Two Days March Mare e Monti

The Mare e Monti International March is a non-competitive free-pace march, which takes place in Arenzano. Every year, on the second weekend of September, thousands of people passionate about walking meet on the paths of the March to experience the thrill of walking together between sky, mountains and sea on the paths that wind from the coast to the Beigua Park. .

Arenzano, Italy
From September 10 to
September 11, 2022
1 days
/ 1 routes
Difficult Levels: Moderate, Easy
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Comune di Arenzano
Via Sauli Pallavicino, 39. Arenzano
+39 010.9138301


Two Days March Mare e Monti

The mountain tracks, of different lengths to meet all needs (10 - 15 - 20 km) start from the coast to get to the Alta Via dei Monti Liguri, with incredible views of the sea and the Alps, in the place where it is minimum distance between the Ligurian Apennines and the coast.

For those who do not like large differences in height, but want to participate and live this experience, they will find a valid alternative in the paths of the "Riviera del Beigua" which, from the town and along the "Fabrizio De Andre 'promenade, run along the sea between cliffs and Mediterranean scrub. and arrive at the centers of Cogoleto and Varazze.

During these days, the town also comes alive with collateral initiatives to the event that increase joy and foster friendship between participants from the most diverse countries, under the slogan "Join us in walking!".

Arenzano, Italy


Two Days March Mare e Monti

Friday 9 September 2022

5.30 pm - Villa Figoli des Geneys

Flag raising ceremony


18.00 - Piazza Alcide De Gasperi (La Scurpina)

KIDS RUN start, race for children aged 6 to 12

Saturday 10th September 2022

6.30 am - Piazza Calasetta

Concert at dawn with the Arenzano Philharmonic


5.30 pm - Parish Church of SS Nazario e Celso

Holy Mass of the Marcher


6.00 pm - Via Bocca

Goulash tasting

By the delegation of Tata (Hungary) - twin city with Arenzano


9.00 pm - Villa Figoli des Geneys

Studio 54 in concert

Disco dance 70s 80s 90s

Sunday 11 September 2022

11.00 am - Lungomare Holland

"Mare e Monti" Regatta organized by the "Luigi Sirombra" Sailing Club


4.30 pm - Villa Figoli des Geneys

Parade of the marchers with the participation of the City of Arenzano Music Band


5.00 pm - Villa Figoli des Geneys

Closing ceremony of the XXXVI edition


Presents Valentina Bocchino, journalist of "Cronache Ponentine" and "Genova Today"


18.00 - Villa Figoli des Geneys

Flag lowering ceremony


For the occasion, Saturday and Sunday:

Via Bocca - Market of flavors and tastes

Lungomare Kennedy - Market of ingenuity and crafts


Two Days March Mare e Monti

  • Quote intere con t-shirt microfibra e tazza 1 giornata € 20,00 - 2 giornate € 25,00;
  • Quota senza premio con tazza 1 giornata € 12,00 - 2 giornate € 15,00;
  • Quota ridotta bimbo età inferiore ai 5 anni con t-shirt e tazza 1 giornata € 8,00 - 2 giornate € 10,00;
  • Quota ridotta bimbo età inferiore ai 5 anni senza t-shirt 1 con tazza giornata € 5,00 - 2 giornate € 7,00;
  • Quota ridotta FIASP e IVV senza premio 1 giornata € 3,00 - 2 giornate € 6,00. Coloro che si iscrivono a FIASP nella stessa giornata della marcia, dovranno versare la quota ulteriore di iscrizione pari ad € 0,50;

Per usufruire della quota ridotta FIASP e IVV è OBBLIGATORIO presentare il proprio tesserino al momento dell'iscrizione.


Two Days March Mare e Monti

Check point and departure:

Villa Figoli des Geneys park between 7.00 and 9.00.
For routes A and D the departure deadline of 9.00 is mandatory.

I arrive:

Villa Figoli des Geneys - By 5.00 pm (after this time the insurance will not be liable for any claims or accidents).

Endorsement of tags:

At the start, along the routes and upon arrival.


Open to all, even for just one day. The march is not competitive and no order of arrival will be drawn up.
In the event of a red and orange alert, issued by the competent authorities, the organization reserves the right to cancel the event.
In this case the registration fee will not be refunded to the participants.
In the event of a yellow alert, issued by the competent authorities, the organization reserves the right to change the walking routes.


Free along the routes and on arrival.

Special awards:

Awards for groups with at least 10 walkers, regardless of the chosen walking path. For organizational reasons, group registrations must be made by the group manager, presenting a single registration list with the names of all participants. Any additional registrations will be evaluated individually by the Registration Office. The ranking will be drawn up on the basis of the number of members and the number of walking days carried out.
Color enamelled medal: on sale at the Registration Office.

Healthcare and rescue:

Along the radio links of the CB GE Ponente F.I.R.- S.E.R Group in permanent contact with the rescue center. Broom service: CAI Arenzano. First aid: Italian Red Cross - Local Committee of Arenzano. Medical assistance service with stations along the routes and upon arrival.


Insurance coverage R.C.V.T. of FIASP and accident prevention insurance guarantee for all participants.
Registration for the event implies a tacit declaration of physical fitness for recreational recreational motor activity (D.L. 98/2013). Therefore, the presentation of a medical certificate is not required. We decline all civil and criminal liability for what may happen to the individual participant before, during and after the march. Complaints or injuries caused by: failure to comply with FIASP regulations, Highway Code, failure to respect departure and arrival times and the route layout will not be accepted.

Notes on respecting the environment:

When crossing woods or pine forests, do not smoke and do not light fires. Do not leave waste along the paths. Use the containers provided at the refreshment points.
At the time of registration, a plastic cup will be given to all walkers. We remind you to take it with you and use it at the refreshment points as no disposable plastic cups will be distributed to avoid the accumulation of waste on the paths (alternatively personal water bottle). This gesture helps us to drastically reduce the consumption of plastic and to avoid the accumulation of waste on the paths.

Showers / toilets upon arrival:

Available at "Diurno Sanitary Services" in P.le San Martino.
Chemical toilets: at Passo Gava, loc. Vaccà, loc. Tanks.


Trekking shoes, windbreaker.


Two Days March Mare e Monti