Drunens Wandelfestival

The 'Wandelen tegen Kanker' Foundation and involved partner Software Society together organize a well-known and unique walking event in the Loonse en Drunense Duinen: the annual Pink Ribbon walking tour. Also known as the 'pink walking tour';

Drunen, Netherlands
From June 24 to
June 24, 2023
1 days
Drunens Wandelfestival
+06 24992180


Drunens Wandelfestival

Drunen, Netherlands


Drunens Wandelfestival

DRUNEN – It was nail biting for two years. Will the Drunens Wandelfestival take place and if so, in what form? Twice it was forced to have an alternative edition. If it is up to the organization of the Drunens Wandelfestival, 'the largest pink ribbon ever' for Pink Ribbon will pass through Drunen and the surrounding area on 25 June. You can register from April 1.

In 2020, the Walking Against Cancer Foundation was forced to hold a digital walking event due to the corona pandemic. In 2021 there was a physical edition, but without a festival and with a maximum number of runners due to corona restrictions. The festival will return in 'normal form' on June 25.

“After two alternative editions, we are completely ready for a walking event without a maximum limit for the number of participants and with festival”, says Nicolette Slot chairperson of the foundation with great enthusiasm. “Everyone is incredibly excited to make it another beautiful day. We are already busy with the preparations.”

Departure times

Festival site at HV Avanti and FC Drunen

Torenstraat 146 – 150 in Drunen

· The 4 km walk is especially for wheelchairs and is a paved route

        Start time between 8.00 and 13.00.

· The walk of 8 kilometers consists of 1 route loop.

        Start time between 8.00 and 13.00.

· The walk of 16 kilometers consists of 2 route loops. Each loop contains a unique route. So you don't run the same loop twice.

        Start time between 8.00 and 12.00.

The 25 kilometer walk consists of 3 route loops. Each loop contains a unique route. So you don't run the same loop three times.

        Start time between 8am and 11am.

festival site

The festival site is the beating heart of the event, including a stage with music performances, a children's festival site, market stalls, bars, food trucks and ample standing and seating for runners and visitors.


We use coins to buy food and drink. You can pay with pin. If you want to drink alcohol, you can get a Nix 18 band at the cash register.


Preferably come by bike. We have a car park for cars, but this costs €2.00. You must comply with this to the parking managers (cash or by pin). These proceeds also go to Pink Ribbon.

Personal message

Would you like to leave a personal message to support someone or share your personal motivation for running? You can do that via  https://www.drunenswandelfestival.nl/kopie-van-contact . We will then make a selection for the avenue of reflection where all runners pass by.

Pink Piggies

Of course we aim for a fantastic event for all participants. Everyone runs for his or her own reasons. And we wholeheartedly support everyone in this. In addition to a memorable event, our organization also wants to achieve an unforgettable profit for KWF Kankerbestrijding. So please don't forget to hand in your Pink Piggies. Of course you will immediately receive a new piggy bank for the Drunens Wandelfestival on June 24, 2023!

We wish all participants good luck with the preparations and wish you a wonderful walking tour.