Wandel4daagse Heino

Het Dorpshuus Foundation organizes its annual Wandel4daagse Heino . The fanatic walkers can participate in this four-day walking tour again.

Heino, Netherlands
From May 16 to
May 19, 2022
4 days
Difficult Levels: Moderate, Easy
Organizer type: Association
Dorpshuus Heino foundation


Wandel4daagse Heino

For the 10 kilometers you can start between 6 pm and 6.45 pm at Het Dorpshuus. For the 2.5 and 5 kilometers you can start from 18:00. Participants can choose to walk every day a route of 2.5 kilometers, 5 kilometers or a route of 10 kilometers that goes somewhere different each time. The walkers will also receive a snack along the way and the walkers will be welcomed with music at Het Dorpshuus on the last day. After the walk you can buy a delicious cup of coffee.

Heino, Netherlands


Wandel4daagse Heino

Cost per person for 4 walking days

Pre-registration: € 5,-

After that € 6,-


Wandel4daagse Heino


The Walking 4-Day Heino is organized by the Dorpshuus Heino foundation. The foundation is affiliated with the Koninklijke Wandel Bond Nederland (KWBN) The first tour was organized in 2007 and with the support of sponsors and volunteers this event has grown into an annual event.


Here are some rules that have been drawn up by the organization to ensure that the walking day runs as smoothly and above all as safely as possible:

  • Before the start, first go through the rules with the children.
  • Make sure that other traffic can also use the road. Therefore walk with no more than 2 people next to each other!
  • Stay together as a group.
  • Within built-up areas you walk on the sidewalk. Outside the built-up area you walk to the left of the road.
  • Do not walk in ditches and verges.
  • Leave the branches on the trees and shrubs and do not pick flowers.
  • When crossing a road, the escort checks whether the road is clear. Then the whole group crosses at the same time.
  • If participants do not follow the rules after repeated warnings, you can be banned from further participation. The participant will not receive a medal.
  • It will not start in the event of a thunderstorm. In case of thunderstorms on the way you look for a safe shelter. Never hide under a tree.
  • You take your waste with you and do not throw it in nature!
  • Don't start in the same place with large groups of children
  •  Stimulate to let the groups 7 and 8 run the 10 km
  •  Mandatory sign in and out
  • Guidance divided among the groups walking. So not all supervision together so that there is no supervision of the children.