International 4daagse Apeldoorn

The International 4daagse Apeldoorn, which is entirely organized and carried out by volunteers, is characterized not only by nature, but also by the cozy atmosphere . Both at the rest points along the route and at the start and finish area, the participants are welcomed with a varied music program.

Apeldoorn, Netherlands
From July 11 to
July 14, 2023
4 days
/ 16 routes
mainly Adult (40-60)
Difficult Levels: Hard, Moderate
Landscape: Urban Surroundings
Organizer type: Association
International Four Days Marches Apeldoorn Foundation
Hulstweg 10 7312 DX Apeldoorn


International 4daagse Apeldoorn

Four Days Marches The next edition of the Apeldoorn Four Days Marches will be held from Tuesday 11 to Friday 14 July 2023.

For young and old

This Four Days Marches is not only enjoyable for seasoned hikers but also for beginners. Why? Because participants do not necessarily have to walk for four days and can choose from short and long distances. In short: a special Four Days Marches with a beautiful amalgamation of various hiking enthusiasts!

The following distances are possible: 12, 20, 30 or 40 km.

Ten reasons to participate

Ten reasons to participate in the Cantharel International Four Days Marches Apeldoorn

  • The very nature-rich courses: forest, heath, sand drifts, but also springs, nice villages and a palace.
  • The free choice of distance: 12, 20, 30 or 40 km.
  • The possibility to also participate 1, 2 or 3 days.
  • The high score with which hikers appreciate the event.
  • The good organization (according to the participants).
  • The conviviality at the resting place and at the finish.
  • No jostling on the courses, but the opportunity to walk in relative peace.
  • Easily accessible starting accommodation with spacious, free parking facilities.
  • A wide choice of accommodation options in and around Apeldoorn.
  • Routes that go into nature immediately after the start.


As a participant you will be presented with an attractive route. From the start you walk straight into nature every day. Depending on the chosen distance, you walk through forests, over moors, along sand drifts and more.

Day of Beekbergen

The first walking day takes place in the Ugchelen-Beekbergen-Loenen area.

The route of the 12 km runs through a forest area of ​​the Orderbos and along the springs of Ugchelen. The sprengen used to be and are still of great significance in Apeldoorn.

The 20 km and 30 km continue via the hamlet of England and over the enken to Beekbergen. The longer distances then continue through the wooded area with sites of, among others, Natuurmonumenten. The 40 km continues towards Loenen and through a small part of the Loenermark of Het Gelders Landschap. The 20, 30 and 40 km go back via the Bruggelen estate of Het Gelders Landschap, again over the enken at Beekbergen and via Ugchelen.

As usual, the large resting place is on the grass meadow near Randerode.

Dag 2: Het Loo

The second walking day has great rest in the Bosloo parking lot of the Paleispark. The route to and from the Paleispark takes you through the beautiful Berg en Bos City Park and the greenest district of Apeldoorn. The 20, 30 and 40 km continue through the Paleispark of Kroondomein Het Loo. This year too, people will walk along the beautiful avenue with a view of the rear of the Palace. The 20 km remains in the Palace Park. The 30 and 40 km walk through the scenic area of ​​Wiesel and continue to Vaassen. In Vaassen, walkers can rest on the 30 and 40 km in the clubhouse of the VV VIOS. The 40 km continues to the village of Niersen. Their route goes through the beautiful forest area of ​​Kroondomein Het Loo. All two distances return to the Palace Park. The way back goes through the district and Stadspark Berg en Bos.

High Soeren Day

On the third walking day, the great rest is on the Bosweide van Berg en Bos. The 12 km takes place entirely within the area of ​​the Orderbos and Berg en Bos, the 20 km continues in Hoog Soeren. The 30 and 40 km come later through Hoog Soeren. The 30 and 40 km first pass the Asselse Heide and through the forest and heath area of ​​Staatsbosbeheer. Hoog Buurlo (sheepfold) and Radio Kootwijk (former broadcasting building) are further along the 40 km route. The way back goes for the 30 and 40 km via Assel and over the Asselse Heide. For this day, as for the other walking days, you will penetrate deeply into nature reserves, with the chance that a roe deer, red deer, wild boar or a reptile will cross your path. Enjoy some beautiful views on the route today.

Day of Hoenderloo

The final day first goes through beautiful, varied forests of the Orderbos and Willemsbos and Van der Huchtbos. The 12 km then comes to the great rest at Caesarea (where again a local produce market is set up) and back along the trail. The 20 km continues south through the area of ​​the Gelders Landschap and the Ugchelen-Hoenderloo forestry and then via the heathland of the Ugchelse Berg to Caesarea. The 30 and 40 km continue further south and through the varied forests of the Ugchelen-Hoenderloo forestry and passing through Hoenderloo. The 40 km has a resting place at Het Lierderholt. Then the route of the 30 and 40 km also goes back over the heath of the Ugchelse Berg and to the resting place Caesarea.

For the four day hikers

On to the finish! Cheerful music accompanies you the last meters on your way to the well-deserved flowers and a warm welcome by organization, friends and family. Four fantastic walking days. The distance does not matter much, but you have been able to enjoy the beautiful walking moments that Apeldoorn and the Veluwe have to offer. Feel free to stay for a while with a drink and a chat. Maybe we can say see you next year?

Apeldoorn, Netherlands


International 4daagse Apeldoorn