The  Strand6Daagse is a fully catered six-day independent recreational hiking camping holiday over the beach from Hoek van Holland to Den Helder. On the way, participants will only spend the night in their own tents at the camping sites in Wassenaar, Noordwijk aan Zee, IJmuiden, Egmond aan Zee and Callantsoog provided by the organisation, municipalities and associations.

In 1959 the spiritual father, Henk Horsman, set out for the first time with 37 enthusiastic participants. The journey then ran from Den Helder to Hoek van Holland. After having run against the wind for a number of years, it was decided to turn the tour around.

Wassenaar, Netherlands
From July 24 to
July 29, 2023
6 days
Difficult Levels: Hard
Landscape: Coast



The 63rd edition of this unique tour is planned in 2022 from Monday 25 July to Saturday 30 July.

The route is very simple, namely six days of walking along the waterline. The beach is interrupted in several places by nature and waterworks. For example, the Strand6Daagse in Katwijk passes the mouth of the Rhine, a chartered boat crosses the North Sea Canal and we walk along the new coastline at the  Hondsbosche Zeewering , where the coast has been reinforced on a large scale.

There are beach poles on the beach. These poles are 1000 and sometimes 250 meters apart and are numbered. In Hoek van Holland there is pole 117 and in Den Helder there is pole 0. Because we have to walk around waterworks, nature reserves and camping sites, the total distance of the Strand6Daagse is approximately 140 kilometers. (33, 18, 31, 24, 27 and 14 km.)

From the first walking day, every participant will receive our Strand6Daagse Bulletin in the morning, containing the route description and interesting facts for the coming day. You can then fill the entire day with walking to the next campsite and in the meantime enjoy the sun, sea, sand and many pavilions along the coast.

You can walk the tour entirely at your own discretion, both individually and in groups. The organization does expect participants at the next camping site before 7 p.m. in order to be in time for the evening meal.

Monday morning the start will be in Hoek van Holland between 08:00 and 10:00. The arrival in Den Helder is on Saturday from 11:00 to 15:00 at the Dorpshuis  in Huisduinen / Den Helder.

The intermediate stopping places are: Wassenaar, Noordwijk, IJmuiden, Egmond aan Zee and Callantsoog. We would like to point out that the Strand6Daagse expects a considerable effort from you.

Wassenaar, Netherlands



If you register now via this site,  you will receive our automatic response with more information.

We will keep your data until the registration is opened again and will then invite you to officially register. We will confirm participation within 10 days after receipt of the registration and registration fee.

The 64th edition of the Strand6Daagse is scheduled for the week of July 24 to July 29, 2023.

Anyone who is not sporty in mind, does not like a little give and take, can not stand a little primitive conditions, does not like a little adventure, cannot do without luxury for a week, does not want to sleep in a tent or has no intention of 6 days of walking, no need to register for the Strand6Daagse.

The costs for this original walking holiday are € 187.50 pp for the 2022 edition. This includes coffee, tea and soft drinks, hot meals, lunch and breakfast packages, fruit, camping fees, luggage transport, etc.


We advise everyone to take out travel and cancellation insurance. This can offer a solution if, for example, one has to cancel the Strand6Daagse outside the cancellation option of the organization. In addition, travel insurance can provide protection for luggage and belongings that one takes along the beach. You can take out these facilities, for example, via this link: insurance.

If you have any questions, you can always ask them via or send a letter to Strand6Daagse, Postbus 299, 1780 AG in Den Helder.

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Experience has shown us that the participants must be in possession of good camping equipment: tent (waterproof), sleeping bag, toiletries (at least two towels), bath and beach clothing, warm clothing such as a sweater and long pants, thick woolen socks, rain gear, sunglasses and sun cream.

We leave the wearing of footwear entirely to the participants themselves. We have found that one person walks best in sneakers, the other in sandals and a third in bare feet. We provide medical care on the campsites. You can also contact us for the care of your blisters.


The luggage, such as tents and other personal belongings, will be taken to the next camping site every morning by truck, so that participants do not have to worry about it. We do expect that everything is properly (watertight) packed.


In addition to walking, camping is an achievement that makes the Strand6Daagse a sporty walking holiday.

You will only spend the night in tents you have brought with you, under all weather conditions. We advise you to make sure that you take proper equipment with you. Toilet and washing facilities are available on the campsites.

A participant does not have to carry the luggage himself along the beach. All tents and other personal belongings are trucked to the next stopping place every morning.
In the evening the organization will serve a Dutch hot meal. And of course a cup of coffee after the meal! All in all a fully catered walking holiday.