Fjällraven Classic Korea

A hometown of enthusiastic trekkers, Korea has become a new hero of Fjällräven Classic in 2022. Our successful trekking culture started with Fox Trekking, the local trekking event since 2014 is now heading for global one.Through Classic Korea, you can meet beautiful and mysterious volcanic island Jeju.

The journey facing the south face of the magnificent Hallasan Mountain, the highest peak of Korea at the center of it, will be a challenging experience. Moreover, walking along deep and tranquil forest trails surrounding Mt. Hallasan will help you heal and refresh your soul.

Jeju, South Korea
From October 18 to
October 23, 2022
6 days
Difficult Levels: Moderate
Organizer type: Global Company


Fjällraven Classic Korea

At the Start

The start for Fjällräven Classic Korea is at the Hallasan National Park Orimok Information Center. You must get your first stamp in your Trekking Pass here. We have a shuttle service from Hebron Hill Resort to the start. For residents there are public transportation access (bus 240) that stops 1km from the start area.

Here’s what to do before departure.

  1. Start stamp shall be applied on the trekking path.
  2. Gimbap is prepared for lunch, and depending on the amount, 1 or 2 can be packed.
  3. Fill the bottle with enough water to drink.
  4. Check the weight of your backpack and get ready for departure.
  5. Do enough stretching to prevent injury before starting.
  6. Please leave with the departure count.

During The Trek

Fjällräven Classic Korea has seven checkpoints included of start and finish, In all the checkpoints, every participants have to get a stamp on the trekking pass and record arrival time in the guest book, In the absence of staffs for emergency, you can stamp it yourself.

In the first day, there is only national park sign during the trek because of regulation, it means that you have to check the map carefully. Also, in the Eorimok Shelter, you must leave to the Yeong-sil trek before 13:30. All of classic Korea trail is the part of the National Park and is prohibited from cooking on all trails except for camping sites. In particular, only Korean rice roll and burgers are allowed on the first day of the course, so the Korean rice roll will be served for lunch.

Unlike Classic Sweden, you’re not free to camp anywhere. But you do have a choice of designated camping areas marked on your Classic Korea map (included in the ticket price). So, we will camp in the Hawon village campground for the 1st night and Yusuam village campground for the 2nd night.

We provide you with a trash bag to collect your non-human waste during the trek. And it’s vital that you use it. You’re not allowed, under any circumstances, to drop litter along the route, at checkpoints, mountain cabins or wind shelters. If you are caught doing so, you will be disqualified. We want to keep the area pristine and free from rubbish. You carry the trash bag all the way to the finish.

You can abandon Fjällräven Classic Korea at any time, but due to lack of roads, you’ll still have to walk back to start or finish. Please contact a checkpoint official or – if you have a mobile phone, call the contact number on the trekking pass

At The Finish

Once you’ve made it, tired but satisfied and happy, over the finish line in Hebron hill, you’ll need to get your last stamp in your Trekking Pass. And it’s here you’ll also receive your Fjällräven Classic Korea medal. There are warm showers, pleasant after-party and interesting booths waiting for you. You will have a good night to relieve your fatigue in trekking.

After finish you can get back your luggage, the luggage check-out open until 24:00. you can weigh your trash bag before disposing of its contents. In return, you’ll receive a ticket for the prize draw that runs every night.

Jeju, South Korea


Fjällraven Classic Korea

1. Participation fee
– Adult(born before 2008) : 180USD

– Youth(born 2008-2016): 130USD

2. Departure Group

– Group 1: October 18 to October 20 (3 days)

– Group 2: October 19 to October 21 (3 days)

– Group 3: October 20 to October 22 (3 days)

3. Reservation of accommodation

– The participation fee does not include the accommodation fee, and an email will be sent separately after the ticket is completed.

– Accommodation can be reserved the day before/after the track

– If the base camp resort accommodation is sold out, you can use other nearby accommodations.


Fjällraven Classic Korea

Do I need vaccinations for Classic Korea?+

Nope, no vaccinations are required for Korea. But remember to pack a tick spray. But it’s good idea pack a tick spray. There are no mosquitoes, but ticks can be in the fall in Jeju.

Are trekking poles a good idea?+

Yep, we certainly think so. They help with balance over slippery parts and make going up and down hill easier too. We recommend telescopic poles that you can adjust. You can then shorten them when going uphill and lengthen them when going down. Shock absorbing poles are also a great idea over long distances.

Will my mobile phone work?+

Yes, in most locations. But we suggest turning it off and tuning back into nature.
What should I do if my equipment breaks?+
Help is on hand at every checkpoint. You can always ask fellow trekkers too.

How do I refill drinking water?+

We recommend you to fill up the bottle before you take off. First day's water supplying points are marked on the map, and you can also use your water purifier bottle which you will receive. On the second day, you can refill water at the checkpoint but the supply might be insufficient due to difficulties of vehicle entry. So we recommend you to fill up before you take off. On the third day, you can refill the bottle at the checkpoint.

Do I need to take my own food?+

We provide you with freeze-dried meals. These meals are designed to be filling and nutritious and meet the requirements of an average adult. But it's nice to have something to snack on along the way. Trail mix of nuts and dried fruit is a great and healthy option for slow-burning energy. There are not many points where you can refill drinking water, so make sure you have enough water before you take off.

How should I prepare?+

The main thing is to properly walk in your hiking boots and get used to carrying a heavy backpack. Start with easy walks in your local area and build up to over-night trips in more undulating terrain. We recommend that you have at least 200 hiking kilometres under your belt before your hit the Classic Korea trail.
Do I have to have mountain trekking experience and be in good shape?+
Trekking 60km in 3 days is not an easy trip. Especially hiking up to 1700m on the first day could be quite challenging. However, you don't need any special trekking experience to enjoy it. Just make sure you're comfortable carrying a heavy backpack on consecutive days in warm weather.

Is there a time limit?+

No, there's no formal time limit for completion of Fjallraven Classic Korea. But participants must arrive to the Checkpoint 1 on the first day until 13:30. Also you must arrive to the campsite Donnaeko Wonang and Hawon Village for camping.

Can I bring my dog?+

No, it is not allowed under the national park regulations.

Where can I camp?+

Unlike Classic Sweden, you're not free to camp anywhere. You can find the camping areas on the map. The first night will be at Hawon Village, and the second night at Yusuam Village.

How will I find the way?+

The route is clearly marked on the trail. The trail is clearly sign posted. But you should always have your map and compass handy as a precaution.

What equipment do I need?+

We've put together a packing list for Classic Korea. But basically a backpack, tent, sleeping bag, stove and trekking clothes for both chilly and sunny weather. Don't forget your compass and first aid kit either.

What’s the weather usually like?+

The fall weather of Jeju varies from chilly morning to warm noon that reaches up to 20℃. It is mostly sunny, but you can expect some rainfall as well. It is always a good idea to check the latest weather report.
COVID-19 Outbreak+
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Fjällraven Classic Korea