Rotorua Walking Festival

The Festival has walks and activities programmed each day including the highly rated forest walks. The programme caters for a range of interests and abilities from beginners to experts.

Note that the 21 and 42km walks on Saturday and the 20, 30 and 42km walks on Sunday are IML Association accredited walks. All walks are IVV accredited (except the short nocturnal walk, Family walk, S.P.C.A. walk and St Chads walk).

Rotorua, New Zealand
From March 18 to
March 19, 2023
2 days
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Rotorua Walking Festival
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Rotorua Walking Festival

Weekend of Walks - 5 to 6 November 2022

Walk No. Day & Start time Event
1 Friday 8pm Nocturnal Walk
2 Saturday 8am-4pm Whakarewarewa Forest Marathon Walk (42km)
3 Saturday 9am-4pm Whakarewarewa Forest Half- Marathon Walk (21km)
4 Saturday 10am-4pm Whakarewarewa Forest 10km Walk
5 Saturday 10:30am S.P.C.A. Walk
6 Sunday 7am-3:30pm 42km Town Walk
7 Saturday 8am-2:30pm 30km Challenge Walk
8 Sunday 9am-3:30pm 20km Town Walk
9 Sunday 10am-3:30pm 10km Fun Walk
10 Sunday 10:30am Parents Centre Walk

Note: discounts available for walking two days and early bird entries.

IML and IVV Walks Programme Schedule - 5 to 6 November 2022


4.00pm - 8.00pm
Check-in or register and collect registration packs at the Registration Centre, Neil Hunt Park, Tarawera Road, Rotorua. Note: registration can occur on Saturday or Sunday mornings before the walk start (registration opens at 7am each day).

6.00pm at Neil Hunt Park
T.B.A. Celebrations for start of festival!
8pm Nocturnal Walk.


Registration opens at 7am.

Day ONE Walks

START TIME : Saturday - 42km @ 8.00am, 21km @ 9.00am, 10km @ 10.00am, 5km @ 10.30am

42km/21km marathon walk and 10km walk. These walks will follow routes through the "Redwood" and "Whaka" Forests and include some of New Zealand's finest bush and forest scenery.


12 noon - 4pm
Live entertainment on stage at Walk HQ at Neil Hunt Park.


Registration opens at 7am.

Day TWO Walks

START TIME : Sunday - 42km @ 7.30am, 30km @ 8.00am, 20km @ 9.00am, 10km @ 10.00am, 5km @ 10.30am.

42km, 30km, 20km, 10km walks . These walks will follow routes largely through the city, parks, thermal reserves, lakeshore, and points of historical interest throughout Rotorua city.


12 noon - 4pm
Live entertainment on stage at Walk HQ, Neil Hunt Park.

4pm - Closing Ceremony
A short closing function and farewell to participants. Presentation of significant IML and NZ awards, team trophies and spot prize presentations.

Note - Walks all start/finish at the Netherlands Society Clubrooms at Neil Hunt Park, Tarawera Road, Rotorua.

FINISH TIMES - Final checkpoint for the walks closes at:
Saturday - 4.00pm and Sunday - 4pm.

Rotorua, New Zealand


Rotorua Walking Festival

Registrations are accepted for one or two days. Enter section(s) that suit your ability. Collect registration packs beforehand from 4pm Friday 4th or 7am Saturday 5th or 7am Sunday 6th November 2022 from the Registration Centre at Neil Hunt Park, Tarawera Rd. Packs contain the checkpoint card & participants ID patch, programme booklet & route maps, and any late information.
To qualify for this category (and the ‘best team’ award) entries are welcomed from teams of 6-10 or more (max 19) who represent clubs, companies or similar organisations, as well as family or neighbourhood groups. Each team must walk together on the same route and be distinguished by all members wearing the same items of identifying apparel. e.g. Tee shirts with printed team name/logo. Many teams also carry a team flag or banner.

Marshalls will be along the routes to encourage and assist walkers with route information. At times, walkers will meet up with those on other routes. Toilets are available on all routes.

Due to Covid-19 we encourage all walkers to carry there own water bottles, cups will not be available on route except for Toi Ohomai Institute of Technology Waipa Campus on Saturday and St Chads on Sunday.

Non-alcoholic drinks (juice & water) are available en-route at many marshal stations but please be aware that the drinks may not always be where or when you personally may need them so be prepared to carry a little extra. Finger food and light refreshments will be available at walk H/Q and also on some routes, so please carry some cash.

A ‘Rotorua Walking Festival’ medal or an update pin for previous achievers will be awarded to walkers who complete their route on both days and a “Finishers Certificate” will be available for those who complete their section on just the one day. Please carry your ‘Checkcard’ (on the reverse of the Participant tag) and collect the checkpoint stamps/clips for your route as you walk.

The Rotorua Walking Festival is a member of the IML & IVV International Walking Organisations. International walkers normally participate to gain their IML ‘New Zealand’ bar and passport stamp. Minimum requirement for the NZ-IML passport stamp is 20km on both days (10km if you are aged 70 or older). All routes are also eligible for the NZ-IVV passport stamp. Although international walkers can not travel our international walkers still in NZ are welcome to attend to collect the stamps/awards.

The event is conducted on defined routes of variable terrain over public and private roads, walkways, forests, parks and among natural geothermal reserves. Participants need to take full responsibility for their own safety, health, well-being and have the ability to undertake the event and have an understanding of normal N.Z. road and safety rules. ATTENDANCE AT THE SAFETY BRIEFINGS HELD PRIOR TO THE START OF EACH ROUTE IS REQUIRED AND NECESSARY.

Please wear suitable clothing, sunhat and footwear. First Aid kits will be available at H/Q and medical assistance can be arranged if necessary. Showers are available (bring your own towels and toiletries).


Rotorua Walking Festival