Wandel4daagse Haarlem

The Wandel4daagse Haarlem is an annual event during the Ascension weekend. Four days through the most beautiful areas of South Kennemerland.
Experience the wonder of walking in an environment that naturally attracts attention.

Haarlem, Netherlands
From June 6 to
June 9, 2023
4 days
Difficult Levels: Hard, Moderate, Easy


Wandel4daagse Haarlem


For 2022, the four-day event will be held from Thursday 26 May to Sunday 29 May.

Hiking through National Park Zuid-Kennemerland

The Haarlem four-day walking tour will again this year run through the Zuid-Kennemerland National Park. Dune up, dune down, through the forest and open dune. Hear the woodpecker drumming, see the Scottish highlanders graze. That is National Park Zuid-Kennemerland! Natuurmonumenten, PWN and Staatsbosbeheer welcome you here. This dune area is the widest in the Netherlands: 5 kilometers from the beach to the inner dune edge! Old dune forests, country estates, open dunes, wet valleys, drifting dunes: the view is different every kilometer. Here you will encounter many special plants and animals. On flowers you will encounter the small fire butterfly. In open sand, the sand lizard will whiz away at your feet. And listen too: the nightingales and larks are singing loudly. In the area you can encounter free-living cattle and horses. Always keep your distance. Never feed or pet. Dogs are not allowed in the National Park on the routes of the Haarlem Walking Four Days Marches. More ideas for walks can be found at www.np-zuidkennemerland.nl.

Haarlem walking 4 days again through Duin and Kruidberg It is – if I do say so myself – the most beautiful dune area in the Netherlands! The dune area offers a wide variety for sporty walkers. Want to make more miles? Going for a quick walk on wide flat paths or more technical with differences in height? Hardened or loose sand? Long flat stretches or steep climbs? You can make it as challenging as you want. And most importantly: fresh air, beautiful surroundings. To enjoy! National Park: special Duin en Kruidberg is part of the Zuid-Kennemerland National Park. What makes the area so special? It is a large contiguous nature reserve. Enclosed by buildings and the sea. Close to many people, and yet you can get the feeling of 'get away from it all' for a while. You can walk, cycle, horseback ride, play, swimming, running and enjoying the varied landscape, the plants and animals. Because one of the nice things about this area is that you go up and down dunes. And from every dune top you have a different view. Sometimes you look out over a dune valley with rare orchids, then you hear nightingales singing or you walk through an old estate forest with beautiful avenues. That is National Park Zuid-Kennemerland. Support nature The route of the Haarlem walking4daagse runs through one of the most beautiful National Parks in the Netherlands. Beautiful nature and cultural history that offers space to walk long distances and challenge yourself. Nature lets you live. That is why Natuurmonumenten protects and strengthens nature in the Netherlands. We do this on behalf of, but especially with all Dutch people who love nature. Join us and support nature! Become a member or make an additional voluntary donation! .

The distances of the Wandel4Daagse Haarlem are: 10, 15, 20, 25, 30 and 40 kilometers per day.
The walkers depart from the same starting location every day, but follow a different route every day.
It is possible to switch distances in the meantime. Inquire about the possibilities in good time at the start.

All distances of the Wandel4Daagse Haarlem are recognisably marked. The choice of six distances makes the event particularly accessible and accessible to almost everyone. From recreational to performance walkers where Nordic walkers also follow the same route. There is a special team arrangement for companies where employees can board via the relay model

Haarlem, Netherlands


Wandel4daagse Haarlem

The costs are € 39.00. Look at registration in the menu. Pre-registration is possible until May 15. After that you can only register afterwards. But you can also register daily at the starting location. Members of the KWBN and the SGWB are entitled to a discount. Discount Children up to and including 15 yrs. € 5.00 per day.

From Wednesday afternoon 25 May at 4.30 pm to 6 pm in the Kennemer Center in Haarlem. But also daily during the Wandel4daagse Haarlem. Late registration costs € 10.00 per day without additional costs.


Wandel4daagse Haarlem

The first two days it is not possible to bring your pet (dog). After a few kilometers the routes go through the nature reserves of PWN, Natuurmonumenten, Staatsbosbeheer and Waternet (Amsterdamse Waterleidingduinen), where it is forbidden to bring pets.

The Sports Walking School has a partnership with Stof Wisselkracht. "Around 800 children are diagnosed with a metabolic disease every year. A large proportion of these children die before their 18th birthday. A metabolic disease can also suddenly manifest itself in adulthood.

Metabolic force raises funds for research into metabolic diseases in a sporty and original way.
Metabolic force combines the strengths of patients, parents and those involved, who jointly fight against metabolic diseases.
Metabolic force does not employ people or other paid employees, but consists of temporary working groups of varying composition around actions and events.
Metabolic force does not have an office, but works according to the principles of The New Way of Working and from 'the cloud' and tries to get all costs sponsored, but that is not always possible. The revenues and expenses of each event are public, because we believe in transparency.
Fabric magazine has the  ANBI status. Donations to Metabolic Power can be deducted in whole or in part from the tax. So you can donate more with the same money, because the tax authorities also pay!"