we cross the A49 to walk along the Shropshire Way over fields to Steel Heath, Hollinwood and Roundthorn Bridge, then to Whixall Marina to sample their coffee and cakes. Mainly flat terrain with stiles. Minibus back at 16.00. No dogs.
Whixall Moss

10.45 Hobbies over the Moss

Lynn Shimwell
5m 5.5h £7/£5
Minibus to Dobson's Bridge; Shropshire Lady canal boat to Roundthorne Bridge; walk across the Moss with wildlife expert Stephen Barlow looking for hobbies, charismatic birds of prey that feed on dragonflies. No dogs.
1 place

11.15 Blackoe & back by Boat

Andy Fitton
4m 4h £5/£3
Walk to Blackoe Bridge eating lunch on walk; Shropshire Lady canal boat [14.00] to the Whitchurch Arm [arr about 3pm]. Walk back into Whitchurch.

12.00 Bus, Boat & Boots

Liza Willis
4m 4h £5/£3
Minibus to Roundthorne Bridge; Shropshire Lady canal boat [12.50] to Blackoe [13.50], Eat lunch on boat. Walk back to Whitchurch.

Morning walks - can be combined with afternoon walks - bring a drink [& snack]

08.50 Prees Circular Tony and Shiela Eccleston

5m 4h £2 + buses
A circular walk around Prees, seeing it from "the outside", exploring the lovely countryside and landmarks across rural Shropshire. Travel to Prees by service bus 511 at 09.07 and return at 12.35. [passes valid]


Afternoon walks - can be combined with morning walks - bring a drink

14.00 Ash & Ightfield

Dave Bragginton
5-6m 3.5h £2
A gentle walk starting in Ash Magna, skirting Brown Moss before making our way to Ightfield church and then returning to Ash Magna. Mostly fields and farm tracks with a small section on quiet lanes. The walk includes a small number of stiles.

Park and register at Ash Village Hall car park.

13.30 Brown Moss & Pig Nose Pies

Morgan Collinge
5m 3h £2
Following the Shropshire Way to navigate our way to the popular local pop up cafe “Chef in the Woods” where we will break for refreshment (pick up some famous Pig Nose pies) before continuing round the moss and heading back into Whitchurch.
Brown Moss is famous for its diverse ecosystem, with marshes and heathland giving way to woodland. Much has been done to help nature balance itself, with the management of invasive species.
We should be able to walk close to the pools all the way around, we will circumvent any flooded areas. There will be some walking on country lanes and some stiles over farmland.
The cafe does accept card but it may be wise to take some cash as well just in case.

Brown Moss 2022
Pig Nose Pies

Evening Activities

20.00 Folk Session

A lively session at The Archibald Worthington Club with local band Jigsmith and others. Bring instruments and voices, or just yourself. Bar.
No need to book - just come along

Sunday 15th May

08.35 Rail Ramble Wrenbury & Ossmere

Peter Stockbridge
8m 6h £3 + train
Taking the 08.51 train to Wrenbury, fare payable, we join the Llangollen Canal and walk along it to Marbury Lock. We then skirt Marbury, on fields and lanes, heading to Hollyhurst, then pass Oss Mere. We then return to town over fields and lanes, passing another mere and Brick Kiln Farm with beautiful views to the east, south and west. No dogs

Register at Whitchurch Station

09.00 Redcastle Round

Matthew Lanham
14m 7h £4
Minibus to and from Prees village car park. A pretty walk from the village of Prees across fields via Weston under Redcastle, Lee Brockhurst Hills, Soulton Wood and Soulton Hall.

5 places left

09.20 Three Counties plus

Helen Lea
8m 5h £4
A walk venturing into Wales and Cheshire via Wolvesacre, down to Llethr Mill and Grindley Brook, returning to town via Hinton and the golf course. No Dogs.

09.40 Boots and boat around Audlem Bev Boffey

5.5m 6h £4
Minibus to and from Audlem where the walk will include a journey of the Audlem Lass [£1 donation]. the lunch stop will be next to a pituresque duck pond and a community-owned pub.Audlem Church and a tea-room will also be visited.

2 places left
Morning walks - can be combined with afternoon walks - bring a drink

09.10 Stiles, Gates & Squeezes

Neil & Ann Moore
4+m 3.5h £3
A circular walk around the elevated village of Ash. Minibus out and back, walk to finish at White Lion, Ash for a drink. The group will visit the wonderful Melverley Meadows [Shropshire Wildlife Trust Nature Reserve] where they will meetSWT ambassador Peter McKeon for a short talk, Return minibus to Whitchurch at 13.30pm. No dogs [updated since leaflet printed].

09.30 Caldecott Walk Ellen Edwin-Scott 5m 3h £2

A walk and talk celebrating the life and works of local artist and illustrator Randolph Caldecott. It will pass Wirswall, where he lodged, his place of work, and some spots for his illustrations.

Afternoon walks - can be combined with morning walks - bring a drink

14.00 Alkington & Belton

Liza Willis
4m 2h £2

A stile-free walk using part of the Belton Bracer and other gated paths. Belton

14.15 Flora & Fauna

Malcolm Monie
3m 2h £2
Circular walk including Whitchurch Waterway Country Park, Llangollen Canal, Danson's Wood and Greenfields Local Nature Reserve looking for spring flowers and other wildlife. No stiles but some slopes and steps.

16.30-17.30 Final Get-together

1h free
Meet at The Archibald Worthington Club for tea or coffee and complimentary light refreshments. Or try something stronger - the bar will be open! Archibald Worthington Club


Whitchurch, Shropshire, England