Falcon Walk

The route follows its way through the forests of Arnhem, the Rozendaalse Veld, the surroundings of the Posbank, Castle and Park Rosendael, Klarenbeek, Park Sonsbeek and Zypendaal and then crosses through Landgoed 'Warnsborn'. A beautifully varied area, through forest, heath and along streams.

Arnhem, Netherlands
From July 9 to
July 9, 2022
1 days
Stichting Falcon Walk
Oranjekazerne, Arnhem
+06 22964681


Falcon Walk

At the Falcon Walk there are different distances you can choose from to walk. From light (5 km) to a brisk hike (40 km). You can click on the desired distance to the left for more information. However, these are currently still fully provided with information, but have been described in broad terms.

5 kilometers
The 5 kilometer walk is intended for people who are not used to walking far.

10 kilometers
The 10 kilometer walk is fine for people who walk more often.

15 kilometers
This 15 kilometer walk is perfect for people who like to walk.

20 kilometers
This 20 kilometer walk is perfectly doable for people who walk regularly.

30 kilometers
If you are an advanced walker, then this 30 kilometer tour is really something for you!

40 kilometers

Arnhem, Netherlands


Falcon Walk

Members walking association 5 euros (on presentation of membership card)
Military & Veterans 4 euros (on presentation of Military ID or Veterans Pass)
Other 6 euros
Reminder (medal or pin) 3.50 euros