Wandel4daagse Lieser

The Lieserpfad is considered one of the most beautiful hiking trails in the Eifel. It runs from Boxberg in the Vulkaneifel to the town of Lieser on the Moselle. A total length of approximately 74 kilometers.

The Lieserpfad follows the river Lieser, which rises in Boxberg and flows into Lieser on the Moselle. At the beginning, the Lieser is still a “narrow” stream, further on it becomes a river. The Lieserpfad is walked in 4 stages during this journey. The entire trip on the Lieserpad is extremely varied and leads along beautiful slopes with narrow paths, through forests over wider paths, bridges over the Lieser, steep slopes but also flatter parts.

The area is almost free of cars and railway lines. Beautiful nature and beautiful views guaranteed. You definitely have to climb a few times. In this way you walk down along the Lieser and you have to climb a lot to get over the hilltop. The height differences are 100 to 250 meters. It is easy to do but recommended for the more experienced walker.

Lieser, Deutschland
From June 26 to
June 29, 2023
4 days
/ 4 routes
Difficult Levels: Hard, Moderate
Lodging: Lodging Included
Organizer type: Local Company


Wandel4daagse Lieser

Day 1. Departure from the Netherlands. Arrival at Hotel in the Eifel.
short walk in the vicinity of the Hotel.
Day 2. Between Boxberg and Daun. A journey of 15 km in 3.5 – 4.5 hours.
Day 3. Between Daun and Manderscheid. A route of 18 km in 4 – 5 hours.
Day 4. Between Manderscheid and Wittlich. A trail of 23 km in 6 – 7 hours.
Day 5. Between Wittlich and Lieser. A stage of 18 km in 3.5 – 4.5 hours.
Day 6. Walking along the Wilden Endert. Return journey 2 p.m. to the Netherlands

6 day Bus/Walking trip “along the Lieser”
Travel date: Sunday 25 June to Friday 30 June 2023
Every day you will be taken to the starting location and brought back to your hotel.

Lieser, Deutschland


Wandel4daagse Lieser

Hotel: ***Hotel Heidsmühle in Manderscheid (Eifel)
Price: € 645,= pp. Hotel + HP
Surcharge: € 95,= pp. for a single room

Boarding: In Hoorn, Amsterdam-Sloterdijk, Utrecht, Breda, Nederweert, Maastricht.
When Hotel Heidsmühle is full, you will be accommodated in another Hotel in Manderscheid.

You can register by downloading the registration form  , printing it out and submitting it to stg. Sports walking school, Houtzagmolen 50, 1622 HG in Hoorn.
You can also scan and send it by e-mail.