Båstad Hiking Festival

Choose from over 16 magical walks in different environments, with different themes, different levels of difficulty and length. Puzzle up your own absolutely perfect weekend and why not combine with an overnight stay at Hotel Riviera Strand.

Båstad, Sweden
From October 14 to
October 16, 2022
3 days
/ 16 routes
Difficult Levels: Hard, Moderate, Easy
Landscape: Urban Surroundings, Coast, Forest
Organizer type: Local Company
Kitt Iversen, Little Big Ideas AB together with Båstad Turism & Näringsliv AB
+46 706 636335


Båstad Hiking Festival

Pershögsvandringen - A little town, a little forest, a lot of views & a waterfall! (# 1)

This 10 km round trip takes you through everything you could want a hike to include in miniature format. You get the old Båstad and the exciting stories and the beautiful houses at Malen. Before you know it, you are up in Pershögsskogen, a nature reserve and old recreation area, almost in the middle of Båstad. From here you can enjoy a fantastic view of Laholmsbukten and Hallandsåsen. The road home goes through a modern Båstad and a beautiful promenade.

Day: Friday
Start and finish: Hotel Riviera Strand
Length: 10 km
Start time: 14:00
Hiking time: 3 h.
Difficulty: Easy but with some slopes.
Terrain: Nature trail, asphalt and beach
Cost: Included in the participant package.
After HIke at Hotel Riviera at 15-17.


NEW Art & Culture Walk in Båstad (# 2)

Båstad has a magnificent art & cultural life & many public works of art with an exciting history. During this interesting and inspiring walk, we offer artist visits and guided tours among Båstad's public art.

Day: Friday
Start and finish: Hotel Riviera Strand
Length: 10 km
Start time: 13.00
Hiking time: 3 hours
Difficulty: Easy, mostly flat.
Terrain: Asphalt, cobblestones and gravel roads
Cost: Included in the participant package.
After HIke at Hotel Riviera at 17-19.

NEW Englandsdal (# 3)

Englandsdal is a fissure valley in an old outfield landscape on the north slope of Hallandsåsen. In the fracture valley there are rock walls up to 30 meters high. The Skåneleden trail runs through the area, which alternately consists of beech forest, old orchard and bush-covered pastures. A nice view of Laholmsbukten awaits you on the hike.

Day: Friday
Start and finish: 13.00, begins with a walk to Båstads Busstation. The bus departs at 13.40.
Please note that the times are preliminary and may be adjusted by up to 60 minutes.
The hike is part of a test project with Skånetrafiken to encourage public transport to go out into nature. Join us and help us evaluate!

Length: 10 km
Start time: 13.00
Hiking time: 3 hours
Difficulty: Easy, mostly flat.
Terrain: Easy. Asphalt, cobblestones and paths.
Cost: Included in the participant package.
After HIke at Hotel Riviera at 17-19.


Seal safari along the coast of Bjäres (# 4)

Host: Liquor Event

Go on a seal safari to Hallands Väderö and experience Sweden's largest seal colony. To see the beautiful Bjärekusten from the sea is included. During a seal safari you get the opportunity to discover the beautiful Bjärekusten at sea. From the water we pass the small
fishing village Kattvik, see the dramatic cliffs that rise at Hovs Hallar and past the meadows at Hov. After a few nautical miles we come out to Hallands Väderö, where one of Sweden's largest harbor seal colonies is located. A large
number of bird species also nest here. At the seals we turn off the engines and enjoy the beautiful
surroundings until we finally head back to port. The next day you will walk along many of these places we pass!

Day: Friday and Sunday.
Start and finish: Båstads Hamn.
Start time: 15.30
Time: 1 hour
Supplement: SEK 500 incl. RIB tour, seawear, life jackets etc.
From 12 years.

Bird watching along the coast of Båstad (# 5)

Our bird walk starts at Riviera hotel and then we will walk along the beach and nearby beach forest. Exactly how we walk depends on the weather. In October, many of our birds move past both over land and sea so we look and listen and see what we can discover. We walk slowly for 2-3 hours with several stops so the distance is not so long. Bring binoculars if you have any!

Ulf Ottoson has a PhD in ecology and is an ornithologist with 35 years of experience in bird inventories and solid experience in scientific research and teaching in ecology and evolution with a special focus on birds.

Day: Saturday
Start and finish: Hotel Riviera Strand Start time: 10.00 End time approx. 15:00 Hiking time: Approx. 5 h of which approx. 2-3 h. Difficulty: Easy, mostly flat Terrain: Varying but unoccupied. Extra cost: SEK 200.

Axeltorpsruinen and views of Båstad (# 6)

The hike starts at Riviera Strand where you follow the shoreline and further up through Båstad's buildings. Along a winding country road you then go further up on Hallandsåsen and into the magical beech forest. The views over Båstad are constantly present on the way to Axelstorpsskogen, with winding streams and ravines. On the way back to Riviera Strand we walk on the scenic old embankment where rails have been replaced by bicycle and pedestrian paths.

Day: Friday and Sunday
Start and finish: Hotel Riviera Strand
Length: 12 km
Start time: 13.00 on Friday.
Hiking time: 4.5 hours
After-hike: 17-19 at Hotel Riviera Strand
Difficulty: Medium-difficult, contains some steep sections
Terrain: Forest road, nature trail and asphalt
Cost: Included in the participant
package Other: On this hike, dogs are welcome on a leash .

The soul of the Bjäre peninsula - a wild walk off the beaten path for you who want to experience the genuine Bjäre (# 7)
A hike from coast to coast straight through Bjare's nature and agricultural landscape. We start in Rammsjöstrands Hamn and walk along the sea with a view of Skälderviken and Kullaberg. In Glimminge planting, we turn inland and walk through potato orchards and follow the costumes up to Bjäragården. There we stop and look at the judge's ring, bowl pit stones and other exciting and imaginative remains from the Bronze Age. From here we get to enjoy the magical view over Bjare's beautiful landscape and picturesque villages, all the way to Hallands Väderö. We then walk further along the huts over the meadows towards Hov where we eventually enter the beech forests above Norrviken's gardens and Apelrydsskolan. The hike then continues through Båstad's apple orchards and down to the promenade with a view of Laholmsbukten, Mellbystrand and Halmstad. We follow the beach along the entire coast of Båstad and all the way to Riviera Beach. Experience the genuine Bjäre, the agricultural landscape, nature, the picturesque villages and the magical views that are part of life on the peninsula.

Day: Saturday
Length: About 25 km.
Start: Ramsjöstrand Harbor.
Destination: Hotel RIviera Beach.
Start time: 9.00
End time approx. 16:00
Hiking time: Approx. 7 h
Difficulty: Moderate, contains stretches of rugged terrain and some steep sections. Terrain: Beach, meadow, forest, gravel road and short stretch of asphalt road. Cost: Included in the participant package

Forests & Views of the Skåne Plain (# 8)

Hiking along the steep and beautiful south slope of Hallandsås with views over the Baltic Sea. We walk through forests and remnants of cultural landscapes in the estate Rössjöholm's outfields. Along the way we pass the 18th century farm Grönalid and the old gossip mill at Århultsbäcken. We follow the stream's flow down the ridge through a completely new nature reserve.

Day: Saturday.
Start and finish: Bus from Hotel Riviera Strand 9.30. Back at the hotel 15.30.
Length: 12 km
Hiking time: 10-00-15: 00.
Hiking time: 5 hours
Difficulty: Medium-difficult,
Terrain: Forest road, nature trail. Contains some steep sections.
Cost: Included in the participant package

From Rullstensås to Fiskehamn (# 9)

The view from Grevie slopes, as the place is also called, is magnificent. Below the feet is the Bjäre Peninsula's agricultural landscape with Skälderviken in the background.

This is where we start our hike and then take us down to the beach moors and Rammsjö Harbor and finally to the finish in Torekov.
If we are lucky, we see more than one seal outside Vasalt.

Day: Sunday.
Start and finish: Bus from Hotel Riviera Strand. Back at the hotel 15.30.
Length: 15 km
Hiking time: 5 hours
Difficulty: Easy walking, slightly hilly in Grevie slopes,
Cost: Included in the participant package

Walk of the Senses (# 10)

Host: AnQi, Harmony House.
Welcome to Shinrin Yoku, a forest bath - a guided tour of Osbeck's beech forests.

We take you out on the Walk of the Senses, where you get to experience the healing power of nature with all your senses. Goes in silence to make the experience extra powerful.

We warm up with Qigong, to start the life energy and round off the day around the fire with a Mindfulness exercise, a breathing meditation, and a magnificent view of meadows and areas from the top of Hallandsås.

Day: Sunday.
Start & Destination: Bus from Hotel Riviera to Osbeck's beech forests at 9.30.
Start time: 10.00.
End time approx. 13.00. Back at the hotel 13.30.
Difficulty: Easy / medium
Terrain: Varied, hilly, nature trail
Extra cost: 350: -
At least 15 people

What happens when we stop and let the body feel with all the senses: the wind in the trees, the heat from a ray of sunshine, the smell of moist soil, the taste of the air in our mouths? The feeling of being in full presence with nature. Fascination. Wonder. Magin.

Beach moors, burial mounds & enchanting Dagshög (# 11)

We start in cozy Torekov and walk along the coast inland Skälderviken. Dagshög, which is Sweden's largest burial mound and the spectacular ruins from the old mine, is the perfect place for photography, courtship and coffee. Rammsjö harbor is then passed before we return to Myltebäcken before Mäsinge beach. On the way back we walk a little further from the sea, sometimes up on Littorinavallen. Then we also get nice views towards Hallands Väderö.

Day: Saturday
Length: About 16 km.
Start & Finish: Torekov Harbor. Start time: 9.30 End time approx. 15:30. Hiking time: About 5 h. Difficulty: Easy, mostly flat. Terrain: Trail & beach heaths. Anniversary party at 18:00 at Hotell Skansen. Cost: Included in the participant package

Bjäres toppar - Hovs Hallar, Knösen & magnifika Norrviken (# 12)

The shifts of the waves, the smell of seaweed and the sea, the sound of seabirds. Captivating history on Norrviken, beautiful garden rooms and autumnal splendor of color. The hike starts at Hovs Hallar. We go east, the first part up to Knösen is challenging and fascinating. We continue through a hilly agricultural landscape above Kattvik. We make our way through Englandsdals nature reserve, a geologically exciting place with grazing animals. There are fissure valleys with 30 meter high rock walls and landslides. At lunch we stop at Norrvikens Trädgårdar. You get to take part in the fascinating story of how Norrviken's creator Rudolf Abelin turned his garden dreams into dream gardens. A beautiful lunch is served by the Orangery. After the lunch break, the hike continues along the beach paths to Båstad and Riviera Strand.

Day: Saturday and Sunday
Start and finish: Hotel Riviera Strand
Length: 16 km
Start time: 9.30
Hiking time: 6.5 hours
After-hike: 15-17 at Hotel Riviera Strand
Difficulty: Medium / difficult, hilly and some steep sections
Terrain : Nature trail, gravel roads and asphalt
Supplement: SEK 350 incl. guided tour of Norrviken and extraordinary lunch at Norrviken's restaurant

Fältans Kors - Johan Bauermagi på Hallandsåsen (# 13)

Host: Birgit Nilsson Museum

We start the hike at Ekhem's cozy farm shop. Here we take a moment in the store and you can buy what you want and then have it waiting for at the finish line in Båstad. Then we walk up the hill and enjoy the view for a while up at Hålehallstugan before we walk further over Hallandsåsen. Now in the winter, nature has its very own character. The bare trees give you new beautiful views, the needles on the ground create a soft carpet to walk over and the contrast from the clear green moss creates a magical Johan Bauermagi.

This is a walk both with dramatic history, exciting fabulous environments combined with unbeatable views.

Start and finish: Hotel Riviera Strand
Length: 17 km
Start time: 9.45
Hiking time: 6.5 hours
Difficulty: Medium with a slightly challenging climb initially.
Terrain: Trail, forest road, some asphalt.
Supplement: SEK 150 incl. entry and guided tour of the museum.

Near Nature on Hallands Väderö (# 14)

Host: Sällskapet Hallands Väderös Natur

Hallands Väderö is the Bjäre Peninsula's own small archipelago. Nature is an exciting mix of beech forest, marshes, pastures and cliffs close to the sea. In relation to its size, the island is one of the country's most species-rich places. We take the boat from picturesque Torekov and once in place we are met by a protected idyll with many close encounters with nature and stories. During the day we have time to get around large parts of the island, to the west are the lighthouse and the lighthouse keepers' homes. In the south idyllic Kappelhamn with the Väderö Museum. Listen carefully to "Vårskriet", because it was here that Astrid Lindgren's Ronja Rövardotter shouted into spring in the white anemone forest. The harbor seals are a well-known and beloved feature around the island. Since the liberation in 1966, the colony has grown from ten individuals to several hundred. The last moment before the ferry returns to Torekov is its own time to wander around and find their own strawberry places.

Day: Saturday, more off the beaten track in places you would otherwise never experience.
Sunday, a little easier hiking on the trail.
Start and finish: Torekov, ferry to Väderön
Length: 10 km
Start time from Riviera Beach: 09.15
Hiking time: 5 hours.
Difficulty: Easy
Terrain: Beach meadows and paths.
Supplement: SEK 250 incl. ferry and fee for the island's sustainable development.

In Kullamannen's Footsteps (# 15)

Host: Höganäs Municipality / Kullamannen

We visit our neighboring peninsula, Kullahalvön, where we take you by bus. This hike takes you on an exciting adventure you will soon forget. It will be storytelling at a high level with one of the men behind the mythical race Kullamannen. Herring fishing in Mölle harbor, the sin in Mölle that took place in Ransvik, exciting stories about the lighthouse, which is Sweden's highest , and the local people's heroic deeds and tragedies. At Kullen's lighthouse there will also be a break to enjoy a good lunch. Then the hike continues on the dramatic north side, past Skalleberget at Josefinelust and Trollen in Barakullen. Salty winds from the Kattegat and the most beautiful of beech forests.

Day: Sunday
Start and finish: Hotel Riviera Strand
Length: 12 km
Start time: 09.00
Hiking time: 4.5 hours
After-hike: 15-17 at Hotel Riviera Strand
Difficulty: Medium / difficult, hilly and some steep sections
Terrain: Forest roads , nature trails, rocks
Supplement: SEK 250 incl. professional guide and transport

Vineyard hike on the Kulla Peninsula (# 16)

Host: Friends of Kullaleden, Höganäs Municipality

Look out over undulating landscapes and vines. Are you in Tuscany? No, you have ended up in one of Sweden's new wine districts, Kullabygden. We start the hike with wine tasting and a tour of Kullabygden's smallest vineyard. The hike takes you through small picturesque harbors, varied nature and breathtaking views of Skälderviken. From the old fishing village Skäret, to Arild which is also an old fishing village and today a popular haunt for artists. You will get to visit and taste wine from two different wineries. You get to meet enthusiastic winemakers who have realized their dream
about their own vineyard, each with its own special character that proudly displays its farm and wine. You will enjoy a good lunch at Arild's vineyard in connection with the wine tasting. We then walk past two different castles before ending with the Kulla Peninsula vineyard.

Day: Saturday only
Start and finish: Hotel Riviera Strand
Length: 11 km
Start time: 09.00
Hiking time: 5 hours
Anniversary party at 18:00 at Hotell Skansen.
Difficulty: Easy
Terrain: Nature trail and asphalt
Addition: SEK 850 incl. winery visit with wine tasting and transport.

NEW Scenic Simlångsdalen with Gårdshult & Danish Falls (# 17)

Host: Destination Halmstad

Simlångsdalen is a beautifully situated church village located in Breared parish, just east of Halmstad. Breared parish or if you like Simlångsbygden is located along Fylleån and the four lakes; Gyltigesjön, Töddesjön, Simlången and Brearedssjön. The swimming area can be described as a mostly hilly mossy forest area. In this forest area, however, there is a living countryside with meadows and pastures as well as several nature reserves with particularly valuable and interesting natural conditions.
During the hike you also pass Danska Fall. There, the river Assman's water plunges in step formations into a deep ravine between rocks and cliffs. Here you will find elements of beech and oak forest, pine bog, swamp forest, lakes and streams in hilly terrain between hills and valleys.


Day: Sunday 16 October.
Start and finish: Bus from Hotel Riviera Strand 9.00
Hiking start at 10.00
Length: Approx. 15 km Hiking time: 5 hours Difficulty: Medium, partly hilly Terrain: Forest road and asphalt Cost: Included in the participant package

NEW Coastal hike on Prins Bertils Stig with nature photography (# 18)

Host: Destination Halmstad & Prins Bertils Stig

Prince Bertil's Trail is perhaps Halmstad's most beautiful hike. An 18 km coastal path that winds along the sea from central Halmstad out to Tylösand and on to the leafy Möllegård.

The path is named after Prince Bertil, who was Duke of Halland. He spent several summers here with Princess Lilian in the summer house in Tylösand.

Prince Bertil's Trail is an easily accessible hike that takes you on a journey through beautiful nature with everything from sandy beach, beach forest, cliffs and old quarries to marinas and fishing coves. You pass places with mighty views, cozy coves and mysterious places where it is told about both quarrying and Viking battles.

With our talented guide Patrik Leonardsson who is also a nature photographer, you get access to all the exciting stories along the trail and interesting knowledge about the beautiful natural surroundings along with tips on how you can best capture the subjects with a camera, system camera or mobile phone.

During this hike, a hot lunch along the way and the opportunity to buy Italian ice cream and coffee when you have finished in Möllegård's fabulous nature reserve are included.

Day: Saturday 15 October.
Start and finish: Bus from Hotel Riviera Strand 8.30.
Hiking start at 9.30 from Halmstad Castle.
End time: Back at the hotel at 16.30.
Hiking time: About 6 hours.
Difficulty: Easy hiking.
Terrain: Paths.
Anniversary party at Hotell Skansen at 18-23.
Cost: Included in the participant package.

Hole hall with hot food & campfire coziness (# 19)

Host: Åkatorp Konsult & Event AB

We walk on top of Hallandsåsen. If we are lucky, we can still enjoy colorful books and larch trees. Where the leaves have already fallen, we take the opportunity to enjoy the view. We walk through beech forests with small rippling streams in ravines, through both tall spruce forest with a carpet of moss, and through young forest and places that have recently been felled. We walk mostly on forest paths and forest roads but also some stretches on gravel roads. Here and there are bridges so that we can safely pass wet areas.

Somewhere in the middle of the tour, about halfway, at Kronotorpet at the top of the ridge, we will be met by a fire and a hot soup served with a good loaf of bread.

Day: Sunday
Start and finish: Bus from Hotel Riviera Strand 9.30
Length: 10 km
Start time: 10:00
End time: Back at the hotel at 14.00.
Hiking time: About 3 hours
Difficulty: Easy but hilly and can be muddy at times.
Terrain: Paths, ridges.
Cost: Included in the participant package

Pilgrimage Torekov-Båstad (# 20)

Host: Fyrens Församling, Båstad

This hike is a pilgrimage. This means that it is certainly a physical journey from one place to another. But it is also an inner walk where during the day you get the opportunity to meet yourself and your spirituality with the help of nature, community, silence, small thoughts of devotion and a mass.

Start Norrebo harbor - a wonderful little fishing harbor on the northern coast of the Bjäre Peninsula. From there we go up to Hovs hallar, where we get to see Laholmsbukten a little from above. From there it will be a slightly more demanding hike up to the highest point of the Bjäre Peninsula, Knösen. At Knösen there is a windbreak and there we celebrate our pilgrimage. Then we continue on paths and roads until we reach Norrviken. Then we follow the path along the sea towards and through Båstad to then end at our hotel where it will be After-HIke.

We walk about 50 minutes and then pause for 10 minutes when we get to enjoy refreshments. At each break you also have a small devotional based on what is called the 7 words of the pilgrim; Freedom- Simplicity- Silence- Carefree- Slowness- Spirituality- Sharing.

Day: Saturday.
Start: Norrebo harbor Destination
: Riviera Hotel
Start time. 9.00
Hiking time: 8 hours
Anniversary party at 18:00 at Hotell Skansen.
Difficulty: Partly moderate, partly challenging. Long.
Terrain: Paths, roads, forests, meadows.

NEW Taste walk with wine tasting & local delicacies (# 21)

Host: Vejbystrands Vandrarhem

The hike begins with breakfast and local delicacies from Sandgårdens Skafferi while you go through the map and today's hike. During the hike, local delicacies from Heberlein's Delikatess or Vilt & Gott, tasting of wine at Vejby Vingård, tastings at Bjäre Fisk & Skaldjur and
Strandhugget are offered. This is an appreciated hike that has been held several times before and is led by Satu Eurén who is also runs Vejbystrands Vandrarhem.

Day: Saturday
Start and finish: Bus from Hotel Riviera Strand 9:00. Back at the hotel at 15:30
Length: About 10 km
Start time: 9.30
End time: 15:00
Difficulty: Easy.
Terrain: A lot of asphalt but on small nice winding roads. Also gravel roads.
Anniversary party starting at 18.00 at Hotel Riviera Strand.

Extra cost: SEK 850 with lunch, wine and tastings at the various producers. Transportation included.

Båstad, Sweden


Båstad Hiking Festival

 You can choose to be with the whole wonderful weekend, Saturday and Sunday, or only sign up for Saturday's or Sunday's hikes. Everything you need for your hiking tours is included in the packages. Read more about everything included below. Accommodation is booked separately, here are suggestions.

Weekend package SEK 1995/SEK 995

Small Weekend package, Saturday and Sunday SEK 1,595/SEK 850

One-day, Saturday or Sunday SEK 895/SEK 350

Transport to and from Båstad
Feel free to take the train to Båstad, you can find the timetable at www.skanetrafiken.se. From Båstad station there is a bus that stops at Båstad Rivieravägen. From there you have approx. 400 meters to Hotel Riviera Strand, where all activities start from.

Registration & cancellation

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If you pay by invoice, we need your payment no later than 30 days after registration. 
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After that, the registration fee is not refunded. 

The insurance Starklar

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More information

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If a walk is cancelled

If less than 10 people (15 on tours where buses are booked) are registered for a hike, we reserve the right to move you to another hike as desired. 

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Båstad Hiking Festival