Migros Hiking Sounds

The Migros Hiking Sounds combines hiking and Swiss music. 10 locations and 21 event days ensure that outdoor music fans will get their money's worth again this summer. At the Migros Hiking Sounds you hike on official hiking trails. On the way, Swiss musical talents await you on the Campfire Stage. Once on the mountain, big names from the Swiss music scene play their hits on the Hiking Sounds Stage.

Swiss Alps, Switzerland
From May 21 to
September 25, 2022
mainly Young (20-40)
Landscape: Mountain
Complementary: Gastronomy, Music


Migros Hiking Sounds

In the Start Village you will receive a MIGROS goodie bag, which is filled to the brim with various snacks and other surprises. You can stock up on various products and drinks for the upcoming hike from other HIKING SOUNDS partners. If you run out of energy on the hike, you are fully equipped.

Lace up your hiking boots again, buckle up your backpack and off you go. The well-signposted hiking trail takes you through the world-famous Swiss mountains with fascinating views, mountain lakes, floral landscapes and much more. On the leisurely hike you will experience and discover a lot. Don't worry, the hikes are manageable for everyone. On your journey you will encounter various recovery stations where you will be additionally fed and refreshed.


Every participant receives a goodie bag from Migros in the Start Village. During the whole hiking experience you will also be surprised and spoiled by our partners and sponsors.

  • Sunscreen, Farmer bars, Farmer chips, Risoletto and much more from Migros
  • Sausage for grilling Swiss meat
  • Seasonal vegetables and fresh fruit from the Swiss Fruit Association and the Association of Swiss Vegetable Producers
  • Travel pharmacy from Swica
  • Fun and games throughout the hike


Les Pléiades is a mountain with a flowering peak at 1400 meters above sea level. Located in beautiful Vaud, the mountain marks the beginning of the Pre-Alps and dominates Lake Geneva and the towns and villages of the Vaud Riviera. Discover the beauty of western Switzerland up close!

The hiking paradise of Toggenburg is extraordinarily varied. Relaxing hiking is just as possible as alpine sporty trail hiking on the Churfirsten. Short and long hikes along the Thur, to lakes and waterfalls, multi-day hikes on the Toggenburger Höhenweg.

Crans-Montana is a region with lots of sunshine and an incomparable view that extends to the crown of mountain peaks that stretch from the Bietschhorn to the Mont Blanc – past the Matterhorn. Whether lakes, forests, glaciers or grapevines: the region has a lot to offer nature lovers.

  • Stoos JULY 02 - 03, 2022

The steepest funicular in the world takes you up to the Stoos. High above Lake Lucerne you can enjoy a breathtaking view of the surrounding mountains at Migros Hiking Sounds.

Summer on the Madrisa - for families and connoisseurs! It's not just hiking that's popular on the Madrisa in summer. From themed and adventure trails with numerous fireplaces to a wide range of restaurants and cozy places to linger. The pleasure mountain in Klosters promises the finest leisure time fun!

Enjoy the best musical entertainment in the Valais mountains. The Moosalp has developed and established itself as a popular excursion destination high above the Rhone Valley.

The Hasliberg sun terrace offers lots of great excursion options in summer. The Hasliberg stands for alpine enjoyment, for an exciting world of dwarfs and for active relaxation in this fantastic mountain world.

The Wasserfallen is located in the middle of the idyllic Baselbieter Jura. The wonderful excursion area offers relaxation and adventure for every taste. A scenic gondola ride, a leisurely hike, a fast scooter descent or a courageous climbing tour in the rope park? There are no limits in the Wasserfallen region.
In the canton of Fribourg, nature's heart beats faster thanks to gentle mountain landscapes, quiet mountain lakes and diverse flora and fauna. Let yourself be guided by nature at Schwarzsee and be inspired by national artists.

Hiking experience and live music in the "Sonnenstube" of Switzerland. The Migros Hiking Sounds takes place above Locarno on the Cardada Cimetta with a fascinating 360-degree panoramic view of Lake Maggiore and the surrounding mountains and valleys.

Swiss Alps, Switzerland


Migros Hiking Sounds


After the first part of the hike you will reach the Campfire Stage. You earned that first break. Enjoy live music by young Swiss talent who are on the way to becoming national stars. Hunger? Our partner "Schweizer Fleisch" offers you the opportunity to comfortably grill a sausage at one of the fireplaces by the stage. What's better than enjoying a juicy cervelat to the live sound of our Swiss music talents? Cheers!


Congratulations, you made it! Willpower and commitment are rewarded. Welcome to the highlight of the day. Now the Hiking Sounds Stage will be rocked by a well-known Swiss artist. This in the middle of a beautiful mountain scenery. An unforgettable live music experience, where Switzerland is most beautiful. The Hiking Sounds Stage will also provide food and drink.


The Migros Hiking Sounds takes place in the open air and in any reasonable weather. We therefore recommend weatherproof clothing and hiking shoes with a non-slip profile sole.

The hikes are well signposted from the start. We are on the official hiking trails, which mostly consist of natural ground. Good footwear such as trekking shoes or hiking boots is therefore an advantage.

The cable car tickets are not included in the Hiking Sounds ticket. Everyone can decide for themselves whether they want to tackle the first section on the hiking trail or choose the leisurely version by train. At one or the other location, the use of the mountain railway is required. The exact description of the hikes can be found on the respective location page.

If it rains, the hike will take place, but you need waterproof equipment. This includes non-slip and waterproof shoes (rubber boots are not suitable for hiking), rain pants and jacket, possibly a rain cover for your backpack. If you have hiking poles with you, you will need waterproof gloves if necessary.

The organizer will provide information via social media or newsletters about possible postponements due to weather warnings.

If, despite all precautions, we are surprised by a thunderstorm or a storm, you should seek shelter in a building or shelter as soon as possible.


Migros Hiking Sounds


Trekking or hiking shoes (persons with flip flops will not be allowed on the hike)
Weatherproof clothing
Sun protection (sunscreen, sun hat)
Bringing picnic blankets is allowed
When packing, please note that you will receive a goodie bag from Migros for your hike
walking sticks
You can also find more information under FAQ


We are in the great outdoors and want to protect it accordingly. Therefore: Help to keep the mountains clean!

At the various stage stops there are enough possibilities to dispose of the waste. Please collect your rubbish during your hike and then dispose of it properly. Nature, animals and plants will be grateful to you.

We also stay on the designated trails or routes so we do not disturb wildlife or pick protected flowers or plants.


In order to hike on white-red-white marked mountain hiking trails, you should be fit, sure-footed and not afraid of heights. Otherwise it can be dangerous. Incomplete knowledge and overconfidence mean that hikers unwittingly find themselves in danger. On the safe-bergwandern.ch website you will find everything you need to know about planning, equipment and what you need to be aware of when you are out and about. The online self-test shows whether you are ready for mountain hiking. Let's go !


Plan your hike carefully

Difficulty (path category) and physical requirements, time requirement, abilities of the hiking group, path conditions and weather. Anyone traveling alone will inform a third party.

Choose appropriate equipment

Sturdy hiking shoes with a good grip, warm and weatherproof clothing, sun protection, map, provisions, emergency pharmacy and mobile phone are always with you.

Stay alert along the way

Take regular breaks, drink and eat. Keep an eye on the schedule, weather, trail conditions and condition of the hiking group. If in doubt, turn around in good time or choose an alternative route.

When do the concerts take place?

Concerts Campfire Stage (small stage on the hike)
from 10:00 a.m. – 2:00 p.m

Main Stage:
Artist 1: 2:30pm – 3:15pm
Artist 2: 3:45pm – 4:30pm

Exception: Ascona-Locarno - in Ascona-Locarno the concerts of the main acts take place after the hike on Cardada-Cimetta in the middle of Locarno.

Concert times Ascona-Locarno:
Artist 1: 5:30 p.m. – 6:15 p.m.
Artist 2: 6:45 p.m. – 7:30 p.m

All information about the special program in Ascona-Locarno can be found here

How long does the event last?

The event is purely a day event and ends at around 5:30 p.m.

Exception Ascona-Locarno – in Ascona-Locarno the concerts take place in the late afternoon in the village as the end of the event. End of the event in Ascona-Locarno around 9.30 p.m.

What is the Start Village and how do I get there?

The check-in for the hike is in the Start Village. By presenting the ticket, you will receive the goodie bag for the hike and your personal "VIP-WANDERVOGEL" fabric wristband in the Start Village.

We recommend that you arrive by public transport. However, all locations can also be reached by car.

Start Village location:
You can find out where the Start Village is at the respective destination and how to get there on the respective location page.

What do I have to bring with me?

We are in the open air and hike on the official hiking trails, which mostly consist of natural ground.
Therefore we recommend the following equipment:

– good mood
– trekking, hiking boots
– weatherproof clothing
– sun protection (sun cream, sun hat, sunglasses)

When making the packing list, it should be noted that at the start of the hiking experience, each participant will receive a goodie bag (farmer, risoletto, blevita, chips, Shorley drink, grilled meat or vegan sausage, etc.).

Does the hiking experience take place in any weather?
We are in the mountains, so the weather can change quickly. The event will also take place in light rain - we recommend weatherproof clothing accordingly. In the event of weather conditions that pose a risk to visitors, the event will be postponed or interrupted. In the event of a corresponding situation, the organizer will inform you at an early stage via all channels (e.g. website, e-mail, social media).
Will the event also take place in the rain?

Yes. Weatherproof clothing is recommended. In the event of weather conditions that pose a risk to visitors, the event will be postponed or interrupted. In the event of a corresponding situation, the organizer will communicate at an early stage via various channels such as the website, e-mail and social media.

Therefore, please check the social media channels and your mailbox for any program changes at any time shortly before the event (on the morning of the event day).

Is there a weather warning service in case of a thunderstorm?
In the event of a thunderstorm, the organizer will use all communication channels (social media, email, website) to provide information.

How will I be informed in the event of a cancellation/postponement?
A postponement or cancellation will be communicated immediately via newsletter and on all communication channels of Migros Hiking Sounds (website, mail, social media).

What am I not allowed to bring?

The following objects are prohibited at the event:

– Gas spray cans, colouring, caustic and other substances that are harmful to health

– drugs

– Items that can be used as weapons or projectiles, laser pointers

– Sports equipment such as kickboards or bikes

– Banners, signs larger than A2 and flags with a pole longer than 1 meter

– Fireworks, sparklers, smoke petards, other pyro and bengal parts including launchers

- Stroller

– Objects, clothing and/or media with racist, xenophobic, violent or discriminatory imprints or content

Are sanitary facilities available?

There are enough toilets available on site

Does it have a catering offer? How can I take care of myself?

Various partners ensure a culinary experience. With your ticket you will also receive a goodie bag from Migros for the hike.

Is there also a vegan catering offer?

Yes, there are vegan grilled sausages from Migros. The vegan grilled sausages are available in the Start Village or at the Campfire Stage.

Are cameras allowed?

Yes, you can bring cameras to Migros Hiking Sounds. However, concert recordings for commercial purposes are only permitted in consultation with the organizer.

Nature conservation: Isn't the Migros Hiking Sounds a disruptive factor for our mountains? How we care for the environment.

The Migros Hiking Sounds is structured in such a way that the environment is under no circumstances additionally burdened. This was clarified in detail with the local mountain regions. In addition to raising visitor awareness, the Migros Hiking Sounds team will ensure that the environment is taken care of thanks to the waste and noise concept.


How long is the hike?

The hikes are different at each location. On average, the hike takes 2.5 hours. You can find a detailed description of the hike on the respective location pages on the website of the organizer: www.migroshikingsounds.ch .

Do I need a cable car ticket?

Certain destinations can only be reached by mountain railway or by walking ahead of time. That's why you need a mountain railway ticket at most locations. However, depending on your physical condition, you are free to complete the first stage on foot. However, find out in advance at the respective location about the hiking route and the time required.

You can book the cable car ticket online on the location page.

Do I have to walk the hike to get to the Migros Hiking Sounds Stage?

It is up to each participant to walk the walk or not. But you will miss a lot if you don't walk the hike.

What you will miss:
-Wonderful mountain landscapes, breathtaking vantage points, exciting encounters
-Various partner stations where you will be surprised, fed and strengthened
-Campfire Stage - enjoy live music by Swiss young talents and grill a sausage made from Swiss meat at the fireplace in front of the Stage.

Are the hiking trails suitable for pushchairs?
The hikes are not suitable for prams.

Is the hike wheelchair accessible?
Unfortunately, the hikes are not barrier-free.

Are dogs allowed on the hike?

The noise of the music boxes could be very uncomfortable for dogs. Dogs are therefore only allowed at your own risk.


Migros Hiking Sounds