Sevenumse Wandel4daagse

The Sevenumse Wandel4daagse is a 4 day activity for young and old where you enjoy beautiful marked routes through the beautiful landscape of Sevenum and Kronenberg. The Sevenumse Wandel4daagse is suitable for everyone who enjoys walking, from novice and recreational walker to experienced and passionate walker.

Sevenum, Netherlands
From June 21 to
June 24, 2023
4 days
/ 9 routes
Difficult Levels: Moderate, Easy
Youth Guild and Buttons Walk


Sevenumse Wandel4daagse

The walking distances are 5 and 10 km with a route of 20 km on Saturday.
All routes are signposted and a route description per distance is available for support.
The stamp card that each participant receives is stamped every day at the start, break place and when signing out.
The break places are covered and there is also a toilet. Also here the offered is free which is included in the registration fee.
Walkers who finish all evenings and one part of the day will receive a medal as a reminder.

Sevenum, Netherlands