Walking Festival Primavera – Isola del Giglio

Isola del Giglio, Italy
From April 16 to
May 29, 2022
/ 23 routes
Difficult Levels: Moderate, Easy
Landscape: Coast
Special Interest: Geology, Nature
Organizer type: Conservancy Board
Parco Nazionale Arcipelago Toscano
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Walking Festival Primavera – Isola del Giglio


Full moon at the Capel Rosso

April 16, 2022

Free evening excursion to admire the Full Moon at Capel Rosso. Departure from Giglio Castello, transfer by own means to the end of the panoramic road: from here you will continue on foot to the rocks of Punta di Capel Rosso, from where you can admire the sunset to the west and the rising of the full moon to the east. At the end, return to Giglio Castello. Meeting point: 7 pm Piazza Gloriosa, Giglio Castello - Duration 2 hours - Difficulty: easy.

Spring colors and scents

April 17, 2022

Free excursion to the central part of the Giglio Island, from Giglio Castello to Giglio Campese, through the Bosco del Dolce, immersed in the scents of spring blooms and Mediterranean perennials. The Park Guide will accompany the participants in a sensory immersion focused on sight and smell, to fully experience the benefits of physical and mental contact with nature. Packed lunch. Meeting: 10 am Giglio Castello bus stop— Duration: 6 hours - Difficulty: medium.

Spontaneous Mediterranean plants: uses and traditions in the Tuscan Archipelago

April 18, 2022

Free excursion on foot southwards, from Giglio Castello, to discover the spontaneous Mediterranean plants in the island territory, correlating medicinal uses, typical culinary traditions and uses in general, common in the islands of the Archipelago. Packed lunch. After lunch, return on foot to Giglio Castello, free poster for all participants. Meeting: 10:00 Giglio Castello, Piazza Gloriosa - Duration: 6 Hours - Difficulty: easy - by reservation, free.

Minerals and crystals, treasures of beauty

April 25, 2022

Free trekking which, from Giglio Campese, will reach the Faraglione and then the Cala dei Pozzarelli. We are located in the Franco Promontory, where the greatest variety of minerals on the island is represented. Identification and recognition of the minerals present, stories and beliefs about the healing properties of minerals. Packed lunch and return to Giglio Campese by 4.00 pm. Meeting point: Giglio Campese bus stop, 10:00 am - Duration: 6 hours. Difficulty: medium.

Discovering biodiversity, between alien plants and botanical varieties

May 8, 2022

Naturalistic excursion departing from Giglio Castello in a southerly direction, towards the extreme southern tip of the island, in the locality of Capel Rosso, where the homonymous lighthouse is located. On foot you will cover the 6 km that lead to observe the plants of the Mediterranean scrub in bloom and the so-called "alien" plants present above all in the final part of the route. Packed lunch. The return, scheduled in the early afternoon, will be by taxi van (cost to be paid by the participants). The end of the excursion is scheduled for 4:30 pm, in time to catch the last ferry. Meeting: 10:00 Giglio Castello, Piazza Gloriosa - Duration: 6 hours and 30 '- Medium-high difficulty. Event by reservation, free.

Discovering an experiential bee-wine path

May 22, 2022

From the collaboration between two companies (Studio Tecnico Galeotti and apiary The Queens) the project for the arrangement of this path was born, which connects Olivello and Scopeto, two areas of honey and wine production. A concrete contribution to the development of sustainable tourism that offers the possibility of taking a guided tour between the apiary and the land recovered and planted with vines, experiencing the experience of beekeeping and viticulture. Short trekking and meeting with the producers. Meeting point: 3.00 pm Giglio Castello, Piazza Gloriosa - Duration: 2 hours - Difficulty: easy. Free event by reservation.

Appetite comes with walking

May 29, 2022

From Giglio Castello to Cala degli Alberi, in a south-easterly direction, in the wildest area of ​​the island. After a 2-hour walk we will arrive at the “Barbara Adenti” Organic Farm, which can only be reached by sea or by footpath. Upon arrival, lunch with the products of the company, which raises several farmyard animals. The products from the garden are all organic and the wheat is produced using ancient cultivars. After lunch, visit the farm. At 16:30 departure from Cala degli Alberi for Giglio Porto, with the help of taxi boats. Upon arrival, time available before the ferry departs. Meeting point: 10:00 Giglio Castello, Piazza Gloriosa - Duration: 7 Hours - Difficulty: medium. Cost of lunch (on request) all included € 30.00. Cost of the boat passage, minimum 3 people € 10.00 per person. Free upon reservation.

Trip to the Lighthouse

1-14-28 MAY
In spring and autumn, when temperatures allow it, the Park offers a "special" trek on defined dates, which leads to a visit to the Punta di Capel Rosso Lighthouse, located at the southern end of the island. . The evocative route will take us through an expanse of dense Mediterranean scrub, between euphorbia and mastic plants, enjoying extraordinary views. Duration: about 3 hours - difficulty: easy. Excursion by reservation, free, which can be combined with a visit to the archaeological complex of the Roman Villa (for a fee). Online reservations

Geo Experience: Giannutri North-South

May 21, 2022

Geological trekking together with the geologists Luca Foresi and Gianluca Cornamusini. Giannutri is completely made up of carbonate rocks from the Triassic period (200-250 Ma), pertaining to a single formation, namely the Cavernous Limestone, with a prevailing brecciated and fractured aspect, often accompanied by the presence of faults with very large caves that open in different sections of the coast. The route involves crossing the island from north to south, until you reach the Capel Rosso lighthouse, making three main stops. As soon as we disembark in Cala Maestra, we will travel a stretch along the coast of about 150 m towards the NE until we find ourselves in a small karst amphitheater which also houses a deposit rich in vertebrate bones. Back on the main road, continue south towards Faro. Halfway through the route we will descend to Cala Brigantina to observe the Cavernous Limestone and the effects on it of a fault that cuts the island with a NW-SE direction. Once we reach the lighthouse, in the locality of the Grottoni we will be able to observe the imposing actions of the karst process: large sinkholes, caves and arches of unexpected dimensions. Duration: 5 hours with short stop for packed lunch - Difficulty: medium. Free excursion upon reservation. Online reservations

Isola del Giglio, Italy