4daagse Nijmegen

In the third week of July, we walk the 4Days Marches together, the world’s largest walking achievement event! Over 45,000 participants with more than 70 different nationalities, from as young as 11 to over 90, come to Nijmegen every year to walk 30, 40 or 50 kilometres for four days in this city on the Waal river and its beautiful, wooded surroundings. They all gather with the same objective in mind: being awarded the coveted 4Days Marches Cross.


Nijmegen, Netherlands
From July 18 to
July 21, 2023
4 days
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4daagse Nijmegen

The Day of Elst

The first walking day brings you to the Betuwe region where you walk over the famous dike between Lent and Oosterhout, past green orchards and through beautiful villages. In the spirits of the two mighty rivers the Waal and the Rhine, balloons, flags, banners and partying spectators colour everything blue as you pass through Elst.

Blue Tuesday
You set out early over the bridge over the River Waal and into the Betuwe region. On the dike between Lent and Oosterhout, you can see Nijmegen’s amazing skyline to your left. It’s Blue Tuesday in Elst, and the town is celebrating your passage through it with exuberance. From oompah bands and buskers to full bands, you are musically accompanied every step of the way through the town centre, decorated in blue, as you are cheered on by thousands of spectators spilling over the pavement cafes. Walking through Elst is truly a party.

The beauty of the Betuwe
Today you walk past green orchards, meadows, beach parks and water – a lot of water. Enjoy the scenic beauty and discover the Betuwe region. On the way, you pass through the picturesque villages of Oosterhout, Slijk-Ewijk, Valburg and Lent. And if you are doing the 50km walk, you also get to visit the south end of Arnhem. In the town of Bemmel, which has gone all Swiss for the day, all distances come together again to walk the final kilometres back to De Wedren.

Back at De Wedren
Whether you found the going easy or tough on this first day of walking, once back at De Wedren you can feel proud. You made it! Now just sign off and you will receive your checkpoint card for the following day. All done? Join one of the long tables, enjoy a beer or other beverage, sway along to the music of an oompah band and dance to live music from the stage. And be sure to look around you and take it all in. Wow, what an atmosphere!

The Day of Wijchen

The second walking day takes you through the Land van Maas en Waal region. You walk through woodland and wetlands, through music-filled villages and over open farmland. Tens of thousands of spectators are waiting for you in the partying town of Wijchen. There is a good chance that, as is the tradition, you will get an apple handed to you. In Nijmegen, in the meantime, everything is turning pink...

Pink Wednesday

As soon as you leave Nijmegen, you find yourself walking through lush green wetlands towards Alverna, today’s first village. Then it’s a mega-party in Wijchen, one that you will never forget. All those enthusiastic spectators along the route cheering you on, and on top of that you are handed an apple courtesy of the mayor. A musical roadshow awaits you in friendly Beuningen. And then back to Nijmegen, where the whole town (including the locals) has turned pink. Today is a party that welcomes everyone! Will you be wearing something pink too?

The beauty of Land van Maas en Waal

Today you walk through the beautiful landscape of Hatertse en Overasseltse Vennen, past fruit-laden orchards, medieval towers and age-old farms and through floodplains and open farmland. Along the way you pass through lovely little villages like Alverna, Balgoij, Niftrik and Weurt. And if you are doing the 50km walk, you walk over the winding dike along the Meuse towards Wijchen, where the walkers for all distances meet up once more.

Back at De Wedren

Traditionally, most of the walkers who drop out do this on the second day. But not you: you made it! Did you enjoy your pink-suffused grand entry through the city centre? Now just sign off and you will receive your checkpoint card for the following day. Assuming you have any energy left over, throw yourself into the party bustle around De Wedren, or explore the lively city centre of Nijmegen. There is simply so much to do! Of course, you can also go home to get some sleep so that you will be well rested for tomorrow’s start.

The Day of Groesbeek

The third walking day brings you to the ‘seven hills of Groesbeek’. You walk along waterways, through woods, over hills, through lovely green villages like Mook and Milsbeek, and past rolling vineyards. Once in Groesbeek, you merge with the spectators into one single, partying mass. And when you leave the town the infamous hills loom before you. Are you ready to defeat them? Day 3 is the ‘queen stage’ of this walking achievement event.

The seven hills
Your day’s walk starts out easy along the waterway. After passing through the vibrant, festively adorned villages of Mook and Milsbeek, the climb to Groesbeek, also animated with the festivities, begins. You exit Groesbeek via Zevenheuvelenweg road (Seven Hills Road) where, along the verge, hundreds of caravans are parked. You could almost imagine you’re in the Tour de France! Thousands of spectators exuberantly shout out encouragements. You have no thought of giving up now. By the way, did you know that there are actually only four hills? Come on now, you’ll be over the last one before you know it.

Views over the Meuse
Starting with early morning views over the Meuse river, today is perhaps the most enchanting day of walking. In the distance you see the green ridge that awaits you. Look past the crowds around you and enjoy the natural beauty – the green hills and valleys, the tree belts, hedgerows and thickets, the rolling vineyards and woods – of the Berg en Dal region.

Back at De Wedren
Was it a Herculean task, or did you saunter over the hills with ease? Whichever it was, you can be proud of yourself back at De Wedren. You made it! Once you have signed off and got your checkpoint card for the next day, it’s time to give your feet (and calves!) a well-deserved rest. Join one of the long tables and enjoy a beer, a refreshing smoothie or other cool beverage. And be sure to look around you and take it all in. Wow, what an atmosphere!

The Day of Cuijk

The fourth and final walking day brings you to the grand entry along Via Gladiola. This morning’s walk takes you through beautiful wetlands. Enjoy the peaceful setting while you can, because once you enter Cuijk you’re swept up into one big party. Your crossing over the River Meuse is a truly special experience: military engineers have constructed a pontoon bridge for you to cross. Once across the bridge, the excitement increases with every step you take. Via Gladiola awaits your arrival...

Via Gladiola
Crowded grandstands, rows of high-spirited spectators, DJs and brass bands everywhere, and tens of thousands of happy walkers holding gladioli, the symbol of a successful finish. Stretching out over several kilometres, Via Gladiola is one big party, and you’re the guest of honour! The cheers of thousands of spectators lining Via Gladiola carry you forward. Your blisters, your aching muscles, the moments when you thought of giving up: that’s all forgotten in the moment. A little bit further and the 4Days Marches Cross is all yours.

Three provinces
You walk through the beautiful landscape of Hatertse en Overasseltse Vennen towards the Meuse floodplains. The river affords you beautiful views of the lakes of Kraaijenbergse Plassen. And if you are doing the 50km walk, your walk takes you through three provinces: Gelderland, Noord-Brabant and Limburg. On the way you pass through the lively villages of Linden, Mook, Molenhoek and Malden. And as in Cuijk, you get a foretaste of the grand ‘entry’ that awaits you.

The finish
You did it! Sign off for the last time and receive your 4Days Marches Cross or number pin. You’ve certainly earned it! Enjoy the moment. The celebrations at De Wedren are only for walkers today. If you’d like to greet family and friends, arrange to meet up at the Meet & Greet location next to De Wedren. And congratulations on your fantastic achievement!

Nijmegen, Netherlands


4daagse Nijmegen