International Gilboa Walk

Each year, tens of thousands of marchers from Israel and abroad partake in this exciting event held against the magical landscape of Mount Gilboa reserve’s lush, picturesque paths and vantage points overlooking the most beautiful panoramic views of Israel.

The Gilboa Walk takes place in the spring, when the violet Gilboa Iris, one of the most beautiful flowers in Israel, is in bloom. The mountain slopes are at their greenest and the hikers can gaze on the magnificent view of Jezre’el Valley with Ein Harod and Kfar Yehezkel, the fields and plantations, water ponds and forests. The track of the Gilboa march crosses the Gilboa woods and nature reserve of the Gilboa.

To the delight of all participants, a lively and fun event for the whole family is held at the finish point  of the walk in Ma’ayan Charod which includes live music, activities for kids, special attractions, food stalls and even a drum circle.

Gilboa Mountain, Israel
From April 1 to
April 2, 2022
2 days
12000 people
Difficult Levels: Hard, Moderate, Easy
Complementary: Gastronomy, Music
Gifts & Awards: Certification / Medals
Labels: IML
Israël Sport for All Association
74 Menachem Begin Road 67215 Tel-Aviv
+972 35 62 14 41


International Gilboa Walk

The International Gilboa Walk offers three spectacular and fun tracks in varying levels of difficulty: 6 km family route, a 13km popular route and an international route, which will be span over 20km a day and a total of 40 miles according to international regulations require.

The Gilboa Walk includes participants of all ages and from countries far and wide, including Germany, Austria, Lithuania, the UK, France and the Netherlands, and more.

Throughout the track will be stations overlooking beautiful spots, Explanations on the panorama, archeology, geology, history etc. will be given. Mount Hermon 2,500 meters about Sea level on the frontier of Syria, Lebanon and Israel is seen while walking the track. The Gilboa mountain in Jordan east to Gillboa is seen while walking along the track.

Gilboa Mountain, Israel