Vaasan Marssi

Vaasan Walking Club organizes a three-day Vaasan March walking event every year in August. The event is Finland's only representative in the international walking circuit. You can choose the length of the journey, there is no timing. The event is not a competition, increasing the length of the trip and the number of days increases the level of difficulty. While walking, you will see wonderful landscapes and meet new people. Well iungat ambulare! Let the walk unite us!

Vaasa, Finland
From August 11 to
August 13, 2023
3 days
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Vaasan Walking Club ry
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Vaasan Marssi

The marked walking routes change daily and there are service points at regular intervals, but we require that the walker has the drinks and food they need with them.

We hope that people who have the right to wear the uniform will wear it at our event.

Each walker participates in the event at their own risk.

On Friday , there are two routes to choose from (10 and 21 km), which depart from Kauppatori between 12:00 and 13:00. You can also choose an archipelago tour (10 km and 20 km) to a natural heritage area (UNESCO) , which goes through some demanding terrain, see picture. The trip starts in the morning in front of the town hall. The excursion includes guidance, a bus trip and island cuisine (fish soup). A separate fee is charged for the excursion (in addition to the basic fee). You must register for the archipelago tour no later than July 27.

Instructions regarding the island tour, see appendix .

On Saturday , the routes starting from Kauppatori are as follows: 42 km (departure at 7:00-7:30) and 10 km and 21 km (departure at 9:30-10:00). It is also possible to go by bus on a different route: at 10 am (42 km) and at 3 pm (25 km); the shuttle bus departs near Kauppatori, at the corner of City-Market.

On Sunday, all routes leave from Kauppatori: 30 km and 42 km from 7:00 to 8:00 and 10 km and 21 km from 8:00 to 10:00.

Pick up your walking pass and instructions at a location to be announced later.

Opening ceremony, information later
Finishing area, medals, diploma
Medals, diplomas, etc. will be distributed after the walk.

The event has both IML and IVV rights, which means that the walker can claim a walking pass and start collecting walking stamps from different events (see and ). You can get a stamp on your IML passport for a three-day IML walk when you have walked at least 20 km every day (10 km/every day is enough for people over 70 years old, under 10 years old and parents walking with a child under 10 years old).

Vaasa Mars has its own unique medal depicting the rising coast of the country. You get it after walking every day of the event. When participating for the second, third, fourth, etc. time, a number indicating the time of participation is given to be attached to the medal ribbon.

All participants are also entitled to their own Vaasa March diploma.

Vaasa, Finland