Duin en Bollen Vierdaagse

The Bollenstreek will receive a major hiking spectacle in October: De Duin en Bollen Vierdaagse. With this walking event, as a large flower garden, beautifully situated behind the sea and dunes, you will discover the versatility of the region with beach, dunes, bulb fields and charming villages where the residents show their very best side.

Duin en Bollenstreek, Netherlands
From October 13 to
October 16, 2022
4 days
/ 20 routes
mainly Adult (40-60)
Difficult Levels: Hard, Moderate, Easy
+31 71 820 0434


Duin en Bollen Vierdaagse

Thursday 13 October Keukenhof Day

The start and finish are the first two walking days in the center of Lisse. And of course in the final kilometers we also walk through Keukenhof, the flower garden that may look different than in spring, but no less beautiful and of course we also walk through the park with the Keukenhof Castle, which looks very beautiful in the autumn. . Maybe we'll surprise you. And pay attention. This program will be expanded in the course of the year.

06:00: 40 kilometers
07:00: 30 kilometers
08:00: 20 kilometers
10:00: 15 kilometers
16:00: 5 kilometers (also for children)

Start location Keukenhof Lisse
De Zilk

Friday 14 October The Day of Keukenhof Castle

06:00: 40 kilometers
07:00: 30 kilometers
08:00: 20 kilometers
10:00: 15 kilometers
16:00: 5 kilometers (also for children)

On Saturday we move to Noordwijk. That's where we start and end day 3 and we will also send the walkers out on the final day. To finally bring the heroes in gloriously on the Koningin Wilhelmina Boulevard in Noordwijk. What is the popular name of the last kilometer? We'll be sure to come back to that.

Start location Keukenhof Lisse

Saturday 15 October Noordwijk Day

06:00: 40 kilometers
07:00: 30 kilometers
08:00: 20 kilometers
10:00: 15 kilometers
10:30: 5 kilometers (also for children)

Start location Noordwijk

Sunday October 16 The Day of Noordwijk

06:00: 40 kilometers
07:00: 30 kilometers
08:00: 20 kilometers
10:00: 15 kilometers
10:30: 5 kilometers (also for children)

Starting point Noordwijk
Beach and dunes

Duin en Bollenstreek, Netherlands


Duin en Bollen Vierdaagse

Registration fees

You can register for the full 4 days at one of the following distances. Anyone can choose any distance.
KidsWalk is up to 12 years old

40 kilometers: Four days €80
30 kilometers: Four days €75
20 kilometers: Four days €70
15 kilometers: Four days €60
5 kilometers: Four days €20

You can also choose a day ticket for one of the first 3 days.
Costs for this per day are:

40 kilometers – €22.50
30 kilometers – €21.25
20 kilometers – €20.00
15 kilometers – €17.50
5 kilometers – €5.00

Walking (luxury) together in a Business team…

Do we have to tell you that participating in the DB4Daagse Business Walk is a great opportunity for your company to promote and present yourself in a professional, sporty and original way? That it can be excellent team building or pure customer loyalty? Of course not. You can really figure that out yourself. It is useful to know that men and women can sit together in a team.

You can participate at the following distances:
40 km
30 km
20 km
15 km

What is a team?

A team consists of a maximum of 10 people (less is allowed). All 10 team members walk the same distance. Once chosen for a distance, it must be completed for four days. Only then are the team members entitled to the reward.

However, a maximum of 2 of the team members can split the four days. So walk yourself for two days and let a colleague, friend or family member complete the other two days. So every 2 days.


The costs for a team differ per distance and amount

Business team at 15 km – €1000
Business team at 20 km – €1100
Business team at 30 km – €1200
Business team at 40 km – €1250

What's in the package?

It costs quite a bit to buy a business team, but you also get a very nice BusinessWalkPackage in return. What's in there?

A maximum of 10 carriers including chip (electronic starting ticket)
A maximum of 10 information
folders A maximum of 10 individual rewards after the finish
Lists on the website with all started and finished teams (see description)
A digital team photo (downloadable)
Name of the company is displayed every day by the speaker mentioned
Two VIP tickets per company for the VIP pavilion next to the finish on the final day in Noordwijk (the place to be…)
Free media package: digital magazines, individual finish photos/video, tracking (colleagues, friends, family can follow you along the way ).
Own chill spot en route (see description).
Own reception room before and after hiking (see description).

Chill Spot, for business teams only

At least one Chill Spot every day exclusively for members of business teams.
There you can relax. Nicely dressed. Relaxed music.
And there is plenty of goodies, there are own toilets and own masseurs.

Own reception area for business teams

A separate reception area for all business teams (see description)
The reception area is not far from the start and finish .
Cozy music in the reception area
. The reception area is shared with many other business teams. Is pleasant and useful for relaxed networking.
The reception area is already tidy during the first three days (morning and afternoon), with coffee and tea.
But on the final day, the room will be decorated extra festively and you will receive sandwiches, fruit, sports drinks, soft drinks, etc.
Of course you can leave bags, clothes, shoes, etc. in the business room every day. There is supervision all day long.
There are masseurs, especially for the business teams in the reception area.

List of finished companies

A list will be published on the website of teams that have registered for the Duin en Bollen Vierdaagse. And a separate list of finished teams (at least 5 team members must have reached the finish).

That list is of course not a ranking, because participating is more important than winning at the walk. But it is nice that your company is mentioned as a sporting enterprise.


Duin en Bollen Vierdaagse

The Distances

  • 40 kilometer
    30 kilometer
    20 kilometer
    15 kilometer
    5 kilometers (Kidswalk and open to anyone with limited mobility)

Cross, medal or…

There is a great reward for every distance. We won't say anything about that yet, but if you finish the Elfstedentocht, you'll earn the coveted cross. If you finish the half or full marathon, you will get a fantastic medal. In short, there will also be a wonderful reward for the Duin en Bollen Vierdaagse, but hey… then you have to reach the finish after 4 walking days. So start training…

Everyone any distance

And oh yes… In the Duin en Bollenstreek everyone, man or woman or whatever variant, can walk any distance. Except for the 5 kilometers, of course, because it's actually For Kids Only… But if dad, mom, grandpa or grandma want to walk along, they are allowed to, especially if they are not able to do a longer distance themselves.

40 kilometer

Wow, that one is really for the experienced, the diehards. The imperial distance of the DB4Daagse is completed by sport walkers who already make their meters somewhere every week. Or… yes, it's the ultimate challenge of him or her who “always wanted to do it once” (bucket list?). You have to be prepared to put in a lot of training for it. Bet it doesn't stop there.

30 kilometer

Yes, is at least as much of a challenge as the longest distance. Even for the thirty (30,000 meters is easily 40,000 steps) you really need serious preparation, say a kind of training internship. Because if you have trained too little, you will really feel it on the 30 kilometers, so start now. Tip: practice with two people (stick behind the door?).

20 kilometer

"I can do that." Can you hear him or her say it? Immediately give the sincere advice that good preparation is necessary. Simple: don't miss out on walking a half marathon for four days (ever heard of muscle pain?). Grab the schedule and try it out, maybe for a day. And do it together.

15 kilometer

Anyone can, you might say, but that's not the case. You really have to have made a few kilometers for this distance (with friends), because here too the following applies… you have to complete those fifteen kilometers (about 20,000 steps) four days in a row. Unless you opt for a day ticket.

5 kilometers (Kidswalk and for anyone with limited mobility)

The boys and girls up to 12 years old get their own four-day event. They will complete 5 kilometers four times in a row (after school). And make no mistake, it is 5000 meters. Curious how many steps that is for you. We have also opened this distance to anyone who is less agile.


The Duin en Bollen Vierdaagse is a recreational walking tour. However, we believe that if you register for the 15, 20, 30 or 40 kilometers, you should also stick to the route. That is why you will be checked at checkpoints along the way. We do this electronically and sometimes in unannounced places (surprise!). If the fixed checkpoints are known, we will tell you all about it on this page.

What do you get…?

Of course you have to walk yourself. That's what a Four Days Marches is all about. But we can make it easier for you by providing good facilities. Below is a first overview of what will come along the route to help you further. And that list will only be expanded over the course of the year. Make use of it…

Free Relaxing Spot

You can refuel by resting for fifteen minutes at the relaxation area. Which is made a bit cozy and you encounter everywhere on the route. We also call them chill spots.

Free Toilets

We place toilet cubicles and so-called pee crosses along the route. Although you can of course also use the toilet at a restaurant if you just eat or drink something on the terrace

Free Massage

Masseurs are available at the start and finish to give your tired muscles some relief. But you can also get a massage along the route, if it gets a bit too heavy.

Free Water Points

No, October is not a summer month, but you will still crave some fresh water every now and then. We will therefore provide points where you can fill your bottle or vial.

Stamps yes or no?

Stamping is not necessary and yet you do, because we do want to check whether you have been to the digital stamping points. You just have to walk past it, because it is done electronically.

Free blister picks

Once well on the road you can of course sometimes get a blister. Oh, how happy you are when there's a blister picker nearby. Let's take care of it.

Free Tracing

You can follow your wife, husband, child, friend or neighbor via the chip registration. Even if they are at home they can see where you are and if you are still on your way. Nice service right?

Free First Aid

Red Cross first aiders can be found along the entire route to provide first aid when needed.

Free Tape Service

You can get taped for free in the morning. You have to pay for the pieces of tape, but the taping is free. Would you rather run your miles?

Free Calves Squirt

Along the way you can have your calves injected for free at Ice Power. Nice and cool, then you can really take it again. Cost you nothing.

Don't wait for the start

You do not have to report in person before the start. You must carry the lanyard with your chip in it. But with that you can just walk across the starting line in the morning and go on your way. So no queues for the start.

Free shuttle buses to and from the start

If you spend the night near Noordwijk or Katwijk and you have to get to the start in Lisse early, you can use the shuttle buses. And of course they also bring you back after your finish. Free.

Free fruit and other refreshments

If you're going through it, it helps that you can get free fruit or other delicacies from us. That will get you back on track.

Free Music & Entertainment

Together with the residents, we ensure that you are regularly entertained with music or another form of entertainment. Cozy right.

Free Podcasts on Interesting Topics

We will occasionally tell you what you come across. Keep your smartphone on and you will occasionally hear a podcast (a spoken story) from us.

Free fantastic reward

Yes, of course you have to have completed the four days, but then you really get something. We'll be announcing what it is soon.

Start and Finish

Is the area where you would like to be. Or in the morning full of adrenaline to start or later in the day to look back on another beautiful day of hiking, especially after your efforts.

The start/finish area is nicely decorated and made cozy. On the photo only a light impression. There you can expect music and all kinds of other fun things. Guaranteed to have a lot of people walking around. Your children, mom or dad, husband or wife, friends are probably waiting for you. Nice to see them again, isn't it?


Duin en Bollen Vierdaagse