Wandelvierdaagse Eerbeek

The four routes of Wandelvierdaagse Eerbeek show the beautiful varied landscape of the Eerbeek area: from the forest route on the first day, the Loenen meadows and heath on the second day to the farmland scenery of Hall on the third day. The fourth day is traditionally dominated by the village of Eerbeek and the entry with the Eerbeek Fair as the end point.

Eerbeek, Netherlands
From May 30 to
June 2, 2023
4 days
/ 12 routes
Difficult Levels: Moderate, Easy
Gifts & Awards: Certification / Medals
Stichting Wandel4Daagse Eerbeek
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Wandelvierdaagse Eerbeek

Forest route towards Laag Soeren

June 13, 2022

Start time: Between 5.30 pm and 6.30 pm

Location: Swimming pool Coldenhove

The first day we start at the Coldenhove swimming pool. 
From the swimming pool we walk through the grounds of Neenah Coldenhove to the van Vreeswijklaan. Here the routes split.
The 7.5 km and 10 km turn right into a forest path. This path is followed for a long way before turning left and crossing the Imboschweg.
Then the route heads towards a moor near the Schaapsallee where the peace and quiet is .
The 5 km goes straight on towards Coldenhovenseweg to turn right there.
After about two hundred meters the route turns left into the forest.
Via various hilly forest paths, the route also leads to the heathland where the routes come together again.
After the rest, the routes go via various forest paths towards the Doonweg.
The 10 km makes an extra loop in the direction of Harderwijkerweg and then also ends up on the Doonweg.
Via the Doonweg and Karel van Gelreweg you walk back to the swimming pool where the finish is.

orest route towards Loenen

June 14, 2022

Start time: Between 5.30 pm and 6.30 pm
Location: Coldenhove swimming pool start office

The start is at the Coldenhove swimming pool . From the swimming pool we walk via the Molenbeekpad and the path along the stream towards the Molenbeek estate. Via Kerstensmolentje we go to the former swimming pool of hotel Zilven, and then arrive at a part of the clog path in Loenen. Here the 5 km goes via the clog path towards the Imbosweg where the rest is. The 7.5 km and the 10 km go in the direction of De Laak, to arrive at the Bruisbeek via the Imbosweg and a private path. The route leads to tranquility via the Dalenk.

After the rest we continue via the Imbosweg. At the transition from asphalt road to dirt road, the routes split again. The 5 km and the 7.5 km go via beautiful forest paths back to the Coldenhove swimming pool where the finish is. The 10 km continues along the Imbosweg and turns right at a picnic bench. Via a heath and a beautiful grass path we cross the Imbosweg again and it also goes towards the swimming pool to rejoin the 5 km route.

Route Hall

June 15, 2022

Start time: Between 5.30 pm and 6.30 pm
Location: Natural camping site Het Hallse Hull in Hall

The start is at Natuurkampeerterrein Het Hallse Hull on the Hallseweg.
Call: come to the starting point by bike as much as possible.
There is enough storage space. There are limited parking spaces for the cars.

The walkers will follow beautiful routes on the Leusveld estate, both on paved and unpaved paths. It is customary to welcome the walkers with music at the resting place, but this is not appropriate in this beautiful nature reserve.
The 5 km route goes from the start over the cycle path along the Hallseweg to Het Hallsepad. Through this winding narrow cycle path, the walkers arrive at the Kaniestraat where the peace is. After the break, the route continues through Kaniestraat. After approx. 300m the route turns right to pass through various beautiful forest paths behind the hunting lodge dating from 1911.
You then leave the Leusveld via various wide sandy paths and a private path at the Kaniestraat
. Along this path you can admire a stork's nest and a beautifully landscaped pool.
The route continues on Kikvorssenstraat, Hogestraat and Hallseweg to return to Natuurkampeerterrein Het Hallse Hull.
The 7.5 km and the 10 km route makes an extra loop through the Leusveld with the option of visiting the “Uutkiek” (a lookout point
behind a wildlife screen).
To do this, hikers have to deviate a little bit from the route.
A beautiful view over the Turfveen, with a variety of birds.
The 10 km route makes an extra loop immediately after the start.
The walkers soon cross the Hallseweg, into the Zwarteweg.
Here follows a varied route along meadows and streams, via a Nordic Walking route.
You leave this post route at the Vosstraat to rejoin the other walkers on the Hallsepad via the Kikvorsenstraat and the Liudgerpad.

Round Eerbeek

June 16, 2022

Start time: 10 km from 5.30 pm to 6.00 pm

Start time: 7.5 km from 5.45 pm to 6.15 pm

Start time: 5 km from 6:00 PM to 6:30 PM

Location: Bandstand (near the Korenmolen)


The start is from the bandstand.
From there everyone walks to the Korenmolen past the watermill over the bridge and then towards Huis te Eerbeek. The 7.5 km and 10 km go through a nice loop through a part of Eerbeek's heritage: the Webersbos.
The 5 km takes the short road and soon ends up at the Smeestraat. There all routes come together again and we continue together via the Boerenstraat, Groeneweg and finally the Wedinkerf. Many farmyards of Eerbeek are visited. The route then goes via the Ringlaan to the Horsterdijk. Here we can enjoy the rural surroundings of Eerbeek. We cross the railway and enter the Lombokweg until the exit at the Tormentilpad.
The Tormentilpad runs for 5 km to the Kattedoorn. The 10 km runs via the Schotpoortweg, the Bremweg and then further along the Lombokweg and Weverweg to the Ringlaan. From the Ringlaan, the route goes via Stuifzand to the Honingraat and via the Bijenkorf and Kraaiheide to the Gaspeldoorn to reconnect with the other routes.
We cross the Ringlaan and via the Händelstraat we arrive at the club site of Last Gear and ETTV.
Here is the rest and the medals and walking diplomas can be picked up.

Entry and final parade
After the break, the participants can line up for the arrival and the parade.
The drafting will take place this year, like other years, in Handelstraat.
Here, markings are made on/next to the road with indications where the participants should stand.
The music bands will also line up here.
For this purpose, Händelstraat will be closed to all traffic from Ringlaan to the intersection with Brahmstraat. The entry will start at 19.45 and we walk via Brahmsstraat and Beethovenstraat to Loenenseweg.
This is crossed and via Rembrandtlaan, Huijgenslaan and P. Zeemanstraat we arrive at Oranje Nassauplein. The entry continues via W. Einthovenstraat, Bernstein, Groeneweg and Boerenstraat to the Derickxkamp.
The parade will be held here at the De Beekwal location of Riwis Zorg en Welzijn.
The entry traditionally ends at the Eerbeekse Kermis.

Eerbeek, Netherlands


Wandelvierdaagse Eerbeek

After the rest
, the Wandel4daagse Eerbeek could not continue for two years because of the Corona measures. Fortunately, the Wandel4daagse Eerbeek can start again this year. It promises to be a party as usual.
Enjoy beautiful walks of 5, 7.5 or 10 km through the beautiful surroundings of Eerbeek.
During the breaks and the entry, the walkers are of course pleasantly accompanied by various bands and a DJ.
Refreshments and drinks are also available for everyone.

Please note the routes are not accessible for wheelchair users and pushchairs/buggies.
And dogs are allowed, if on a leash, at your own responsibility.

De Wandel4Daagse Eerbeek is not only for school-age children, but also for adults, the elderly and holidaymakers.
Anyone who wants to enjoy nature and conviviality while walking can register until June 5 at www.4-daagse-eerbeek.nl .

Day registration is also possible.
On holiday in Eerbeek and also want to join us for one or two days? Or 4 days is just too much?
Even then it is possible to enjoy the beautiful routes in the Eerbeek and Loenen nature by registering for the relevant walking day at the registration booth at the starting location.

The primary schools receive separate information about registrations, which will go completely digital from this year.


1. The Wandel4Daagse Eerbeek (hereinafter W4D Eerbeek) is organized by the Wandel4Daagse Eerbeek Foundation located in Eerbeek (hereinafter referred to as the organization) and falls under the auspices of the KWBN walking sports organisation.
The Board of the Foundation determines the participation regulations. The Wandel4Daagse Eerbeek Foundation is registered with the Chamber of Commerce under number 73908819.

2. The W4D Eerbeek is a walking performance tour without any competitive element. Participation is voluntary and at your own risk. The participant waives in advance all claims that he could make against the organization due to damage caused by whatever causes and indemnifies the organization against all claims that may be the result of participation. This also applies to secondary activities at the start and finish or en route along the route.

3. The participant declares that he is aware of and agrees with the regulations upon registration.

4. Registration takes place exclusively in the manner and under the conditions determined by the organization.

5. The registration is strictly personal and non-transferable. If participation is waived, there is no right to a refund of the registration fee.

6. The distance to be walked and the reward to be obtained are also strictly personal and non-transferable.

7. Starting the walking route is only allowed after getting a start clip/stamp at the start office.

8. Walking or marching means moving forward in such a way that the feet are in constant contact with the ground and the body weight is alternately transferred from the left or right leg. Speed ​​walking and moving in stride is not allowed.

9. Nordic Walking is allowed at all walking distances. At the joint resting points and at points where the routes intersect or meet, the walking poles must be held in a vertical position so that no injury can occur to other participants.

10. Running is not allowed for the participants of the W4D Eerbeek.

11. Passing is only allowed if this does not cause any hindrance to other participants.

12. The participant must follow the route indicated for him or her.

13. Pets (dogs) are allowed during the W4D, provided they are kept on a lead and insofar as they do not pose a danger or nuisance to other participants. The organization does not facilitate supplies to allow dogs to walk the route. Participants must take care of this themselves (think of material to cross cattle grids). The organization also does not adjust routes for participants with dogs who experience problems during the route: bringing pets is at your own risk and the organization is not responsible for their participation.

14. Participants of the W4D Eerbeek are expected to master the sport and can never hold the organization liable for sports injuries as a result of their participation.

15. The use of transport and/or aids is only permitted if the necessity arises from a physical disability of the participant, and must be reported upon registration. Whether or not the means of transport is allowed is at the sole discretion of the organization. In such cases, the organization cannot be held liable for imperfections resulting from the use of these means of transport. Electronic or motorized means of transport are not allowed.

16. Participants who must receive special medication or facilities in the event of an emergency or calamity are obliged to carry this with them in the form of a medical passport clearly visible to the emergency services.

17. During the W4D Eerbeek, participants are not allowed to:
– behave or dress offensively;
– carry loudly playing radios or other sound carriers;
– to cause destruction, damage or injury;
– be outside the indicated roads and/or paths;
– leave waste outside the designated containers;
– to cause nuisance to other participants, the public or the environment.
Violation of these rules may lead to exclusion from further participation in the W4D Eerbeek. The participant or his or her legal representative is liable for any damage caused by the participant during the W4D Eerbeek.
The organization of the W4D Eerbeek is in no way liable for damage caused by a participant in the W4D Eerbeek.

18. Instructions from the organisation, the police and other employees must be followed. The 1994 Road Traffic Act and the 1990 Traffic Rules and Signs Regulations remain in full force and effect during the W4D Eerbeek, unless expressly stated otherwise.

19. At the end of each walking day, the individual participants and/or group guide must report to the start office before the set end time and pick up the start card for the next day. Participants who are not logged out will be deemed to have dropped out. This rule means that a participant who does not participate in all FOUR days is not entitled to a medal.

20. Violation of the provisions of or pursuant to these regulations may lead to exclusion from further participation.

21. In full in Article 19, it is possible as a participant to join the W4D Eerbeek for one, two or three days by means of day registration. Day registrations do not entitle you to a medal or other tangible memory from the organization.

21. With the registration, the participant agrees to the possible use by the organization of his personal details and/or his image in print, on photo, film, video and the like, for promotional or informational purposes of the W4D Eerbeek, without compensation can be claimed.

22. The organization is in no way responsible or (financially) liable for accidents and/or illness of participants and damage or loss of property.

23. The organization reserves the right to change the route, start and/or finish times and/or places or to cancel the W4D Eerbeek in whole or in part due to extreme weather conditions or other calamities, whereby this is not otherwise reasonably can be expected from the organization. In that case, there is no right to a refund of the registration fee.

24. In all cases not provided for in these regulations, the organization will decide.