Fjällraven Classic Sweden

If you are curious, like nature and would like to trek in Scandinavia, Fjällräven Classic might be something for you. 110km trail, wild landscapes, free camping and you. This is Classic Sweden. It’s an epic journey in a vast, rugged wilderness way above the Arctic Circle. With everything you need packed into your backpack, this is the landscape you’ll call home while you trek from Nikkaluokta to Abisko, partly following Kungsleden (The King’s Trail).

Solna, Sweden
From August 11 to
August 18, 2023
8 days
mainly Young (20-40)
Difficult Levels: Hard
Landscape: Mountain
Lodging: Lodging Included
Organizer type: Global Company
Fenix Outdoor Ecom AB


Fjällraven Classic Sweden

Solna, Sweden


Fjällraven Classic Sweden

Starting dates are 11, 12 and 13 of August 2023, the finish close the 18 of August at 1 pm.

Join us for an unforgettable hiking experience!

If you plan to hike up to the top of Sweden’s highest mountain Kebnekaise during your participation in Fjällräven Classic, we recommend that you start Friday or early Saturday.

The registration is not open yet and there are no tickets available to buy or pre-order. Right here, tickets to Fjällräven Classic Sweden 2023 will be available for purchase from January 2023.



Fjällraven Classic Sweden

At the Start

If you arrive directly to the start you are able to do your check in procedure there and pick up your food and gas. The first start is at 09:00 Friday 12th of August. When you arrive with the buses during the day, do your last preparations and start when ever you want, until 16:00.

We provide bus transportation from the check in in Kiruna to the start in Nikkaluokta. The bus journey takes roughly one hour and this is what you purchase your slot and start ticket for.

The departure groups/bus departures from Högalidskolan that you will register for when you purchase your start ticket is:

Friday 12:th of August 07:30, 08:30, 09:00, 10:00, 11:00, 12:00, 13:00

Saturday 13:th of August 07:30, 08:30, 09:00, 10:00, 11:00, 12:00, 13:00 (fast trekkers bus departure 06:30)

Sunday 14:th of August 07:30, 08:00, 09:00, 10:00

Upon arrival to Nikkaloukta and the start you can make your last preparations, weigh your backpack, consult the trekking hosts, purchase some snacks and finalize your game plan for the day.

Here you also receive your safety tag that you tie to your backpack, with the safety tag on the back pack there is never any question if you are part of the event and are eligible for service at the checkpoints.

The last thing you do before hitting the trail is to pass thru the Fjällräven tent and get your first stamp in the trekking pass.

Nikkaluokta is a small Sami village and the local chapel upon the hill will be open for everyone to visit Friday 12:th – Sunday 14:th August with devotions in between.

Meeting Place & Check-In

Fjällräven Classic organizes shuttle buses from Kiruna Airport and train station to our check in at Högalidskolan. Our hosts are stationed during Thurday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday morning and can inform you about next departure and answer other questions you might have upon arrival.

In Kiruna the check in to Fjällräven Classic is situated at Högalidskolan (WGS84: 67°51’35.1″N 20°14’6.1″E). This is where you check-in and receive your map, Trekking Pass and waste bag; where you pick up your food and gas for the trek; where you leave your extra luggage for transportation to Abisko. You can even buy outdoor gear at the small pop-up shop from Naturkompaniet. The check in is close to the camping in Kiruna.

The check-in is open
Thursday: 12.00-20.00
Friday: 06:00-20.00
Saturday: 06:00-20.00
Sunday: 06.00-11.00

For the trek we supply you with Real Turmat, freeze-dried food from Drytech. You pic up food for the first three days at the check in. The tastes that we serve spread out along the trek are changing, theese are most probably what you will find:

Chili con carne, Pasta bolognese, Game stew, Chicken curry, Pulled port w. rice, Creamy salmon w. pasta, Beef stew, Kebab stew, Cod in curry sauce, Chicken tikka masala, Beef and potato stew, Couscous w. lentils and spinach (veg), Chili stew with Beans (vegan), Squash and sweet potato casserole (vegan), Thai red curry (vegan), Pasta in tomato sauce (vegan). Breakfasts: Fruit muesli, Chocolate muesli, Blueberry and vanilla muesli.

Get ready for trekking - check list
Here are our best advice for the preparations in Kiruna.

Download the q-cloud app and take a number tag to the check in (one for each party).
Try the dry food from Real Turmat. Maybe you find a new favourite.
Check in.
Have a Swedish “fika” in Trekkers kafé.
Pick up bread and play at the polar bread raffle.
Pick up gas to your stove.
Visit the worskhops with our trekking hosts – how to pitch a tent and what to think of when you pack your backpack.
Visit the lecture about flora, fauna and geology along the trail, in the assebly hall at Malmfältens folkhögskola just acroos the street. Thursday and Friday at 18:00 in English and 19:30 in Swedish.
Arrange your luggage and your back pack.
Hand in your luggage for transport to the finish in Abisko.
Enter the bus to start and enjoy!

During the trek

There are six checkpoints along the Fjällräven Classic Sweden route, staffed 24-hours a day from start until Sunday evening 12 pm. From Monday morning all checkpoints are open 6 am – 12 pm until closing of the checkpoint. You need to get your Trekking Pass stamped at each one and fill in the guest book with your checkpoint arrival time. In case of emergency and the officials have to leave the tent, the stamp will be placed outside the tent for you to stamp your Trekking Pass yourself.

Closing times are:

Kebnekaise Monday 12 am
Singi Tuesday 12 am
Sälka Wednesday 12 am
Tjäktja Thursday 12 am
Alesajure Thursday 18 pm
Kieron Friday 10 am

The sauna in Sälka and Alesjaure is included in the start fee, if you intend to use it, please help us with filling up with water and wood and keep the saunas clean and fresh.

Att Ladjújávri (after 5 km) you reach a sami settlement and ”Lap Dånalds” that serve reinderburgers, that many trekkers have enjoyed thru the years.

Andreas Sarri that runs the establishment also offers a boat ride over the lake. You are allowed to rest for a while and enjoy the unique view over the Kebnekaise from the lake. The boat ride saves you 5-6 km. Please note that the fare for the boat is not included in the Fjällräven Classic ticket. You purchase it from the restaurant Enoks.

At Alesjaure there is as small boat possible to use for hikers, it is run by Roland Enoksson and the boat ride saves you 4 km.

If you aim to hike up to Kebnekaise (Sweden’s highest mountain) during your participation in Fjällräven Classic, make sure you have one long day to spend on the tour to be able to make it. Our recommendations is that you start on the Friday or early on the Saturday to have enough time.

You are free to camp wherever you like during Fjällräven Classic Sweden. With one big exception: within Abisko National Park where camping is prohibited. The last 15km of the trail passes through the park so please plan your camping sites beforehand. You have to respect the camping restrictions in Abisko National Park. Within the national park you’re only allowed to camp, or light a fire, at a special tent location near Nissanjåkk, 5km from Abisko Tourist Station. You can also camp at Abiskojaure Cabin. It is free of charge to camp by checkpoint Singi, Sälka, Alesjaure, Kieron and Abiskojaure.

We provide you with a trash bag to collect your non-human waste during the trek. And it’s vital that you use it. You’re not allowed, under any circumstances, to drop litter along the route, at checkpoints, mountain cabins or wind shelters. If you are caught doing so, you will be disqualified. We want to keep the area pristine and free from rubbish. You carry the trash bag all the way to the finish in Abisko. Weigh your Trash Bag at the finish in Abisko and it is heavier than 600g you have the chance to receive a prize from Fjällräven.

You can abandon Fjällräven Classic Sweden at any time, but due to lack of roads, you’ll still have to walk back to Nikkaluokta or on towards Abisko. Please contact a checkpoint official or – if you have mobile phone reception – call +46 (0)73 832 41 20.

Human waste is another matter. This should not go into the trash bag. There are several no-water toilets along the routes at the checkpoints and mountain cabins. At several checkpoints you will find urine diverting toilets. For diversion to work well, you have to sit down, quite far back on the ring. Of course, even at cabins and wind shelters, you should sit down when using the toilets. If nature calls when you’re far from a toilet: Dig a small hole. Relieve yourself. Cover the hole with earth. Please bury your toilet paper as well or take it with you. NB! In Abisko National Park you’re not allowed to dig, there you have to cover feces with stones and bring the toilet paper with you. Important: Do never relieve yourself in or close to a water course.

At The Finish

Once you’ve made it, tired but satisfied and happy, over the finish line in Abisko, before you can head into the Trekker’s Inn, to your accommodation in Abisko or the buses to Kiruna, you’ll need to get your last stamp in your Trekking Pass. And it’s here you’ll also receive your Fjällräven Classic Sweden medal. After finish you can collect your luggage, the luggage check-out has 24h service.

Once you’ve made it, tired but satisfied and happy, over the finish line in Abisko, before you can head into the Trekker’s Inn pub, you’ll need to get your last stamp in your Trekking Pass. And it’s here you’ll also receive your Fjällräven Classic Sweden medal. After finish you can collect your luggage, the luggage check-out has 24h service.

If a shower sounds more appealing than the Trekker’s Inn, then you’re in luck. You have access to changing rooms, showers and even another sauna in Abisko. You’ll need to pay a small fee at the Abisko Tourist Station check in desk – but it’s so worth it.

One of the most important principles when you are out in nature is to carry your rubbish back, and preferably a little extra. Everyone who weighs in a trash bag at the finish line that weighs at least 600g  will receive a Fjällräven prize.

Whether you shower first or second, don’t miss a visit to the Trekker’s Inn. Aside from food and drink, Trekker’s Inn is open,  Saturday 13:th – Sunday 14:th  11 am -24 pm, Monday 15:th – Thursday 18:th 11 am – 2 am, Friday 19:th August 11 am – 6 pm.

In Abisko there will be plenty of activities, the program will be updated as we get closer, join us!

  • Every day 09.00 -18.00  Abisko Naturum,  Do not miss the slideshow, exhibitions and guided tours about Abisko National Park.
  • Every day 9.30 -16.00 Chair lift and Aurora Sky Station Café, take the chair lift up to the mountain Nuolja and enjoy the marvellous view over Abisko National Park.
  • Sunday – Thursday [reservations] Massage for tired muscles, reservation charts in the main entrance.
  • Sunday – Friday [info desk] Test a Fjällräven tent, For one night you have the possibility to try out a Fjällräven tent. Contact the Fjällräven Classic Information Desk for more information.
  • Tatoo studio [pre reservations or drop in]
  • Equipment inspiration and information

Packing list

To get the most from Fjällräven Classic Sweden – and stay safe in nature – you need to have the right clothing and equipment. That’s why we’ve deemed some equipment mandatory. Please go through it thoroughly to see what you have and what you need to get. Don’t worry! If you forget something you can always buy it in Kiruna.  We will perform random equipment controls at the start in Nikkaluokta, just to make sure you have all the mandatory equipment.

By bringing the mandatory equipment we know that you are able to survive a forced break for a number of hours. Notify other trekkers and they will call our staff at the next checkpoint. Help will come but it may take time. With a tent, sleeping mat and a sleeping bag you will survive hours, until help arrives.

To bring with you

  • Tent*
  • Sleeping bag*, preferably three-season sleeping bag
  • Stove* with a deep pan – good for boiling water for the freeze dried meals
  • Fuel* (included in the ticket fee, don’t forget to bring a bottle if you use petrol or methylated spirit)
  • Sleeping mattress*
  • Map* (included in the ticket fee)
  • Magnetic compass*
  • Fjällräven Classic Trash Bag* (included in the ticket fee)
  • Hat/beanie*
  • Gloves*
  • Hiking boots
  • Thermal fleece/mid layer top* in down, wool or a synthetic material
  • Long underpants for a dry change*
  • Wind and waterproof pants*
  • Wind and waterproof jacket with hood*
  • First aid kit* (at least elastic bandage, blister pads, compresses and tape). It is recommended to complement the mandatory first aid kit with safety pins, butterfly stitches (skin closures), fluid replacement and pain reliever.
  •  65-75lr backpack with rain protection cover
  •  Sun hat/cap Hiking socks, preferably in wool
  • Underwear in wool or in a synthetic material
  • A change of shoes or flip flops/sandals to give your feet a brea
  • Hiking trousers, a pair that can be unzipped to become shorts are ideal – it does get warm up there sometimes
  • T-shirt
  • Hiking poles
  • Matches and/or lighter
  • Dish cloth
  • Small towel
  • Water bottle, minimum 0.5lt
  • Small knife with scissors or a multi-tool
  • Toiletries (one roll of toilette paper is included)
  • Head torch
  • Sunglasses
  • Face mask (to wear during the bus transportations)

Important to know

For safety reasons we have a list of mandatory equipment. During Fjällräven Classic Sweden you are resposible for your own safety. If you for some reason have to stay longer at one spot than you have planned in advance, the mandatory items are necessary for your own safety. Thus, it is very important that you have your personal gear. However, some of the items in the list may be shared with your fellow trekkers if you’re hiking in a group. If you are sharing equipment, it is very important that you stay together during the hike.

Items that may be shared between participants:

  • Tent
  • Stove and fuel
  • Magnetic compass
  • First aid kit

If you lack any item of the mandatory equipment you are not allowed to start in Fjällräven Classic Sweden.   At the start in Nikkaluokta we will randomly check that parti­cipitants have their mandatory equipment. If you lack some item you have the possibility to complete your equipment in Nikkaluokta (very limited selection) or Kiruna.


Fjällraven Classic Sweden