Om’t Eiland – Texel

Texel has surprisingly many different landscapes. Forests, dunes, beach, the Slufter, salt marshes and mud flats from the Wadden coast. It also has wide polders behind the dikes. In Om't Eiland we want as much of it as possible to these landscapes.

Om't Eiland is a walking camping trip around the island of Texel. This multi-day hiking camping trip is a varied route with a high level of holiday feeling. this trip is in collaboration with the Texel walking association 't Gouden Boltje was created and is partly derived of an existing route the 'Texelpad' of the Nivon.

Texel, Netherlands
From June 3 to
June 4, 2023
2 days
Landscape: Coast
Special Interest: Nature
Om’t Eiland
PO Box 299, 1780 AG, Den Helder


Om’t Eiland – Texel

Om't Eiland starts on Saturday, June 12, 2022 in the ferry port from Texas. Here you can hand in your luggage and receive it you the route for the next day. The first day leads the route via the east side of Texel to De Cocksdorp and is approximately 31 kilometers. In the Cocksdorp there is an overnight stay in the holiday park De Krim in by yourself tents. The second day the west coast, partly across the beach, through the Slufter and through the woods, bring us back at the end point; the ferry port of Texel.

Texel, Netherlands


Om’t Eiland – Texel

The costs for this tour are € 49.50 per person. For this we provide a 'pedestrian' ticket for the crossing by boat from the TESO, transport of luggage, coffee and tea, a camping spot at the five-star camping De Krim, a hot meal and a breakfast and lunch package on the Sunday.


Om’t Eiland – Texel

Your luggage that you do not wish to carry during the walking, will be transported to De Krim for you. We expect you to do everything in a proper way (watertight) packing. The route takes you over public, or paths and roads open to walkers. The walker runs at his own risk. He/she can accept the fact that the route is indicated by the  organization no derive rights

After receipt of your registration form and registration fee, we will confirm your participation. One week before the start you will receive the further information for the weekend as well as the ticket for the boat. What can you expect from the organization and what to expect we from you.

The organization of the Om't Eiland, a two-day recreational hiking camping trip, provides you with a unique route description at the start, the transport of your luggage and a camping facility. Afternoon tea on arrival at the campsite and evening a warm Dutch meal with coffee or tea. On Sunday morning a breakfast and lunch package and a soft drink, tea and/or or coffee. The organization is purely to support your to own insight and risk two-day hiking camping trip. The fact that the organization of Om't Eiland has a route description provided no rights can be derived. You participate in a recreational hiking camping trip.

The organization makes no requirement for the distance to be covered with regard to the manner in which and the time frame in which you do this. You can do this at your own discretion and insight. We advise you to take out a 'travel insurance' with the Netherlands to close coverage. You can use the facilities along the beach and dike make and recreate and walk at your own discretion. Serve advice from government agencies and organization to be followed promptly and promptly at all times. YOU while walking you are bound by the rules of the Road Traffic Act 1994 and the Regulations Traffic rules and road signs 1990. Some things to promote the correct and correct course of Om't Island. The organization is for you during the walking accessible via a mobile phone number to pick you up if you are no longer physically able to continue the walk.

The organization of Om't Eiland can never be held liable for any health problems which manifest themselves during, before, or after, the insight into the walking tour. If on the advice of governments or by other types of circumstances Om't Eiland cannot or may continue, the organization will always refund your registration fee refund excluding the costs already incurred for the current year. You will then retain the exclusive right to participate in the following year at a reduced price.

If the temperature on the beach or dike exceeds 30 degrees exceed Celsius, we will use one or more of take care of the following measures for you; - earlier start time; - cancellation of all or part of the distance to be covered; - so-called water points care on the way. Some things will be discussed with local authorities.

It is also important to know that:
➲ do not become chaperones in any form allowed on our part of the camping area;
➲ You at your own expense a day (or days) earlier on the Crimea can go;
➲ the minimum age allowed to participate is 12 year is;
➲ there in connection with municipal regulations no dogs may walk along;
➲ a warm Dutch meal for you in the evening will be taken care of;
➲ you a breakfast and lunch package on Sunday morning gets;
➲ the organisation, in connection with the good atmosphere and order, anyone can exclude from participation;
➲ only 500 people can join Om't Eiland in 2022;
➲ if you cancel before May 1, 2022, you will receive 80% of your registration fee will be refunded. Do you come in with this the problems, we advise you to take out cancellation insurance;


Om’t Eiland – Texel