Wellington Walking Festival

The Wellington Walking Festival features 30 events ranging from gentle strolls to a strenuous 14 mile walk, with something to suit everyone.

Wellington, England
From September 11 to
September 17, 2023
7 days
/ 30 routes
mainly Adult (40-60)
Difficult Levels: Hard, Moderate, Easy
Organizer type: Association
Wellington Walkers are Welcome


Wellington Walking Festival



Easy: length may vary but terrain mainly flat
Moderate: includes some hills and some rough ground
Strenuous: may be rough underfoot, ascents and descents may be steep.

Monday 12th September

1. Telford T50 Day 1 Wellington to Oakengates

(Return by bus or train)
Presenting the opportunity to walk the entire T50 over 5 stages, or just the individual stages if desired. Bring packed lunch.
Estimated return time in Wellington 16:00.
Moderate 10 miles. Led by Naomi Wrighton.
Meet at 10:00, Wellington Leisure Centre, TF1 1LX

2. Hadley Park and the Guillotine Locks

A circular walk to Hadley Park via Apley and Leegomery, to visit the restored Hadley Guillotine Locks. Bring drink & snack.
Return time in Wellington 13:30.
Moderate 6 miles. Led by Pam Hill.
Meet at 10:00, Wellington Leisure Centre, TF1 1LX

3. The Wrekin - The Rough Way (revised)

A strenuous walk on minor paths, passing limekilns, old tramways and mines, crossing 4 hills of The Wrekin Forest with a surprise encounter on the return. Steep ascents and descents - good boots and walking pole strongly recommended. Bring packed lunch.
Strenuous 9-10 miles. 6-7 hours. Led by Malcolm Skelton.
Meet at 10:00, Wellington Leisure Centre, TF1 1LX

4. Bowring Park - Bowring Walkers  NEW

A local walk from Bowring Park, possibly with a few gradients, steps, or uneven ground. This group have a walk every Monday finishing
with tea/coffee at the café.
Easy. 4 miles. Led by Bowring Walkers.
Meet at 10:50 for 11:00 start.
Outside the Bowring Park Cafe, TF1 1QX

Tuesday 13th September

5. Slow Ways Shrewsbury to Wellington NEW

To mark WWAW's association with this ongoing national project, walk this Slow Ways route, using the Shropshire Way, old and new. Bring packed lunch. Buy one way ticket.
Estimated return time in Wellington 16:30.
Strenuous 13 miles. (some stiles) Led by Pam Hill.
Meet at 09:00 for the 09:10 train to Shrewsbury
Platform 2 Wellington Railway Station. TF1 1PY

6. Telford T50 Day 2 Oakengates to Telford Town Park

(Return by bus)
Stage 2 of 5 for the T50. Bring packed lunch.
Estimated return time in Wellington 17:00.
Strenuous 14 miles. Led by Naomi Wrighton.
Meet at 09:30 for the 09:36 bus 4 to Oakengates
Wellington Bus Station. TF1 1PS

7. Bus Walk and Vineyard - Wellington to Rodington

A chance to visit our local vineyard.
Join this flat walk on field paths and lanes followed by a tour and sampling at the vineyard. Bring a packed lunch and bus fare / pass for
the return journey.
Estimated return time in Wellington 16.30.
Moderate 6 miles (some stiles). Led by Jean Escott.
Start 10:30, Wellington Leisure Centre, TF1 1LX

8. History / Bat Walk in Dothill LNR

Starting with a tour visiting 4 historic sites discussing the history of the Park from the Domesday Book to the 20 century and finishing with a
walk around the lake looking for bats. You will require strong footwear but the walk will be easy. Bring a torch.
Easy 1-2 miles, Approximately 2 hours. Led by Friends of Dothill LNR.
Start at 19:00, outside Dothill Primary School,
Severn Drive, TF1 3JB

Wednesday 14th September

9. Telford T50 Day 3 Telford Town Park to Ironbridge

(Return by bus)
Stage 3 of 5 for the T50. Bring packed lunch.
Estimated return time in Wellington 16:30.
Strenuous 10.5 miles. Led by Naomi Wrighton.
Meet at 09:30 for the 09:36 bus 4 to Telford
Wellington Bus Station. TF1 1PS

10. Rail Ramble - Shifnal Circular  NEW

In collaboration with the Mid Wales & Marches Rail Rambles (www.railrambles.org), explore the undulating area of Wesley Brook,
visiting Ryton and Grindleforge.
Booking preferred.
Bring a packed lunch. Book off peak day return.
Return on 15:41 from Shifnal to arrive 15:55 in Wellington.
Moderate 9 miles. Led by Jean Bell and Pam Hill.
Meet at 09:50 for the 10:00 train to Shifnal
Platform 1 Wellington Railway Station. TF1 1PY

11. The Eco Trail and Garden at Denso

A return walk and tour of the Eco Trail and Gardens at DENSO Manufacturing on Hortonwood, Constructed by DENSO associates in
conjunction with local schools and wildlife trusts, an example of corporate environmental conservation in the local community. Enjoy a slice of pizza from the wood fired oven and try your hand at wax candle making.
Start from Wellington for the full walk, or join us at Leegomery Community Centre for a shorter alternative.
Moderate 9 miles from Wellington, or 4 miles from Leegomery, including the tour.
Estimated finish time in Wellington 15:30, or Leegomery 14:30.
Led by Malcolm Skelton.
Meet at 10:00, Wellington Leisure Centre, TF1 1LX, or 10:45 at Leegomery Community Centre, TF1 6NA

12. Listed Properties of Wellington NEW

A guided tour of some of Wellingtons listed properties with Wellington History Group.
Easy 2-3 miles. Approximately 2.5 hours. Led by Wendy Palin.
Start 10:30, Wellington Leisure Centre, TF1 1LX

13. Film - Wellington Orbit presents “23 Walks” NEW

Including an interview with the director, Paul Morrison.
A couple in their sixties get to know one another during their walks with their dogs. Stars Alison Steadman and David Johns.
2 Showings - Film start 14:30 and 19:00.
Full details and booking at www.wellingtonorbit.co.uk
Wellington Orbit, 1 Station Road, Wellington. TF1 1BY

Thursday 15th September

14. Discover Sunnycroft NEW

Walk to Sunnycroft, returning via Bowring Park.
Free guided tour of this fascinating house steeped in local history and life through the 20th century, followed by a talk in the historic Halliday conservatory. NT members please bring your membership card.
Easy 2 miles, 2.5 hours. Led by Eve Clevenger & Sunnycroft Guide.
Meet at 10:00, Wellington Leisure Centre, TF1 1LX.

15. Discovering Larkin's Wellington: Tracing the Poet in Residence NEW

Philip Larkin, one of the greatest British literary figures of the twentieth century, was Wellington's librarian between 1943 and 1946. Come and discover the local haunts of the poet in residence during the most prolific period of his career, as we celebrate 'Larkin Day' - part of a national, year-long series of events in the centenary of his birth.
Easy 1-2 miles, Approximately 2 hours. Led by Marc Petty.
Meet at 10:30, outside All Saints Parish Church, TF1 1AP.

16. Thomas Parker - Madeley / Coalbrookdale circular NEW

As part of Heritage Open Days F
A circular walk visiting places linked with Thomas Parker, inventor of the world’s first electric car. Bring packed lunch.
Free parking by the Police Station, or 09:48 bus 4 from Wellington to Madeley is suitable.
Moderate 7.5 miles. 4-5 Hours. Led by Naomi Wrighton.
Meet at 11:00, outside The Anstice, Madeley Centre,

17. Attingham Estate - What could this space become?

Join us to explore beyond the normal visitor route to the wider Attingham Park estate where we will consider what the space has been and could become in future years.
Entry price £5 (Free to NT members with membership card) which will also allow entry to Attingham mansion and grounds.
Easy 3 miles (approximate), 2 hours. Led by Alison Hulme.
Meet at 14:00, Attingham Park Visitor Reception , SY4
4TP, then onward travel to the walk start.

Friday 16th September

18. Telford T50 Day 4 Ironbridge to Wellington

Stage 4 of 5 for the T50. Bring packed lunch.
Estimated return time in Wellington 16:00
Very Strenuous 12 miles. Led by Naomi Wrighton.
Meet at 08:30 for the 08:36 bus 4 to Telford, then 9:30 bus 8 to Ironbridge Wellington Bus Station. TF1 1PS

19. Admaston Circular via Longdon on Tern

A mainly flat walk on lanes and fields paths. Includes 16 stiles (a few awkward to cross). Bring packed lunch.
Moderate 10 miles. 5-6 hours. Led by Sheila Jones.
Meet at 10:00, Admaston overflow car park, TF5 0BN

20. Urban Commons of Hadley and Ketley

A leisurely walk that meanders through the green and blue infrastructure of Hadley and Ketley to show that you don't need to travel to the countryside to discover interesting wildlife and places to relax. Good paths and some road walking. Steps on Paddock Mound.
Moderate 6 miles, 3 hours. Led by Chris Hogarth.
Meet at 13:30, Outside Tesco, Hadley, TF1 5NF.

21. Creative Writing on The Weald Moors NEW

Meet at Kynnersley Post Box for a circular walk to Buttery Farm during which there will be writing stops and a chance to polish and share your
work with the group if you wish to at the end.
Easy 2.5 miles, 2.5 hours. Led by Hermione Sandall.
Meet at 14:00, Kynnersley Post Box, TF6 6DY

Saturday 17th September

22. T50 (almost) to Little Wenlock then return by the

Shropshire Way - Part of the Shropshire Way Festival F
Includes the steep side of both Little Hill and The Wrekin.
Bring a packed lunch to eat by a pool in Little Wenlock.
Very Strenuous 12.5 miles, 6 hours. Led by Malcolm Skelton.
Meet at 10:00, Wellington Leisure Centre, TF1 1LX.

23. Oakengates to Lilleshall (Return by Bus) NEW

Follow the T50 to Lilleshall Monument where we stop for a picnic lunch before catching the 2:35 bus back to Oakengates.
Bring packed lunch and bus fare / pass.
Moderate 6 miles, 5 hours. Led by Greg Vernon.
Meet at 10:00, Bottom of steps, Oakengates Theatre Car Park.

24. Wellington Ways - Circular Walk

Using a combination of the Telford T50, Hutchison Way, Ironbridge
Way, and the Perry Way.
Bring a packed lunch.
Moderate 10 miles, 5 hours. Led by Jean Escott.
Meet at 10:15, Wellington Leisure Centre, TF1 1LX

25. Walking the Industrial History around Broseley

Join Broseley Walkers are Welcome to explore 10 points of interest in and around Broseley. The walk gives a good introduction to this
fascinating early industrial town and Gerry Foxall's mining sculptures. Pavements, quiet lanes, bridleways and fields. Toilets mid-way at Maws
Craft Centre.
Moderate 4 miles. 2 hours. Ascent 400 ft. Led by Pete Welch.
Meet at 10:30, Broseley Library Car Park (Free), Bridgnorth
Road, Broseley, TF12 5EQ or 09:30 Bus 8 from Telford Town Centre (arrives 10:16)

26. Nordic Walking in Apley Woods

Learn the techniques of Nordic Walking in the splendid setting of Apley Woods. No previous experience needed. Equipment supplied.
Easy 1 hour. Led by Bev McCarthy.
Meet at 14:00, Iron Horse Gate on Peregrine Way, TF1 6TH

Sunday 18th September

27. Hutchison Way to Telford (Return by Bus or Train)

Follow the first part of this cross-Telford route through ancient woodlands and re-natured industrial areas, to the modern landscape of
Telford Centre. Bring a packed lunch.
Moderate 8 miles, 5 hours. Led by Christine Jay.
Meet at 10:30, Wellington Leisure Centre, TF1 1LX.

28. A Walk in The Park NEW

Join us for a Sunday morning stroll around the sites and features of Telford Town Park. Park at Brown Elm car park, or 09:38 bus 4 from Wellington to Telford is suitable.
Easy 1.5 hours. Led by Andy Bunn, Friends of Telford Town Park.
Meet at 10:30, Outside Telford Library, Southwater Square,

29. All Around The Wrekin to find The Ercall NEW

A well know local saying, but have you ever tried it? Join us as we skirt around our famous hill before reaching and ascending The Ercall.
Bring packed lunch.
Strenuous 10 miles. 5 hours. Led by Malcolm Skelton.
Meet at 11:00, Wellington Leisure Centre, TF1 1LX

30. Our regular “3rd Sunday of the month” walk

Telford T50 Day 5 Wellington Circular
The final stage of the T50 for those who have been doing the full route, but open to all as our regular 3rd Sunday walk.
A circular walk through Dothill, Apley and Leegomery.
Moderate 4.5 miles. Led by Naomi Wrighton.
Meet at 14:00, Wellington Leisure Centre, TF1 1LX.

Wellington, England


Wellington Walking Festival

Please Note: Whilst all walking events are free, donations would be very gratefully received to help defray the cost of the festival and the ongoing work of the Wellington Walkers Are Welcome group. Suggested donation £2.00 per adult per walk.


Wellington Walking Festival

Terms and Conditions
Do not attend if you, or anyone in your household, has Covid 19 symptoms. Please observe Covid regulations in force at the time of the event.

The organising agencies have checked the routes and identified hazards. It is the responsibility of the individual to check that the walk is suitable for their walking ability and that they attend at the start of the walk for the briefing. Everyone should wear appropriate footwear and clothing.
Some of the walks are on steep hills and near potential hazards. Please ensure you are ready to start walking at the stated time.
Assistance dogs welcome. Other well-behaved dogs only by prior agreement with the leader.
The organisers of the Festival reserve the right to alter the programme without prior notice. The details in this programme are believed to be correct at the time of going to press.
Any changes will be reflected in the on-line events, and communicated to those who have booked.
No liability will be accepted for loss or injury that occurs as a result of taking part in any walk.
To book, visit: www.wellingtonwalkersarewelcome.org.uk (select Events, then All Events )
In case of difficulty, please email: info@wellingtonwalkersarewelcome.org.uk or phone: 01952 740287
Please arrive at least 10 minutes before the given start