Corwen Walking Festival

Corwen sits with the whole Berwyn Mountain Ridge behind it and walks from the town itself can take visitors to Liberty Hall and on to the highest point in the Dee Valley and Clwydian Range 'Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty', Moel Fferna at 630 metres high. The Berwyn Ridge contains the peaks of Cadair Bronwen (784 m), Cadair Berwyn (827 m) and Moel Sych (827m).

Corwen makes a great base for walks on this vastly underrated range of mountains. In total, there are twenty four peaks over 600 metres high in the Berwyn Mountains.

With cafes and restaurants, hotels, guest houses, caravan parks and campsites all within close proximity and with some of the best walks in the land, we assure you that both the welcome and the countryside will ensure that you return to Corwen again and again.

Corwen, Wales
From September 2 to
September 4, 2022
3 days
/ 17 routes
mainly Adult (40-60)
Difficult Levels: Hard, Moderate, Easy
Gwyl Gerdded Corwen Walking Festival
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Corwen Walking Festival

The Corwen Walking Festival will take place from the 2nd to the 4th September 2022 with three days of Walks to take part in.

If you have attended before you will be pleased to see that many of the walks have been repeated including our main walks being the Berwyn Ridge, Norh Berwyn Way, Dee Valley Way, Moel Fferna and of course the mighty Caer Drewyn. Corwen is a fantastic venue for this type of event and is a wonderful base for walking enthusiasts as it offers walks from the town that suit all levels of walking. From walks around Corwen itself, finding out about the history of the town, to a high level ridge walk along the Berwyn reaching over 800 metres in height, the Corwen Walking Festival has it all. We are offering guided walks on both days and you have the choice of a full day walk or, with some of the shorter walks, doing one in the morning and another in the afternoon.

We also have some evening walks and a navigation workshop, along with evening entertainment in town.

The area around Corwen is in the Clwydian and Dee Valley 'Area Of Outstanding Natural Beauty' and even from the main car park in the heart of Corwen you can see why. Just look up and you will see Caer Drewyn hillfort looking down over the town. Corwen is situated on the A5, at one end of the magnificent and majestic Dee Valley.

All our walks start and finish at the Corwen Sports Pavilion in Green Lane and our reception opens at 8.30 am on both days.

Saturday 3rd September

Reception and Booking In

On both days our Reception opens at 8.30 am and we ask all participants to book in at least 15 minutes before their walk is due to leave. Tea and coffee are available all day and we also have maps and souvenirs for sale

Guided Walks on Offer 

WALK 1 - Berwyn Ridge Walk from Llangynog - 8.45 am

  • Saturday leaving at 8.45 am
  • Distance 19 km
  • Height gained 1060 metres of ascent

For this walk you will be transported from Corwen by bus to Llangynog where you will walk across to Pistyll Rhaeadr waterfall (the highest in Wales) and from there you will walk to the top of Cadair Berwyn, the highest point in Denbighshire, and on the Berwyn, at 830 metres high. From the top you will walk along the full Berwyn ridge, taking in Moel Sych, Cadair Berwyn and Cadair Bronwen before descending to Llandrillo where you will be collected by one of our buses.

This is high level mountain adventure and one of the best walks in the whole of North Wales and the UK with fantastic views across the Berwyn, the valleys either side of it, the Clywdian Range and into Snowdonia.

This walk is restricted to 15 participants so booking early is essential for this walk

WALK 2 - North Berwyn Way starting in Llangollen - 9.45 am

  • Saturday leaving at 9.30 am to get the bus to Llangollen
  • 26 km
  • 800 metres of ascent

For this 26 km walk, you will travel to Llangolen by bus. Either on the FREE T3 bus so that you can walk back to Corwen via the North Berwyn Way. You will visit the summit of Moel Fferna, the highest point in the Clwydian and Dee Valley Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, before walking back into Corwen via Pen Y Pigyn

Stunning views all day and a peak over 600 metres for the tick list.

This walk is open to 15 participants and so booking early for this walk is essentail

WALK 3 - Ponderosa to Corwen - 9.30 am

  • Saturday leaving at 9.30 am
  • Distance 16 km
  • Height gained 610 metres of ascent

Come and explore the stunning Dee Valley and discover just why this landscape is part of the Clwydian Range & Dee Valley AONB. This is a walk following the undulating slopes of the Llantysilio Range – some of which are quite steep, but the magnificent, far-reaching views are richly rewarding. A minibus will take you from Corwen to the Ponderosa café for the start of the walk.

WALK 4 - Moel Fferna via Liberty Hall - 9.30 am

  • Saturday leaving at 9.30 am

  • Distance 18 km
  • Height gained 725 metres of ascent

A great walk to the highest peak in the Dee Valley and Clwydian Range 'Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty'. Suitable for all including novice walkers. You will walk up to join the North Berwyn Way via Liberty Hall then continue up to Moel Fferna. This walk gives stunning views over the Berwyn, Clwydian and Snowdonia ranges of mountains.

You can even have tea in the Carrog Station tea rooms on the Llangollen Railway as part of this walk.

From Carrog you have the option to travel back to Corwen on the Llangollen Railway and walkers selectiong this option will need to purchase tickets at Carrog station

WALK 5 - Tegid Way to Llnadrillo - 9.30 am

  • Saturday leaving at 9.30 am
  • Distance 16 km
  • Height gained 560 metres of ascent

The Tegid Way explores the upper reaches of the Dee Valley from the hills of Cynwyd, to the broad valley where the Dee emerges from Llyn Tegid (Bala Lake). It links two protected landscapes – the Clwydian Range and Dee Valley 'Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty' to the north, and the Snowdonia National Park to the south. It offers stunning views of the Aran ridge which creates a dramatic backdrop to the lake as well as broad views across the Berwyn Range and Snowdonia.

The Tegid Way can be walked in either direction, but we will be starting in Corwen, walking into Cynwyd - the route which offers arguably the best views, as it descends towards the lake. From Cynwyd, the route rises to its highest point on the edge of the Berwyn Range. It is well worth taking a detour to the Bronze Age stone circle, erected here some three or four thousand years ago, and offering amazing 360º views of the surrounding mountains.

The whole route from Corwen is 20 miles long but you will get on the FREE T3 bus back to Corwen from around Llandrillo allowing you to complete the first half and arguably the best part of the route.

WALK 6 - Rhug Estate Historical Walk - 10.30 am

  • Saturday leaving at 9.30 am
  • Distance 6 km
  • Height gained 50 metres of ascent

Walk around the Rhug Estate visiting the historic sites such as the lime kilns and nuclear bunker. Exclusive access has been granted to the Estate for the weekend so you will see things to which the public does not normally have access. You will be able to buy refreshments in the Rhug Estate farmshop en route and we are very grateful to Lord Newborough and all the Staff at Rhug who do so much for us at the Walking Festival.

WALK 7 - Foel Goch - 11.00 am

Saturday 11.00 am

7 km - 390 metres of ascent

For this walk you will be dropped off and collevcted from the village of Llangwm from where you will walk up to the top of Foel Goch. Thios walk will have stunning views onto the Berwyn and into Snowdonia. This walk will be about four hours long.

WALK 8 - Story Telling Walk - 2.00 pm

Story walk - along the River Dee with local storyteller Fiona Collins

Saturday 2 pm

This walk will be from the delightful Llangar Church. After registration you will travel to Llanger (about two miles away) for the start of the walk and from there you will walk back along the former railway line, now a lovely nature trail, by the River Dee right back into Corwen. There will be stories starting with the true life ghost stories set in the Llangar churchyard and then as you walk back to Corwen a story about the founding of Llangar Church and then some of the Owain Glyndwr legend stories as you get back into Corwen. This story walk will take about two hours finishing at the Sports Pavilion in Corwen.

We will transport people back to collect their cars at the end

Self Led Walks

We very much welcome walkers coming to Corwen during the two days of the festival and walking any of our walks with their own friends or group. We can offer advice on routes and act as a back up for your walk. All our walks can be self led but the walks we provide leaflets for are Gro Isa, Pen Y Pigyn to the viewpoint, Liberty Hall and the Corwen Town Walk

Saturday Evening Activities

Skill Workshop - In 2022 we will be offering the folowing  skills workshop which will start at 6.30 pm

  • Map and Compass Skills and Basic Navigtion

Saturday Evening Walks

WALK 9 - Ghost Walk 8.00 pm

  • Saturday leaving at 8.00 pm
  • Distance 3 km
  • Height gained no real ascent

Are you brave enough to take part in this walk. Like most historic towns Corwens history is full of ghosts. We start this walk as we head towards dusk where our local historian Chris Jones will guide you around with stories that will bring the ghostly world of Ciorwen to life. This walk will take you to the very places that ghosts have been spotted around the Town.

WALK 10 - Caer Drewyn by Night - 8.00 pm

  • Saturday leaving at 8.00 pm
  • Distance 5 km
  • Height gained 200 metres of ascent

Caer Drewyn is the Iron Age hilfort that sits majesticaly overlooking the Town. We will leave the sorts pavilion at 8.00 pm and ascend o this ancient and historic place. Drinks and snacks wil be available at the top before we descend back into Town. This walk will be suitable fo all.

Night time adds a new dimension to any walk and on a clear night the night sky will be amazing. If you have never walked in the dark book onto this walk for a memorable experience in the magical and amazing countryside that towers over our little town

Sunday 4th September


On Sunday our reception will open at 8.30 am


Guided Walks on Offer 

WALK 11 - Archeological Walk 9.00 am

  • Sunday leaving at 9,00 am
  • Distance 15 km
  • Height gained 800 metres of ascent

This walk on the Berwyn Mountains will visit several places of historical and acheological interest. It will take in the three main Berwyn peaks being Moel Sych, Cadir Berwyn and Cadair Bronwen but will also give a very detailed and interesting perspective on the ancient civilisations who lived and worshipped on these great mountains. Chris Jones a local and very experienced historian and walker will guide you throughout the day on this walk. Starting and finishing at Llandrillo this walk will get a different perspective on the mountains ascending them from the western flanks. This walk will be about 7 hours seeing the very best of the Berwyn but with local historical information to take in as well.

WALK 12 - Dee Valley Way strating from Llangollen - 9.30 am

  • Sunday leaving at 9.30 am
  • Distance 27 km
  • Height gained 550 metres of ascent

For this walk you will be taken by bus and dropped off in Llangollen. From here you will walk back to Corwen along the Dee Valley Way.

Great views along the Dee Valley. With this walk you will be able to see why the countryside around Corwen is really very special.

This walk follows the valley in which the Llangollen Steam Railway runs and therfore there are a coiuple of options where you can get onto the train and ride back to Corwen by train. If you choose to do this you will have to purchase your own ticket.

WALK 13 - Cadair Bronwen from Llandrillo - 10.00 am

  • Sunday leaving at 10.00 am
  • Distance 15 km
  • Height gained 650 metres of ascent

Starting from the Llandrillo, this walk will take you to the top of Cadair Bronwen, coming back via the stone circle. It is a six hour walk to the top of this mountain and in our opinion this is one of the most special mountains in the Berwyn range. This walk is a really good introuduction to hillwalking and is a great first mountain if you are new to this exciting activity. An ancient Cairn tops this mountain and the views from the top are very special. A classic Berwyn walk through this amazing landscape.

WALK 14 - Caer Drewyn Hillfort - 10.30 am

  • Sunday leaving at 10.00 am
  • Distance 4 km
  • Height gained 170 metres of ascent

This walk will go to the top of the hillfort, introducing its history and will then come back through Corwen.

Access to a commentary by mobile phone will be available on this walk, as well as the guide to point out things of interest

WALK 15 - Quarry and Railway Walk - 10.30 am

  • Sunday 10.30 am
  • Distance 10 km
  • Height gained 650 metres of ascent

This walk will start with a bus ride to Glyndyfrdwy from where you will walk up to the historic slate quarry above this village. Once you have explored the quarry site you will walk down to Carrog where you can get a cup of tea at the Station Tea Rooms before you board the Llangollen railway for a train ride back to Corwen.

The train journey for this walk has to be paid for by the participants

WALK 16 - Navigation Walk (incorporating the Stone Circle Walk) - 11.00 am

  • Sunday 11.00 am
  • Distance 5 km
  • Height gained 200 metres of ascent

This walk allows participants to try out the practical skills of navigation on the paths around Corwen. You will go by bus to the Hendwr Caravan site where you will walk around the lower hills on the Berwyn aroud the Moel Ty-isaf stone circle. This walk will also allow people to visit the stone circle and walk back.

For those people doing this walk they may want to come to come to the Navigation skills lecture taking place at 6.30 pm on the Saturday evening

Skills that can be practised include

  • Map symbol recognition
  • Pacing
  • Timing
  • Taking bearings from a map
  • Walking on a bearing
  • Contours
  • Grid references
You will need a 1:25,000 ordnance survey map sheet number 255 Llangollen and Berwyn and a compass to get the most out of the time out on the hill. Shops in Corwen including the Post Office sell maps and our own pop up Cotswold Outdoor shop will have both maps and compasses for sale on the day.

WALK 17 - Local Beauty Walk Pen Y Gelli down to Cynwyd and back to Corwen - 11.30 am

  • Sunday leaving at 11.00 am
  • Distance 6 km
  • Height gained 150 metres of ascent

Out of all the hundreds of walks that have been completed during the Corwen Walking Festival this walk, and the concept of it, is the one we are most proud of. The concept of the LB walk was born over a drink in the Royal Oak pub when the Chair of the Corwen and District Business Association, Tish Aldridge, came up with the idea of doing a walk predominently for local people to get them out walking in their own Countryside but taking them to places that many of them may never have been to before. A stunning idea that grew into what has become one of the most popular walks of the Festival.

This walk busses people to a high point around Corwen and allows the participants to take in the views and then stroll down. We have been to Liberty Hall, Moel Fferna, Llantysilio Mountain, Pen Y Gelli and this year we are going to another stunning location to walk down from.

Now open to all walkers you not only get a great walk but we guarantee great company and you even get to walk with the lady who came up with the idea Tish Aldridge.

Corwen, Wales


Corwen Walking Festival

All of our walks are totally FREE of charge. However, refreshments are for sale before and after the walks and we happily accept donations from participants. We suggest a donation of £3 per person per walk but this is totally voluntary. The event is completely funded by contributions from the business community in Corwen who see the benefit of people's experiencing the delights of Corwen via the walking festival.