Pacific Crest Trail Days

Pacific Crest Trail Days is an annual summer festival that celebrates and promotes hiking, camping, backpacking & outdoor stewardship.  Attendees can participate in activities, games, & presentations, win awesome gear at the raffle, and get great deals on the latest outdoor products from sponsors at the Gear Demo and Marketplace.  

If you’re into car camping, day hiking, long distance hiking, or just curious, a wide-range of gear and info will be here!  Don’t miss out on a great time at the 15th annual PCT DAYS, located in the Marine Park of Cascade Locks, Oregon…the heart of the Columbia River Gorge!

Pacific Crest Trail, OR, United States
From August 18 to
August 19, 2023
2 days


Pacific Crest Trail Days

PCT DAYS 2022 opens on Friday, August 19th at 1 pm and ends on Saturday, August 20th at 10 pm.  Camping on Thunder Island opens at 9:30 am on Friday and closes at 10 am on Sunday. Check out each tab to see the amazing list of what to expect by attending this year’s PCT DAYS!

Pacific Crest Trail, OR, United States


Pacific Crest Trail Days

PCT DAYS is free to attend, with a fee for overnight camping.  All raffle proceeds support the American Long Distance Hiking Association-West and the Pacific Crest Trail Association.  Vendors will be offering great food, coffee, beer and non-alcoholic beverages.  No drone cameras, dogs, glass or alcohol may be brought to PCT DAYS and parking outside of the Marine Park is free.  Follow our FacebookInstagram, & Twitter pages for festival news and visit the pages here for all the info you need.

Want FREE CAMPING both nights, 5 free raffle tickets, and a sticker?!

Join our volunteer staff by sending an email to:  Please include your full name, cell number, and city/state of residence for the staff contact list.  Note that 2022 PCT Thru-Hikers are unable to pre-register to volunteer due to the uncertainty of hiking schedules and the amount of no-shows we had in the past.  However, hikers can send an email to join our reserve list in case of a no-show during PCT DAYS.  Camping fees will be refunded and you will get 5 raffle tickets and a sticker.  Volunteer rewards will be given at the completion of each shift.  As of July 25th, we need 12 more volunteers to complete our team! 

How do I get a campsite for my tent on Thunder Island?

Please visit the Camping page.

I don't want to tent camp on Thunder Island, where else can I stay?

No more car camping is allowed in the overnight parking lot as in past years. We need the space for sponsors and there were several people who ruined it for others by sneaking in without paying. However, an RV / car campsite is available in the Marine Park, book here: Additional places to camp in your RV or car can be found here in addition to town services: Accommodations fill up fast, so it is recommended to book your stay in town ASAP!

What are the food & beverage options?

Local food & beverage vendors will be offering a wide-range of food, along with beer, cider, coffee, soda, etc. There is a grocery store and several restaurants along WaNaPa Street in Cascade Locks, just a short walking distance from the event site. Attendees are not permitted to bring their own alcohol to PCT DAYS.

Can I bring alcohol?

No. Thunder Island Brewing and Gorges Beer Company will be serving beer and cider at the food and beverage garden or you may go to one of the restaurants or bars in town.
* No alcohol will be permitted in the camping area on Thunder Island or in the car camping area, this will be monitored and enforced by event staff and security. There is a no glass policy at PCT DAYS. If you show up with glass, you will not be permitted to enter the event and camping area.

How does the raffle work?

The raffle will take place late afternoon on Saturday, August 20th.  There will be a LOT of great products to win, ranging from tents to backpacks to clothing and it’s a fun activity for everyone to be a part of. Raffle tickets are $2.00 each. All revenue from the raffle ticket sales go to the non-profit organizations: The Pacific Crest Trail Association and The American Long Distance Hiking Association-West.  Don’t miss out on a fun activity for a great cause!

How do I volunteer for event staff positions at PCT DAYS?

How does my company sponsor PCT DAYS?

What does it cost to attend PCT DAYS?

There is no registration or fee to attend PCT DAYS each day! Registration and fees only apply to attendees who want to camp overnight. A suggested donation of non-perishable food, personal care products, or a monetary contribution to the FISH food bank, (which serves the local community), will be setup at the event entrance. For more info on FISH food bank, visit:

Can I bring my dog?

No. Although we love our furry friends, there were unsanitary issues along with incidents that involved unfriendly dogs interacting with people and other dogs in the past at PCT DAYS. To eliminate these problems and potential liability issues, no dogs other than service animals will be allowed. Please leave dogs at home and do not leave them in your vehicle!

Will I be able to charge portable electronic devices?

Yes, access to power is throughout the Marine Park

What should I bring to PCT DAYS?

If camping, a tent, sleeping bag, and sleeping pad are the essentials.  Camp chairs or blankets are great to have during classes, the raffle, and of course….at your campsite!  Clothing-wise, shorts or pants, along with a long sleeve shirt and fleece / jacket are all that are usually needed.  Although there is plenty of shade, bring sunblock and/or a hat.  For those who get cold easy, a hat, gloves, and extra layers can offset the rare chance of a cooler than normal night. Coolers are nice to have for food & beverage storage and a headlamp or flashlight is great to have at night.  Also, if a you are a light sleeper, earplugs can reduce the sound of the occasional passing train or the person snoring next to you!

Are showers available?

Yes! Showers are available at the bathroom building in the Marine Park RV/Camp area from 10am – 5pm, about 200 yards west of the event site. The cost is $5 (payable to the camp host / pay box…please bring exact change.) You’ll receive a 4-digit code to access the shower. Bring your own towel, soap, and flip flops!

Where do I park?

If you are attending PCT DAYS for just the day, please do not enter the Marine Park! Day attendees can park along WaNaPa Street in Cascade Locks and it’s a short walk to the Marine Park. If you are tent camping on Thunder Island, you will be directed to park in the overnight lot at the school, located just off of WaNaPa Street across from the entrance to the Marine Park. Sponsors and attendees will be directed to park in the overnight lot in the Marine Park. All parking is free and event staff will direct you where to go.

Can I take photographs, video, or use a drone?

You may take photographs and video for personal use only.  If wanting to create and distribute content commercially, you must get approval from the event director at  No drones of any kind are permitted at PCT DAYS, unless they have received approval from the event director and the Port of Cascade Locks.

“PCT Days is a wonderful opportunity to connect with the community of PCT lovers in the Pacific NW. The PCTA has been part of the event since the beginning, and we are excited to see the event grow and attract more people. The event has a casual, everyone-is-welcome vibe – whether you are a new day hiker or an experienced long-distance hiker, it’s a chance to celebrate the Pacific Crest Trail.”

“PCT Days has given Granite Gear the priceless one on one contact with our core thru-hiker audience from all over the world. In addition, with Cascade Locks adjacency to Portland, we get exposure to one of the most passionate outdoor cities in the world. This combination makes PCT Days a must attend event for Granite Gear!”

Rob CoughlinGranite Gear

“Other brands I talk to agree that the crowd at PCT Days is super engaged and interested and more focused than larger festivals.  After we sold out of gear, we continued to have significant traffic and interested people.  PCT Days set a festival sales record for us.  I have absolutely no recommendations on how to make PCT Days better.  You run a completely excellent event and we will be back year after year!”


Pacific Crest Trail Days